What does this say? I said there was Shi Fengying in him.

For this world and Shi Feng, someone has admitted two things in his heart. One is that he has always treated Song Ran as his sister, and the other is Shi Feng’s sister Qian Xue. Although he doesn’t think so himself, this is what he thinks.
"Are you confused?"
At this time, the moon soul heard such a familiar sound, which made him feel that it was so far away and ethereal in HeJun.
The moon soul looked up and saw the direction of the sound.
Rain is flowing from his long hair on his forehead, so that he can’t see clearly. He can squint and look carefully.
Yes, I saw that man, and he knew it all too well, that is, the moon soul’s own appearance, its expression and expression are very different from that of the moon soul.
The moon soul looked at the smile and said faintly, "You have been dead for decades. What still appears?"
That one smiled at himself and said, "Am I dead? Maybe it is! But are you any different from me now? "
The Moon Soul sneers, "Of course it’s very different. The most different is that you are Shi Feng and I am the Moon Soul of Nangong."
The other one shook his head and said, "No, we are the same."
The Moon Soul growled, "I’m different from you. You are you and I am me. You are the stone wind and I am the Moon Soul of Nangong. Now you are dead. There is a Moon Soul of Nangong in this world."
That one who cares for himself ignores the roar of the moon soul but looks calm. "Really?" Although you didn’t admit it, didn’t you already admit that you are Shi Feng in front of Song Ran? And in your heart, haven’t you already acquiesced that Qianxue is your sister? "
Moon Soul nearly lost control and shouted "No, I didn’t admit your nonsense"
Then the other one smiled and said, "Stop deceiving yourself. You are Shi Feng."
The moon soul blushed and said, "You’re talking nonsense. I killed you." After that, ten true qi swords reappeared and then flashed to the other one like a flash in the rain.
The soul of the moon is trying to tear itself apart, but the body has passed through it.
It’s raining hard, and the soul of the moon is screaming and waving ten true qi swords in the middle of the night, bent on tearing up the other one, but how can a person’s illusion be torn up?
After a wick of incense, the soul of the moon fell from it.
Just then, a figure flashed quickly and caught him
Then he looked at the pale face of the moon soul in a coma, and then put his hand on the forehead of the moon soul and sighed, "You really don’t make people worry!" After that, I fell …
It was Yangjin and Huangting that two people flew over in the sky.
In order to save time and manpower, all the people in Datong are divided into groups to find the soul of the moon and the crab, and Huang Ting and Yang Jin are separated.
Yang Jin looked at the heavy rain and sighed, "It’s the first time I’ve seen such a heavy rain!"
Huang Ting smiled, "This kind of rain is very common in the Central Plains in summer. Why hasn’t it rained in your western regions?"
Yang Jin smiled and replied, "Ah! There has never been such a heavy rain. "Say that finish, you put out your hand to protect your body and feel the feeling of heavy rain in your hand.
Huang Ting looked at Yang Jin’s little girl with the same expression and smiled. "You can often see such rain if you stay in the Central Plains." After that, he didn’t know what he would say about letting Yang Jin stay in the Central Plains.
Yang Jin told Huang Ting to let her stay in the Central Plains for a while and then shook her head and said, "I’m afraid not."
Huang Ting frowned. "What?"
Yang Jin took back his little hand in the rain and said, "When we find Master and my father, we will go back to the Western Regions because that is my home!"
I don’t know why Huang Ting felt lost when he heard Yang Jin say that he was going back, but then he smiled and said, "Oh, well, let’s have a good time in the Central Plains these days. There are many interesting things in the Central Plains!"
Yang Jin took a faint look at Huang Ting and said, "But now that my father and master haven’t found me, how can I have fun regardless of the overall situation?"
Huang Ting looked at Yang Jin. He heard Song Ran and Yang Zong say that Yang Jin was a very strong woman. She had a set of ideas in her mind. Xia Jia in the western regions had declined. She said that she would revive Xia Jia. Huang Ting saw that other women had no temperament in her body.
Huang Ting wanted to think and asked, "Is it really so amazing that your father found that stone? Can you make a peerless soldier in conan the destroyer? "
Yang Jin looked a little silent when he heard Huang Ting say this. "It’s not magic, it’s something strange. In the Western Regions, we originally buried the bodies of more than 400 of my grandfather, but later we found that they didn’t know when they actually came out of the grave. Combined with the fact that the master met the more than 400 corpse monsters, we concluded that the more than 400 corpse monsters were my grandfather, and the master saw that strange scene in the mountains. All this was because of that stone. You can know it when you think about that Gu Jian Zongliutang and Gu Jian Zongtang." Yang Jin once heard about it in Fengtan.
Huang Ting wondered, "So are you sure that Gu Jian Zongxing’s brother said that the eccentric who went to Gu Jian was your father?"
Yang Jin nodded, "My mother and I can be sure that the person who disappeared after living in Gu Jian is my father."
Huang Ting thought for a while and said, "So no one has seen that stone except your mother now?"
Yang Jin sighed, "As far as we know, no one has ever seen that stone except my mother and my father who brought it, because everyone who saw it died. If it weren’t for the master, I’m afraid my mother would … my father said that he could hear the call of the stone, but others couldn’t hear it or see what was special about it, but no one knew what it was."
Huang Ting nods "it seems that the stone is really weird! We won’t know until we find your father and that stone. "
After a while, Huang Ting turned his eyes and saw that there was a room in front, which must be a temple. Before he left, he remembered that Yang Jinxiu was not very high, so don’t let her fly for a long time.
Huang Ting suggested, "It’s raining hard now. Why don’t we go to the temple and have a rest until the rain stops?"
Yang Jin frowned. "But …"
Huang Ting interrupted her, "Well, I know you are anxious to find your father and Nangong Martial Uncle, but it is not easy to find it in such a heavy rain now! Wait until the rain stops to find it. It’s not too late to listen to me. "Say that finish, I will pull Yang Jin to fall."
Yang Jin was beaten by Huang Ting before he spoke. Now I see him holding his hand and trying to pull it back, but because both of them are falling, she is afraid of anything, so Huang Ting pulls herself down.
When they left the house not far away, they saw that it was a mountain temple, which was a bit shabby. It seems that no one has come to the incense for a long time.
Huang Ting was about to pull Yang Jin in, but Yang Jin pulled his hand back.
I feel that Yang Jin pulled his hand back. Huang Ting turned around and saw Yang Jin’s low hands fiddling with his skirts, and his face was a little red. Only then did he find that he had just taken Yang Jin’s hand in his heart. It was also very embarrassing. How can he have a glib tongue at ordinary times? This will also become dumb.
Just when two people don’t know what to say and how many streamers fall.
Huang Ting and Yang Jin looked back and saw a dozen people left not far away.
After seeing Huang Ting, one of the men sneered, "Who am I? So it’s Brother Huang Ting from Datong? Don’t be ill after seeing Brother Huang for so many years? "
Huang Ting certainly knew the speaking man. Twenty years ago, when he went to Muxinzong with the Moon Soul, he remembered that this man was not so famous, but that at that time, this man and his sister had been sneering at Datong Gate and Moon Soul with the power of Linglan family. This man was Song Lin, the Song Villa.
Although Huang Ting is not very old, he is also a little-known person in the field of repairing the truth. He is usually laughing and laughing, but his communication skills are really strong.