Su Mo’s trip to Dagan ruins was not rooted in Zhu Guo, and half of the reason was this "Lotus Sutra"!

It’s a pity that nature makes people.
By the time he really saw the Lotus Sutra, he had no way to practice.
It’s true that the Lotus Sutra is really in ruins.
But who would have thought that this classic was buried at the bottom of the dragon valley!
Su Mo finally realized that there would be such a strange, old and humble temple in the valley where the dragon was buried.
This temple was probably built by the lucky monks of Hokkeji and Dasi in those days!
Is it the purpose of building such a temple at this valley bottom?
Chapter five hundred and fourteen To the Buddha and the Dragon Elephant
In the field of fix true, the first secret art of blood shed’s Dandao, The Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Method, is now in the hands of a little monk who is unknown.
No fighting, no bleeding.
Little novice monk chose to share actively.
I have to say that this is somewhat ironic.
What’s even more ironic is that when Su Mo saw the Lotus Sutra, he had already lost his qualification to practice.
The wonderful lotus sutra is indeed a secret Buddhist scripture, but it can also make a person who has broken down in the abdomen practice again.
Road flyover Xuan Yu is too cruel!
One punch and one foot to cut off all hope of Su Mo!
Sue ink fists clenched slightly upward generate unyielding eyes.
No one can stop me!
No one is blocking my way!
Even in the face of such a blow, Su Mo still did not give up.
He will not choose to bow to fate!
Someone once exhausted his mind, and he changed his life.
At this time, if he gives up, he will fail that person!
Su Mo sat cross-legged and felt the aura of heaven and earth constantly condensing bit by bit into the abdomen.
After the aura enters the abdomen, the roots will not stay and disperse directly.
His abdomen is like a bottomless black hole devouring everything.
Sumo is not discouraged.
In this way, we constantly gather gas and condense gas and watch the aura disappear.
Cycle after cycle
A month passed.
Two months passed.
Half a year has passed in an instant …
Su Mo’s injury has already healed, but his physical condition has not improved at all.
This place is isolated from the world, and there is nothing that contains life, essence, flesh and blood or natural treasures.
When you are hungry, two people will pick some vegetables and fruits in the garden.
If you drink it, you can pump some cool wells deep underground.
This has no effect on the practitioner.
The person who cultivates the truth is the person who accepts the aura of heaven and earth and practices ascension.
But repairing the demon needs to add a lot of life essence!
In the past six months, the secret code of the demon king in the wild in Su Mo has almost stopped, and Dan is still full of cracks without any signs of repair.
Cultivating immortality for half a year didn’t arouse the slightest reaction in the abdomen.
The dantian is still swinging in a dead silence.
Of course, Su Mo has not gained anything in the past six months.
There are many Buddhist secrets in the sutra depository.
He was surprised to find that he could understand these obscure and boring scriptures!
It’s like suddenly losing your mind.
Time flies, and it’s half a year.
Sumo has been buried at the bottom of the dragon valley for nearly a year.
Signs of healing of Danhao in one year
Abdominal abdomen is like a pool of stagnant water, and there is no vitality in the end.
Su Mo’s eyes are not as firm and unshakable as they were at first.
Don’t just be silly to practice?
When will there be a turnaround?
Pondering a little in the courtyard, Su Mo made a decision in his heart to take out the ten thousand-year-old Zhu Guo from the bag.
Zhu Guo is bright red and crystal clear, emitting scorching energy.
This ten thousand-year-old Zhu Guo has been stained with too many people’s blood!
Not only the younger generation in the northern region, but also Yuan Ying Zhenjun has fallen by hundreds!
Su Mo took a deep breath and swallowed Zhu Guo cross-legged and sat down to feel the body change.
Zhu Guo contains a huge essence of life.
These life essence elements form a violent storm and sweep through the flesh and bones and internal organs!
Su Mo calmed his mind and controlled the storm toward the abdomen.