Pondering over a little Su Mo, he suddenly stopped his figure, patted his palm and carried out a bronze Fang Ding with cracks and rags all over it.

Since this bronze Fang Ding can resist the gastric juice corrosion of the monster-class red crocodiles and resist this haze, it should not be a problem.
Su Mo put the bronze Fang Ding into the haze.
If not!
The crimson haze intrudes around the bronze Fang Ding.
It’s done!
Su Mo smiled and jumped into the bronze Fang Ding, and the tripod in one walked through the crimson haze until he reached the Lingquan pool.
Su Mo, who came out of the bronze Fang Ding, looked back at the increasingly dense haze behind him and thought, "Actually, this haze is not a bad thing. No one will cross over this month to find the secret of this crypt!"
Su Mosi looked at her ears for a while and didn’t notice that someone was hiding here before pressing the pool wall machine.
The footstone slipped silently to both sides, revealing a deep and dark passage.
Su Mo jumped and disappeared.
The underground palace was calm again.
Chapter five hundred and thirty-seven Underground volcano
In the crypt
The fiery magma flows slowly and emits a hot smell.
In the magma ocean, a small land fox stood on its feet with its paws on its chest and looked at the body of the fox demon in front of it. There was a flash of melancholy and confusion in its big eyes.
She has lived in fear for decades.
The darkness around her is like an iron pot leaving the fire cover, which is the last treasure left by her mother.
Little fox hides away from the fire cover every day, and it seems that she will be safer in this Xiaotian field.
But in fact, the fox knew in his heart that it was easy for the crocodile to kill her!
She never thought that one day she could escape from the crocodile’s clutches and help her mother avenge herself.
All this is thanks to that handsome student.
I just saw the little fox who gave birth at first sight, and I have a feeling that this person doesn’t look like a bad person.
The fox woke up behind the student carefully.
When Qingxiu was swallowed by a crocodile, the little fox was desperate, and Qingxiu’s life and death were doomed, and she herself would be trapped here forever.
But the later development scared her!
This crocodile actually ignited a terrible flame and burned the crocodile’s body completely, but the handsome student escaped safely!
As a last resort, the crocodile Yuan Shen was almost shattered by a loud roar from Qing Xiu.
Fox quickly buckled off the fire cover and burned the crocodile to death!
Now I have to pay for my revenge. Fox’s heart suddenly falls.
I don’t know how long it will be before Fox’s big furry ears move beautifully to a burst of footsteps.
Someone’s coming!
Fox was very alert. He first buckled away from the fire cover and hid inside, staring at the wafer. His big dark eyes looked out through the hole in the fire cover.
It didn’t take long for a blue figure to flash around the corner. It was the handsome student who had just left in a hurry!
Fox raised his head slightly away from the fire hood and blinked at Qingxiusheng.
At the same time, Qingxiusheng walked around the corner and saw the little fox for the first time.
A man and a beast just stared at each other motionless.
This is more like a letter test.
Decades of imprisonment have made Fox cautious and suspicious and extremely wary of strangers.
Even if Qing Xiusheng helped her kill her enemy, she was worried that a crocodile had left and another one was even more terrible and cruel!
Fox has seen a handsome story.
She is no match.
I really don’t know what to do if this comely little fox comes at her with an evil plan.
Just when Fox was thinking, Qing Xiu smiled and nodded at her.
Seeing the handsome little fox smiling, I felt a little relieved and put a lot of vigilance in my heart.
Su Mo looked at the timid little fellow not far away, and his eyes flashed with a pity and a dark sigh in his heart.
Being imprisoned here for decades without freedom, living with enemies day and night, even this encounter has caused great psychological harm to this little guy.
Su Moshen is a monster who cultivates demons, monkeys, night spirits and other monsters. He can vaguely feel the worry, fear and fear in Fox’s heart.
This is a poor little fellow.
Sumo didn’t try to appease her and get close to her.
At this time, even a little out of line behavior may cause anxiety and hostility of Fox.
Sumo walked a little bit along the edge of the crypt towards the depths of the crypt.
Before this, he was intercepted by the attack of the Red Crocodile, and then he returned to the palace to fight. There was no time to explore this crypt.
You can’t be disturbed if you want the refiner here.
There’s a red haze of Zhu Guo outside, and no one will find the rest of this place, so it’s necessary to explore this crypt again to make sure there are no risk factors.
This crypt is deep and winding, and I don’t know where it leads
Su Mo didn’t notice the danger all the way along.
On the contrary, the little fox is holding a walking iron pot behind Su Mo, which hides most of his body from the fire cover.
Sue ink heart move gives birth to playing tricks on the heart suddenly stopped, turned around and stared at the little thing behind him.
Fox was startled, and his eyes flashed with a panic, and his paws were loose.
Dang dang yi
Stay still from the fire hood. The little fox hides inside and looks embarrassed.
Su Mo’s heart turned and moved on.
From the fire hood, the little fox clenched his paws, and in his heart, he waved his fist and hummed at Su Mo’s back.