Is a peerless demon king, he is not an opponent, and even worse, he is four!

"Brother Su, if the situation is not right for a while, I’ll attract their attention. You can directly break away from here."
The remnant of the wind knows the sound. "Although I can’t beat them, it’s not easy for these four people to keep me."
Budo statue slightly, and did not refuse.
Eye situation asked him to take Yan Beichen, Zhen and others to escape from this place is the greatest help to the windy day.
The chances of escaping from this place will be much greater if there is no worries in the windy days.
Gu Tongyou pondered a little god’s knowledge and said, "Look at this posture. It seems that the four peerless demons are all interested in recruiting the temple master. Can we let them kill each other while we leave?"
"It’s not that easy."
Sirius pie pie sound way "uniting to this realm to control the forces of Wan Li territory which will be easily".
Half-dark Heavenly Devil said slowly, "We all want to attract the remnant wind, but he is a person who can’t join four clan forces at the same time."
"You can rest assured in a windy day."
Lord Shenmaoling looked confident and proudly said, "I can protect you if you are willing to join Shenmaoling!"
"I can also teach you some unique secrets of the protoss to help you improve your combat power!"
In addition to the black devil, the Lord of the wind magic door, even the Lord of Shenmoling may promise.
Joining the powerful in the cave will raise the overall strength of this clan to a higher level.
If it is true that fairies and demons are the mainstay of all the major doors, the hope of the clan is always there.
Then the fairy king and the devil king are the strongest giants at the top of each big door to decide this threshold and future!
I noticed that someone had stepped into the cave here. The four peerless demons arrived at the first time and wanted to collect the remnant wind.
"Ha ha …"
The yellow-robed man suddenly smiled and shook his head. "The three of you are very lively, but have you ever asked this Taoist friend for advice?"
"In my opinion, this wind friend is afraid that he will not wait for me!"
The yellow-robed man had some knowledge about the past when the wind was still blowing.
In those days, it was not one or two people who wanted to shake, but a group of powerful people who challenged those people and touched their interests!
How much courage and boldness does it take?
Who dare to do such a great thing will bow his head casually?
Lord Shenmoling shrugged slightly. "He has to ask the four of us to choose one. Does he have a second way?"
"Of course there is."
Dark fiend faint tone midstream shows a trace of pitfalls.
The four peerless demons looked at each other tacitly.
This second road is a dead end!
If none of the four of them can make the wind break the sky.
Then the four of them will choose to kill the wind and the sky!
In this territory, they will never allow a strong person who is not bound and beyond their control to rise.
The wind and the sky have great potential. If they develop and grow, they will definitely threaten their status and annex and occupy their territory in the future.
Therefore, if the wind and the sky choose the second road, the four peerless demons will kill them!
"Who do you choose to serve in a windy day?"