With Dan Tai glass throwing objects and doing bleeding spirit, the impact speed of Dan Tai glass body is even faster. Even the original tried to protect the wound, so it seems that they all want to stop Dan Tai glass from throwing objects.

Blood spirit to speed up the impact to make Dan Tai glass throw objects move blocked Dan Tai glass ShaQi specializing in towards his impact and blood spirit regardless of the exposed wound.
Dan Tai glass ShaQi every attack to the blood spirit that wound will bring up the blood spirit piercing whine makes blood spirit staring at Dan Tai glass eyes more resentment.
Therefore, the automatic healing movement of the blood spirit wound will stagnate for a while, and the blood flowing at the wound is even more wanton.
But even if the Dan Tai glass ShaQi attack will hit the blood spirit wound, the speed at which the blood spirit body hits Dan Tai glass will increase instead of decrease.
At that time, Dan Tai glass was entangled in the spirit of blood and didn’t have time to throw objects again.
In this case, Dan Tai glass implements the disappearance of body shape
I saw that after Dan Tai’s glass figure disappeared from the ancient house, there would be objects falling to the ground and then disappearing into the ground in some directions in the ancient house.
I couldn’t find the impact target, and the blood spirit screamed violently, and then rushed to the place where it fell to the ground due to the attack of Dan Tai glass Shaqi, and it had shrunk to a fast dried meat.
Blood spirit grabbed the flesh from the ground and patted it toward the wound. It was the flesh that had been quickly dried into strips and attached to the wound.
Those who were photographed by the blood spirit quickly became dried meat into strips of flesh, and as the blood spirit hands left the wound, they fell to the ground again.
Blood spirit jumped wildly and picked it up again and stuffed it into your mouth.
Also at this time there is a strong ShaQi dashed to the blood spirit wound blood spirit miserably shout a quick to hide flashing.
Blood spirit mouth into a piece of flesh because of blood spirit opened his mouth miserably shout all fell out from the blood spirit mouth ShaQi insulation Dan Tai glass body appeared in the old house again at this time.
Blood spirit Dan Tai glass body reappeared in the ancient house immediately after the body Mao shot blood all those blood attacks to Dan Tai glass.
As soon as the blood touches the ground, it will all sink into the ground, but the blood flowing from the wound of the blood spirit will not sink into the ground at all
In the ancient glass and blood spirit house in Dan Tai, you chase after me. In the ancient house, the ground is full of blood, and blood flows from the wound.
Dan Tai glass eventually didn’t go to ShaQi wall to attack blood spirit.
"What’s going on with Sister Ran and Brother Li?" Goo Tsai tugged at my hand and raised my head to ask me.
When I heard Gu Zi’s inquiry, I was in an ancient house, but the invisible paper man squatted down and told Gu Zi about the situation before I saw it.
Goo Tsai said with long eyelashes after listening to my words. It seems that his brother An Yu is so worried, and I’m not too worried.
"I’m not worried about the war, but about the black fog that covers the whole old house." Goo Tsai’s relief didn’t make me feel relaxed.
"The origin of the black fog must be that the blood spirit has been killed by brother Li, and this black fog will naturally disperse with him." Goo Tsai cocked his little head and thought for a while, which is very sure to give him a guess.
"I hope so." I’m worried that Dan Tai’s glass will not be enough to defeat the blood spirit in a short time.
Dan Tai Li has told me that although his Shaqi is exhausted, as time goes on, he can derive that Shaqi will be much weaker than at first.
In that case, in the end, Dan Tai Li can also do more practical damage to Xueling by the method of re-stalemate of Xueling.
"ACTS son, you said that the glass has been decorated in the ancient house. Otherwise, how about I go into the ancient house to bless the law?" Feng Erdan met us at this time
"No, the glass array method is against the ghost array. Once you are in that array, Master, don’t say whether you can bless it or not, even your body will be hurt by it." I flatly refused Feng Er’s proposal.
"What should I do? It’s not a nasty fool." Feng Erdan floated around me.
"Not only are you anxious to die, but you are also anxious to die." Wang Zhoupeng was silent.
"You can still be anxious to die, demon." The euphemistic voice of the white fox followed by the pronunciation.
I’m worried about ghosts and demons. Feng Erdan and Wang Zhoupeng’s pronunciation make my mouth twitch.
If it weren’t for Dan Tai Li’s worrying about the blood spirit alone, I would have laughed because of this pronunciation.
"People, ghosts and demons are dying? So who is the most urgent person or demon and ghost?" Just then, the pawnbroker chuckled in my mind.
Now I hear the pawnshop owner’s voice again. I raise my eyebrows and look around as far as I can. I don’t see the pawnshop owner.
I’m lying in a big slot, so I can’t help but curse one in my heart.
"What do you mean by lying in a big trough? Explain it to Zun." I immediately heard the pawnshop owner’s voice again.
Goose boy looked at me in surprise and asked me what I was looking at. I shook my head and said nothing, and then I said to the air that it was a big slot for human beings to meet and greet. The expression of words is similar to hello.
The pawnbroker asked me again what the meaning of similarity was, and I said to the air that similarity was equivalent to meaning.
Goo Tsai and Feng Er-dan Wang Zhoupeng both stared at me with surprised eyes. I can explain to them at the moment that I can look at their surprised eyes first.