At the moment, on a farm in the pastoral town of America,

A man who held his straw hat very low had a straw in his mouth. "How?"
There is no one beside him, but there is a stereo.
"They played very well. Everything is under control. Please rest assured."
The straw hat man didn’t speak any more, which made the straw hat lower.
Chapter five hundred and twelve Trivia ()
everything is over
The dark institute was burned in the fire, and the armed forces of Mossi, the Chinese blood mercenaries, called a truce.
With this incident, the Chinese blood mercenary group became famous in the first world war and became the third in the list of elite mercenary groups.
However, everyone didn’t know the situation. The Chinese blood mercenary group quietly dissolved and became a member of the Dragon Palace Dragon Group again.
Maybe they should go back to receive the prize together.
Maybe I want to go home first, but it’s a pity that it’s been years since the war ended, and now it’s the third day of the New Year’s Eve. It’s not bad these days, so I went back to China with Ye Gang and others.
Before returning to China, of course, you must meet in Kun Wang first.
"After killing the mercenaries, the retirement conditions will continue as I said last time. I will not let down my brothers. I hope that you can really take root in Africa. This is a retreat for all of us. I hope it will not be screwed up."
Xu patted Kun Wang on the shoulder and smiled. "Besides, this war was done beautifully!"
Kun Wang laughed. "You are so powerful and knowing BOSS is a blessing in blood. Don’t worry, things won’t screw up here in Africa. I can guarantee that you will stand firm here whenever you want to retreat to Africa!"
Xu laughed and knew that his goal had been achieved.
For Xu, the blood-killing killer team can help him to implement some teams that are not easy to do by himself, and it can also support Nuodaan Security Company to play a role in killing mercenaries, so that Xu can have a retreat in Africa.
Xu now Chinese identity who knows when it will offend some big shots?
Hengshan Sword Sect is not the strongest sect in Wulin, nor is it the strongest fighter.
One more retreat in this world means one more means to save your life.
Permission is like desperate saburo. Those enemies are desperate, but what about their families?
It is impossible for Xu to bring his family and mouth to the enemy desperately, and if he really gets into trouble and has to withdraw from the Chinese family, his family will certainly fall into crisis. It is inevitable for Xu that everyone in this position has a retreat.
Although Xu is the third shareholder of Obsidian Group and a friend of Kaidimoke, Xu knows very well that the friendship between the two people will build financial interests. If Xu really offends the big shot Kaidimoke one day, it is definitely not a retreat, and it may even become a deadly sickle.
With the leg road of Africa, Xu’s heart is also a little safer.
After ten years in Africa, the blood-killing mercenaries will continue to operate and give full play to their energy. Of course, it will never be as simple as it seems, and it is definitely a safe retreat.
It’s always unnecessary to save for a rainy day.
When Ye Gangxu and others returned to China, four people flew directly to Beijing on the New Year’s Eve.
Because it’s Chinese New Year, the Dragon Palace Dragon Group has a lot of things to deal with, so several people got the news that they would rest for a week and then come back to report on their work.
After all, the Dragon Group has not yet determined the success, and even the limited system has not responded.
There is no way for Xu to deal with the trivial things behind him first and prepare for the official entry into Wulin in the future.
There are also many people calling Xu these days, and these things have to be handled one by one.
Since it is the capital, let’s deal with things from the capital first.
Xu Xiao-box has the first thing to deal with.
Xu Xiaohe got Xu’s investment to develop an APP, which is a social integration of burn after reading Picture Mode Forum. This APP was originally a software that had been combined with two modes for a long time, but I didn’t expect that the combination of these two modes actually caught fire.
As Xu Qian was taken to advertise by Xu Xiao-he, it was really widely spread.
Young people are delighted with burn after reading’s picture browsing mode, and there are many novel software in the forum social interaction, which has climbed to more than 200,000 new online celebrity software in a short time.
Now many investors have taken a fancy to the prospect of this software and will come to Xu Xiaohe for investment.
Xu, the biggest angel investor in this software, is of course favorable to talk.
And I haven’t seen Xu Chunfeng for a long time, so I have to go to the Xu family with a gift.
"Oh, you said what gift you would bring when you came for the New Year."
Xu Chunfeng now seems to have a lot of official prestige. After all, the status is there.
But for this guy Xu Chunfeng is as casual as big brother.
Xu smiled and said, "It is precisely because of the Chinese New Year that there is a saying that you don’t bring gifts when you go to the door?"
Xu Chunfeng couldn’t resist Xu Neng’s sigh. "It’s because I kicked you out when you changed to someone else’s gift. I don’t know how many people are staring at the back now, but it’s hard to sit still. Now I dare not touch anything illegal."
Xu laughed. "That official is also a person, isn’t it? Officials have to visit relatives and friends, right? "
"Have you this mouth ….."
Xu Chunfeng smiled and hurriedly brought Xu into the house.
I heard that Xu Xiao-box was waiting in the living room long ago.
Xu Chunfeng shouted at Xu Tao, "Don’t go now that this big Chinese New Year is here. Stay here for lunch and I’ll cook it myself. Gee, I haven’t been in the kitchen for days and I don’t know if my craft has regressed."
Xu haha laughed. "That’s really going to ask Xu Dage today."
"where to talk"
Xu Chunfeng rolled up his sleeves and said, "Little Box has been wanting to see you for a long time. All right, I won’t keep you talking. I’ll go to the kitchen first."
Xu laughed. "I’ll give you a hand when we’re done talking."
As Xu Chunfeng entered the kitchen, Xu Xiaohe immediately came to Xu’s front excitedly and said, "Xu Shu, your investment of 30 million yuan has played a great role. Now the APP has already exceeded 200,000 in just one month, which is very incredible for a new APP. Now many big businesses are eyeing this software and want to come and invest in the final financing market."
Xu was surprised and said, "Is there a market look so soon?"
Xu Xiaohe laughed. "Now it is the information age and the technology age. Those entity companies may need a period of hard work and polishing, but for this type of software APP companies, they can directly market it if they want to get enough financing. However, the current APP market is too bad. I think we should make the APP bigger first, and then we can double our value several times."
Xu laughed. "Ok, you are good at this line. Do these things. I will give you support. Since the prospect is so good now, I will invest 30 million yuan for you. When the software market is over, you will also run it. I am a shopkeeper of cutting and not participating in decision-making."
People don’t doubt people.
Since Xu handed this matter to Xu Xiaohe, he naturally wouldn’t step in.
Isn’t there a story in Mengli? When a king, don’t command craftsmen to saw wood, and don’t command construction teams to build palaces.
Does the industry specialize in what line of work and have what ability?
I can also invest in APP without saying much.
Xu Xiaohe shook his head and said, "No, 30 million is already a lot. If you invest another 30 million, 60 million is only a few hundred thousand. Then where is entrepreneurial success? The root is entrepreneurial failure. This 30 million is enough for me to toss."