Yunzhu look afraid sneer at a way "open piano fairy so much! It’s ridiculous that I should have your name all these years! "

Chapter two thousand five hundred and fifty The outbreak of war
Actually, many monks also feel that Qin Xian’s move is not very honorable without some selectmen.
It’s all about Su Mo.
Su Mo is dead or alive. What does everyone have?
Moreover, Sumo’s fame has been so great over the years that many monks have some schadenfreude when they see Sumo’s suffering.
Most of the time, the reason for being evil may be that you can’t see others’ kindness.
At this time, the hospital of Gankun has always been light and angry!
Generate, the ink-leaning body, made a series of roads. Guanghua Yuehua Sword Immortal banned her body, but firm but gentle was expelled by her.
Then the ink tilting course Yuan Shen Daoguo bloomed a series of halos, and the rope body shape moved out and came to Su Mo’s side
Yuehua sword play eyebrows a wrinkly some accident.
Arguably, the ink-leaning root-pruning method broke away from his ban
It seems that this senior sister’s practice has greatly improved over the years.
"The teacher elder sister …"
Su Mo called for a while before he could continue to talk, and he would interrupt, "Don’t be afraid that I haven’t been bullied by my brother in Kunyuan!"
As soon as the voice fell, there was already a picture album in the palm of your hand.
This album is a magic weapon for her life.
She has been practicing for many years, and she has painted more than a dozen pages with all kinds of fierce beasts and powerful creatures
Now, the ink-leaning palm is exerting its strength, and this album is instantly torn by the Ministry, and several pieces of paper are floating in the middle.
Su Mo was shocked!
He knew that Sister Moqing’s album would never move easily.
Because every painting is integrated with the humanitarian law and charm of the painting.
Each painting is likely to take thousands of years!
Once this painting is torn up and sacrificed, the painting creatures will also show their fighting power. What she saw was different!
But once shredded, it also means that the painting will disappear completely.
Ink will not tear up the painting unless it is absolutely necessary.
When she confronted Qin Xian Meng Yao in Panlong Mountain, she just tore a picture to show her determination.
Now that Moqing has torn up more than a dozen pages of the album department, it can be seen that her heart is angry!
Seeing this, Yunzhu sighed in his heart.