Chapter 45 melee

"It’s not good to send flowers or read aloud …" Cockroach sighed sadly. "Dragonfly sees that I’m working so hard without credit and fatigue. Can you have a drink with me alone after returning to Hong Kong?"
"…" Dragonfly feels a little unbearable. "Well … then!"
"Ten gold!" Wu Xin reached out and said, "I’ll ask her out for you."
"Shepherd?" Dragonfly rage
"Give you half"
"…" Dragonfly thought for a while and then said, "Seven, three, I, seven, you, three."
"yes!" Wu Xin rubbed his fingers. "Money!"
"Hum!" Cockroaches slap Wu Xin’s hand and beat his mother three times, but they still can’t go out for a drink. If they can’t go out, they won’t have a chance. Cockroaches know that ships are troublemakers, even if the elegant smile is more handsome than themselves.
After sailing, he also learned a lot about what a professional professional female dragonfly is. Although she chats, she never starts a conversation first. The cockroach has a great pity. He thinks that the dragonfly doesn’t get close to everyone because she doesn’t feel safe. This makes cockroaches more interested. It is more difficult to recruit a woman who doesn’t feel safe. It seems that this girl needs to spend more time and energy.
Two hours later, the dragonfly arrived at the periphery of Penghu Islands, reporting that "the PK Eternal Guild in the naval battle is so spectacular against forty small boats."
The cockroach was angry when he saw Wu Xin climb to the observation deck and squat down with a girl who lacked security. He looked at Wu Xin and covered his head with his hand and sighed, "I can’t see!"
"The cannon didn’t stop, there were rocks all over the sky, and then there were boats on the side everywhere." Dragonfly explained, "There are still a few sailors who cut the boat and tut-tut in the long sea … but they were all shot by the lookout, the gunner was the rabbit gunner, the boatswain was playing with the knife and broadsword, and the sailor and the doctor wrestled with friends and friends. Someone equipped your professional sub-weapon and set fire to a small piece of fire."
"Our auxiliary weapons and equipment all require a combat level," Youer lamented. "I am a poor little girl who can sew and mend, and my combat level is still level one."
Wu Xin comforted "throw firecrackers and fry fish in the sea after nothing"
Wave nu "Don’t teach sheep in disorder. Are you responsible for blowing up a big BOSS?"
"The arrogant battle in Hainan’s resident is obviously a disadvantage" Dragonfly reports that "the Eternal Guild has three second-class dinghies with relatively strong combat capability, and a group of three specially selected arrogant sailors. It seems that the organization ability of this Eternal Guild is stronger than that of the arrogant battle"
The boatmen have seen it and continue to go on. The group P covers a wide range of water, but it is all around the islands around the periphery of Penghu Islands. The exhibition islands are foggy and the visibility is relatively low. Obviously, it is not a good place for PK. The wave asks, "Will we see PK so openly?"
Wu Xin replied, "Call us back."
"What if people fight in groups?"
"Run stupid!" Wu Xin despises that he can’t chase himself except for the three upgraded boats.
Bai Wen asked, "Will there be Taiwan Province players coming here?" You know, Taiwan Province is not far from this place.
"no!" Yo-Yo replied, "Neither Hong Kong nor Macau can start not only automatic routes but the real French border. Hainan players have already gone to Hong Kong, and there is a bottomless waterfall in front of them." Yo-Yo is familiar with the game, and it is obvious that all the boat owners.
At this time, three boats and dragonflies came from the north, reporting that it was the eternal guild ship, which made everyone sit up and take notice of the eternal guild. Although the proud battle situation is unclear, the eternal guild should be the guild with the largest number of ships in the China game guild at present.
Mifune slowed down when he reached the Mighty. The boat people looked at Mighty and seemed a little eager to move. Wu Xin was dissatisfied and shouted, "What are you looking at?"
The sea breeze is not as loud as it used to be, but the hostility of the dinghy is stronger. Six gunners have already arranged the trebuchet, Wu Xin and the traction smoothbore gun. It takes ten seconds to destroy a ship.
Small boat one hand shouted a few words, three small boat department received the trebuchet.
"Boom" They didn’t play martial arts. They hit the first stone shell. Because it was direct, it was added, and the power dropped when a small boat of wood was destroyed.
Wu Xin moved the dragonfly more than 100 meters away as soon as he started. To everyone’s surprise, all the arrows hit the head and caused fatal damage. Two arrows were not negotiable.
Lang hasn’t condemned Wu Xin yet. One ship of the Eternal Guild sank, one ship was shot clean, and the other ship was swaying in the artillery fire and arrows. The weapon upgrade of the two long-range attackers is the same as fighting and playing against the dinghy.
Dragonfly reported that "it seems that the Eternal Guild is very hospitable and sent three boats to entertain us."
"Three ships …" Wu Xinyu said, "Their commander’s head is a little flooded." Speaking, Wu Xin sank the boat and then turned the muzzle to attack. After that, he was surprised that "the defense and life of this Mifune-class ship will not be lower than ours."
Dragonfly nodded. "There are some defensive facilities on the deck for the crew to avoid the lookout and attack and upgrade the ship. Nice!"
"Apologize seems to be unable to come." The wave turned to the rudder and fled. "The ship’s upgrade gunner may not be upgraded, right? Pull away from the shepherd and bomb them to death. "
"I can’t pull the distance!" The cockroach stepped on the deck side and said, "The fifth element received information that the Eternal Society had a class 2 dinghy named’ Chasing’ and gave up part of the ship’s stability and life. The ship was equipped with the most capable people of the Eternal Society, specializing in docking."
Dragonfly reported that "the speed of Chaser was found to be 5-1 node with 9% flexibility", and the dread number was 4-the node root was not the same level.
"Come to my brother!" Wu Xin aimed at it because it was not far away. He used the direct aiming method to shoot the shell and hit the chase. The hardest bow lost 1% of his life. When Wu Xin was preparing to launch the second shell, he was shocked. "No, 1% of the damage is almost repaired?"
Cockroaches despise, "Master said that the Chasing Number is a single professional master." Cockroaches say that the Chasing Number is a two-door flying cannon and the fear number is against each other.
The wave asked, "What now?"
The cockroach took out a blue machete and said, "Then let him meet the side."
"One after another, Mifune will come together."
The cockroach asked, "Are you afraid?"
Chapter 46 Give money and do it
Bai Wen took out the doctor and looked at it. "There is no way for us to deal with an upgraded dinghy. We can’t fight against their three second-class dinghies. We have no advantage in fighting naval battles with them. We can see if we can take advantage of deck battles. After all, they may be resolved if their Mifune speeds are different."
"dragonfly!" Cockroach fingers flick knife, "I will protect you with my life."
Lang and Wu Xin sighed, "This is disgusting."
"What’s disgusting?" Friend asked
Lang said kindly, "My dear friend, when you have the first man, that man will definitely tell you that he loves you and will protect you forever."
Wu Xin nodded. "As a result, people don’t like to answer your words the next day."
Bai Wen is dissatisfied. "Can you teach little girls to believe that there is really a beautiful love in this world? You don’t have a first love. You have to climb over the wall every night in high school?"