The old ape added, "But you don’t have to worry too much about them being afraid to make a move in front of the public around me!" "

Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Bet on a Covenant
In the next few days, the three overlords, Silver Moon Valley, Hanging Sheep Peak and Thousand Snake Island, strongly suggested that the group of demons should have a good time and enjoy themselves!
The Demon Congress was held normally.
However, the competition for blood seats will be postponed!
His overlord had no objection to this, and neither did the old ape.
Everyone can guess what the three overlords of Silvermoon Valley are thinking, but they just don’t say it.
Hanging sheep peak, young master, silver robe man and gorgeous makeup woman, Su Mo’s hands are not light or seriously injured, so they all have to cultivate themselves.
Three days later, the old ape stayed in front of the battle.
Su Mo did not leave.
In this issue, there are some incredible sunrise gods in the distant jungle.
Some demons say there are heavy treasures born there!
Even when the demons came back, they said that there seemed to be some ancient relics reappearing there, which attracted many demons to go.
But Su Mo did not budge.
He stopped monkeys, linghu and others from leaving the old ape.
In the past three days, Su Mo has been able to feel some malicious eyes and has been staring at him in a corner!
If he is really away from the old ape, he is likely to walk into a trap carefully arranged by others!
Three days later.
At the same time, the seven overlords announced that the competition for the blood sea practice seat was official!
The first is very simple.
In the Millennium Blood Sea Center, there are some blood sea tokens refined by darksteel in the range of 500 miles away.
A total of 500 yuan!
These blood tokens may be placed on the ground or buried in soil or in some cave.
This demon needs to find a token!
This can eliminate most demons.
Although there are 500 blood tokens, only 100 demons are eligible to compete for the last ten seats before finding the tokens!
More than 100 lords came out from six major territories: Hangyangfeng, Silvermoon Valley, Thousand Snake Island, Qixia Valley, Miwuze and Jinyanshan.
The opportunity of blood sea practice is rare, and everyone wants to try it.
If you are lucky, you may really get into the final battle!
And ape crow ridge this time, Su Mo and Gu Yun also have more than a dozen demons to participate.
"Are you sure you can pass this?"
The old ape still has some doubts and can’t help but ask Su Mo again.
The limit of the range of the low-order demon Yuan Shen is thyme.
It’s hard for him to imagine that Sumo’s divine knowledge can detect an area five hundred miles away!
Sue ink smiled "can try"
"Go ahead"
The old ape nodded
Su Mo and others have come to the sea of blood to be ready.
"Hey, how did that Mo Yao come to attend? Isn’t he a low-ranking demon?"
These three days, Sumo’s name has been all over the demon conference for a long time.
"The estimate is to gather together a lively?"
"Hum, he’s powerful, but it’s humiliating to join in the fun!"
Many demons are gossiping.
Young Master Hanging Sheep Peak suddenly sneered when he saw Su Mo. "What are you doing with a low-level demon?"
"It is estimated that it is to give us the bottom!"
"Ha ha ha!"
Hanging sheep peak group of demons burst into laughter.
Su Mo looked indifferent and squinted at the young master of Hanging Sheep Peak and asked, "You and I can’t get the blood token?"
"It’s a slippery day for you, a low-ranking demon, to try to plot a blood token!"
Hanging sheep peak little master very not easy to catch a chance to ridicule vent humiliation three days ago. "How much can you know the scope of god? Twenty miles or thirty miles? "
"I tell you blood token hidden five hundred miles away! With you … "
"What if I can get the blood token?"
Hanging sheep peak is interrupted by Su Mo’s wave before the main words are finished.
"What did you say?"
The young master of Hanging Sheep Peak seems to have heard the joke "If you can get the blood sea token, I will eat it!" "