A terrorist force poured into the body along the soles of his feet, which was almost irresistible!
It’s a hard shake. His feet are numb!
Just then, the solitary cloud suddenly felt his arms cool.
Followed by a sharp pain!
Lonely clouds look down.
Seeing Su Mo’s five fingers sticking out his nails as sharp as a knife, instead of piercing his flesh and blood, he tore his sleeves and broke his arms to draw blood!
Lonely cloud heart great anger can’t help but shout at top of voice.
You know, he’s a pure-blooded, fierce beast, and he’s so bloody that even an ordinary true gentleman can’t hurt him!
I didn’t expect his flesh to be injured by this low-order demon nail!
"How dare you hurt …"
Lonely cloud eyes wide stare words haven’t say that finish, I feel the figure shaking in front of me. Su Mo suddenly killed again!
Su Mo’s fist crossed an arc in the middle, just like a big seal, which was swept over and fell down. It was terrible!
"This …"
Lonely cloud eyes again surprised and angry.
Now Su Mo’s eyes are like a furious ape beating his chest and shaking the earth!
"Isn’t this human body is an ape family? What happened just now? "
I don’t want to think much about the solitary cloud. I quickly leaned out and crossed my arms to a plane.
Flesh and blood, bone collision, such as defeating leather!
Lonely cloud’s body was shaken and his feet were unstable, but Su Mo punched him and flew!
After two hard shakes in a row, he actually fell into the wind!
And after two rounds, Lonely Cloud became more and more frightened and confused.
He can’t tell the difference between Sumo and Mohist.
Su Mo flew the lonely cloud but just two or three breaths.
"Ha ha!"
Su Mo laughed and glanced at the lonely cloud not far away. "It’s something for you to catch my two moves and not die!"
This sentence is in response to his initial sarcastic remark.
But it is more arrogant than he said!
Lonely clouds and lungs are going to explode!
He has lived and died several times in this world war, but he has never suffered such humiliation!
Lonely clouds are shaking with anger, and the body is full of blood and bones are abnormal.
He is ready to come out of the body to completely kill Sumo Town!
"I don’t care whether you are a horse demon or a monkey demon. If you dare to insult me like this, you will bear my anger!"