Yang Du replied, "Well, this Sevakins is a character who has always wanted to end the current situation in Mexico and get rid of the threat of American control, but no one has said for sure that he has not supported his own armed forces and lacks supporters behind him."

Zhang Binglin laughed. "No one can do anything without supporters just by virtue of it."
Yang Du shook his head and replied, "You are wrong. A person depends on whether he has potential or future, not on his current situation, but on his heart. Sevakins has a certain ability to broaden his horizons. The most important thing is that his fighting spirit has been inspired by me. When he is given three years, he will definitely have a great change. It is not impossible for Mexico to fall under his control."
Zhang Binglin wondered, "Can he really do it?"
Yang Du replied, "I can’t do this. The first step is to give full play to your talents. What you are best at is to encourage Sevakins to gather a group of warm-blooded young people to take the lead through you; The second step is to strengthen our support for the Republic of China, but to kidnap them with a stronger backing, that is, Germany, hey hey, with German support, Sevakins will have the strength to control Mexico; The third step is to strengthen the army, and they will build a strong army, which will be directly controlled by Cervantens and also controlled by us. "
Zhang Binglin Naidao: "Don’t you Wan Li drag me all the way to Mexico to give Sevakins drummer the Republic of China, but I still have more things to do. And you have to control Sevakins’ future armed forces. Are you talking in your sleep? We belong to two countries no matter how you say it. You have to get people’s consent to control the Mexican army and Sevakins’ armed forces."
Yang Du laughed. "It’s too inflammatory to talk about real talent and learning. Maybe I can’t catch up with you, but when it comes to intrigue, you can’t catch up with me. Is it so difficult to control the Mexican armed forces? It’s not difficult to make mistakes at all. Although this third step is later than the first two steps, it is the earliest to start because we must start early to control the future army."
"What do you mean?"
Yang Du said with a smile, "I have suggested to Sevakins that he should select a group of outstanding young people ranging in age from 16 to 20 from Mexico and send them to China to receive military education at the Army University. These people will have about 100 people, and they will grow up in the future. The backbone of Sevakins’ armed forces in Mexico is the cornerstone of Sevakins’ armed forces. Hey hey, it is not easy for us to think about them and instill ideas every day to change them."
Zhang Binglin took a deep breath in a gasp. What a Yang Xi calculation!
Zhang Binglin wry smile way, "I know that I will never deal with you again in the future. When I get sold by you, I want you to count the money. You are an out-and-out schemer. In the future, the Republic of China will never let people like you control it."
Yang Du replied, "Who said that the Prime Minister of the Republic of China in the future must be me? You believe it or not."
By saying this, Yang tailor-made revealed a stronger than self-confidence, and it was that domineering who gave up me.
Zhang Binglin almost choked to death by Yang Du’s words. Don’t you dare say that?
"Forget it, I won’t call you Yang Xi. I should call you Yang Crazy."
Zhang Binglin angrily replied.
Yang Du, hey hey, smiled and then said, "Well, even this matter should be added to Xu Huaijin’s recovery report. How to decide that it is the matter of the three bosses? I think Jian will definitely promise or he will not send me to Mexico."
Zhang Binglin disdained, "You have handed such a big cake to Jian’s hand. If he doesn’t take it and eat it, he will still be Zhang Jian. It would be silly to refuse."
The two men looked at each other and burst into laughter. The future history of Mexico is also indispensable. Their names are to be continued. If you like this film, you are welcome to vote for the recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and forty-three Military Advisory Panel
China, Beijing General Staff
Xu Huaijin is sitting alone in the office. Liu Qingcheng, a confidential staff member, came in and shouted, "The chief Mexican Mr. Yang Du has returned …"
Xu Huaijin’s heart sank and said, "Show me!"
Liu Qingcheng handed over the newspaper and said, "It’s strange that it turned out to be two newspapers …"
Xu Huaijin’s results were reported one by one.
The first newspaper naturally replied to Zhang Yi’s retirement several years later. The Yang Du newspaper suggested that Xu Huaijin should be calm and calm, and then calm down and wait and see. There are still great variables in the future, and there is no need to worry about the change of the situation.
Xu Huaijin showed a smile at the corner of his mouth. Yang Du’s meaning was very white. He didn’t want to leave the presidency so early. After seven years, he was afraid that the world war had broken out and the Republic of China would be involved in the chaos of the world situation. At this time, the instructor wanted to leave, don’t say that he was a tiger and other close friends. Even those Republicans who had experienced Europe, America and rain couldn’t easily promise the instructor to leave him. Who can play well and who can afford this responsibility?
It seems that I need this matter to worry. If Yang Du is willing to support himself to stop the instructor, then I don’t have to work hard. Yang Du can’t compete with this ability. Moreover, the Baath Party Department in Yang Du is highly respected. Tang Shaoyi, hey hey, can definitely tie the instructor to death …
Xu Huaijin is at ease to open the second newspaper and read it again.
Yang Du made it clear that he had made contact with the Speaker of Mexico City. Compared with other forces, Sevakins, although not as strong as his own armed forces, was the best candidate to implement the strategy of the Americas. He has successfully said that Sevakins intends to select a group of outstanding young people to go to China for military training, and the Army University will receive two to three years of further study. In the future, Sevakins will unify Mexico against the backbone of the United States. Please ask President Xu Huaijin to negotiate to determine whether it is feasible.
So fast!
Xu Huaijin’s heart is shaking. This Yang Du is really powerful. How long did it take to arrive in Mexico? He had already chosen a goal and made a plan at the same time. He moved so fast.
Xu Huaijin then told Yang Du that he introduced Germany, Germany and Mexico to reduce the aid burden of the Republic of China, and at the same time, he could show the Germans a better balance between the two sides in the future war
Xu Huaijin smiled and shouted, "Qingcheng Mountain, let’s go to the presidential palace."
Soon Xu Huaijin came to Zhang Yi’s office and handed the newspaper to Zhang Yi. Of course, it was the second newspaper and the first newspaper. He wouldn’t give his instructor a joke. When the instructor saw that he was "right" behind his back, he wouldn’t be scolded to death.
Zhang Yi read it carefully and laughed. "Great! Yang Xi is really amazing!"
Xu Huaijin smiled and said, "It’s really bad to combine vertical and horizontal skills. It’s the best in the Republic of China, and the country is afraid that it can’t be the right one …"
Zhang Yi nodded and replied, "It’s very reasonable to agree with him to accept the request of Mexican military students, Huai Jin. You want to explain that Mexican military students must formulate courses separately, not only to learn military strategy, but also to instill corresponding ideas in them. Only by controlling their thoughts can we really become our own armed forces!"
Xu Huaijin replied, "Not only that, we have to go further!"
Zhang Yi laughed. "Why do you have a better idea?"
Xu Huaijin replied, "It will be two or three years before military students can really master the army. I’m afraid it will take at least five years. During this period, we can help Sevakins establish an armed name and send military advisers to Mexico. We will send some backbone from the army and navy to Mexico to help Sevakins establish an armed force. Now there is no superior military talent around him, so we can easily control the army if we want our people to go there. Of course, it’s better to keep a low profile. After all, we are not colonists like Britain and France."
Zhang Yi’s heart will clap his hands and praise Huai Jin’s skill. Military advisory group!
Zhang Yi replied, "Good Huai Jin immediately agreed to his plan that the Army University can accept the number of military students from Mexico at any time, and control the number of 200 students. Don’t pay too much attention to the confidentiality of the academic system for two and a half years. At the same time, let him discuss the military advisory group from the side. Don’t be too direct. It’s too ugly. We should hang Sevakins a little so that he can obey."
Xu Huaijin nodded and promised to answer, "Good instructor, I’ll do it."
Zhang Yi went on to say, "There is also the matter of selecting a military advisory group. You must personally co-ordinate the matter. The army must select the navy from the first regiment of our Central Guard Corps and select the South China Sea Fleet. It is the most important thing to choose a suitable leader for them in case of loss!"
Xu Huaijin smiled and said, "Is this still a choice? I have sent Qingcheng Mountain directly to him and me for some time, and I will not consider others who can understand my intentions best."
Liu Qingcheng turned out to be the chief of staff of the Central Guard Corps. Because of his superb military literacy, Xu Huaijin fell to his side for training. This was thrown out far away. Liu Qingcheng, Mexico, never thought that he would be a teacher for a while.
Liuqingcheng facial expression, a nasty way "chief …"
Xu Huaijin frowned and asked, "Why don’t you want to? The American strategy involves the rise and fall of the Republic of China in the future. This is a big event. I sent you because I believe you. Don’t let me down with the president! "
Xu Huaijin’s eyes are fixed on Liu Qingcheng, and Liu Qingcheng is a little scared. This burden is not light. It is not so easy for Mexico to be a stranger.