In a flash, the situation is reversed!

Xiao Yun’s help will leave him alone in the face of Xuanling Beidou Tu Sumo.
The outcome is in suspense.
Su Mo rushed forward and defeated Xiao Yun in a few rounds, and took away more than 100 pieces of Panlong Order from the bag!
Xiao Yun is full of grievances.
He doesn’t know anything about the mysterious Beidou map, and he doesn’t know what happened. It seems that he was suddenly defeated by a six-terrace fairy in a fog.
There were also waves of amazement in the crowd watching the Panlong Mountains.
Many monks are excited and have a heated discussion.
Sue ink is calm.
This war seems to be lively, and the ups and downs are all under his control.
Even revealing the mysterious Beidou map is his intention.
This will not expose the identity, and secondly, it will reveal something enough to attract the attention of the four immortals.
If Su Mo really wants to beat Xiao Yun, one round may be enough.
Chapter two thousand one hundred and seventeen Rob people
Panlong Mountain Baihai Tianxian gently shook the folding fan and laughed. "Calculate Xiao Yun’s more than 100 pieces of Panlong Ling, and the number of Panlong Ling should exceed 1,200 pieces."
Tianyuan said a number.
No one doubts the truth of this figure.
Tianyuan doesn’t talk much, but he always pays attention to Su Mo.
Yang Rexu nodded slightly and said, "Since he has the help of the mysterious Beidou map, it is not difficult to make up 1,000 pieces of Panlong Order in this valley since he can beat Xiao Yun across two small realms."
In the eyes of the four people, Su Mo is now among the last 100 people in terms of means!
When the election of Xianzong is over, the number of Panlong orders won by this young man may not be the largest.
But to some extent, this person shows more talent than others, and is never weaker than the monarch of Chihong or the king of Yunlei County!
This man is a six-step fairy with great potential!
It seems that this young man is the most outstanding, dazzling and worthy of income in the Xianzong election!
The fairy of Qingfeng suddenly said, "I just said that this posture is outstanding and most suitable for me to practice the wind view. Don’t argue with me, three Taoist friends."
"Friends of the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture, if I remember correctly, you were quite disdainful to him at the beginning and threw him into the gale. I hope he will be out as soon as possible."
Yang Ruoxu looked at the Qingfeng Fairy with a slight sneer. "Why do you want to recruit him into the wind view now?"
"Brother Yang is joking."
"I did this for my purpose, mainly to test him and let him show the real thing without any malice," said the immortal of Qingfeng.
If you say such nonsense, the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture fairy will look indifferent when she says it.
White Sea Fairy chuckled, "Friends of the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture say this to others, and they may not believe me. This is the last thing that you can do to worship Zongmen."
The Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture fairy proudly said, "It’s the best for him to join the Royal Wind View, which can bring his advantages to the extreme! He is a wise man and can’t help but understand this truth. "
"not necessarily"
After a long silence, Tianyuan suddenly said, "This body is ok in melee fighting and quite disciplined. The refined body is the strongest among the four immortals of Shanhai Xianzong."
"It will help him the most if he worships our Shanhai Xianzong and practices top-level body-building techniques and learns high melee techniques!"
Tianyuan seldom speaks, and always cherishes words like gold.
I didn’t expect to say such a long speech in the competition for Su Mo.
Yang Rexu shook his head slightly, saying, "There is a lack of mystical means, but there are many mystical means in Gankun Academy. In my opinion, joining Gankun Academy is the right way."
Although the number of Sumo Panlong orders has not reached 1,000, the four immortals have robbed people!
Four people all know it’s no accident that this young man is sure to win a sufficient number of panlong orders!
Bai Haixian laughed at the folding fan and said, "Let’s not argue for it first. We will consider it slowly in ten days. Since everyone is interested in it, the final choice is to fall into this body."
Just then, a group of monks galloped in the distance, and the first two of them were strong and murderous.
"Look at the king of Dajin Xianguo Yuanzuo County!"
"This Xianzong election is really lively. Counting the three immortals of Yuanzuo County King, there are county kings and monarchs coming."
"Yuan Zuo County King also followed more than one hundred punishments to defend who seems to be furious."
Many monks in Panlong Mountain saw the distant movement whispering.
White sea fairy, Yang Rexu four people naturally have long seen Yuan Zuo county king but four people are expressionless and didn’t get up.
The king of Yuanzuo County is not the same as before.
Jin Wangsi has many county kings and princesses who have no territory, but they are far less than them.
The fact that the four of them can represent Zongmen to preside over the Xianzong election is enough to prove the status of Zongmen!
Even in the face of the prestigious Yuan Zuo County King, they are peers, and there is no pecking order.
The king of Yuanzuo County came to the lone star with 112 executioners on his shoulder and came to the commanding valley of Panlong Mountain to patrol and search for the target.
"Look at the temple!"