"Show me!" Liu Jie’s original poem was an accident when she was out hunting and was killed by a monster. This happens from time to time, but now it is said that she is dead in a building in the outer ring, and the situation is not right. It is very likely that she was not killed by a monster.

"Well, I just went to see the poem … I died miserably …" The man shook his head in the middle and couldn’t bear to say it again.
Su Li was thinking of borrowing a mount and leaving, but seeing Jassamyn Liu’s face heavy, others were shocked. When he became dignified, he couldn’t say goodbye for a while and followed them to the outer ring to see.
Several huge rafts were already floating on the water. When several people from Jassamyn Liu arrived, many people besides them gathered there and greeted Xuanhua and Liu Jie one after another.
Poetry is obviously dead. Everyone knows that she and Jassamyn Liu had better be busy comforting her.
Jassamyn Liu’s face is very ugly, so he waved his hand to let everyone take her to the scene to see.
Because everyone knows that Shi Shi and Liu Jie found Shi Shi’s body and didn’t destroy the scene, they were all waiting for Jassamyn Liu to come back
Su Li followed Jassamyn Liu and this group of people to board a few giant rafts along the water towards the outer ring of Donglong City.
Soon a building stopped, and everyone went upstairs one after another.
This is a 12-story building, which is inconspicuous among the tall buildings. The flood flooded the surface, and two floors and ten floors were exposed to the water.
At the moment, many people have gathered at the third floor corridor of this building.
Su Li followed Jassamyn Liu, and there was a door knocking at Jassamyn Liu’s door. He was shocked as if he had seen something shocking and stiff.
Su Li also saw the blood spattered everywhere in this room, and the walls and floors were already frozen with blood.
As soon as there was some distortion, the body lay in a big shape, and the body was covered with a thin blanket. The legs and face were exposed, and the blood was caught, which made it look bloody, and the eyes were wide open as if they were dying.
Jassamyn Liu was cold and seemed unable to believe that she was lively and lovely yesterday, and that she was the best friend talking and laughing with herself. Today, this very tragic death appeared in front of her.
"Poetry …"
Jassamyn Liu was trembling slightly all over and slowly walked in.
Everyone around is watching silently, but everyone who can live to this day has experienced too many life and death poems. Although the death is very tragic, most of them don’t feel too strong. Liu Jieyin and poetry are good, so there will be such a strong performance.
When I got close to Jassamyn Liu, I found that her throat was torn. This should be the real cause of her death.
The original Jassamyn Liu, she was killed by someone, but the scene was tragic, especially when her throat was torn and she looked like being killed by a monster.
"How can there be a monster in the outer ring? Did Xiaojun check it? Have you determined what the murderer is? " Jassamyn Liu looked up at the crowd.
Before taking them over, I said, "Xiao Jun has been here, but it’s a pity that he can smell poetry. Besides, he can’t smell anything. It seems that this kills the poetry monster and knows how to hide it."
"It’s not necessarily a monster. Do you think it might be a person?" One person suddenly spoke 3.
His words made several people look at him.
"How is it possible that you look at the throat wound of the poem? It was bitten by a monster, and we just looked at the throat wound and there were signs of being sucked. It seems that this should be a blood-sucking monster."
"Look at this blood coagulation. This tragedy should have happened last night."
The speaker was a doctor before the flood, and since he made such a judgment, nine times out of ten he should be right.
"It’s strange now that Shi Shi came here alone last night. And it seems that there is no struggle. "
"I think there is another possibility that this monster knocked out Shi Shi from somewhere else and brought it here. This monster is crazy to watch Shi Shi’s body scars. Obviously, this monster didn’t kill Shi Shi happily, but killed her. This is really strange. It seems that this monster hates us human beings very much."
They all expressed their views. Jassamyn Liu turned pale and got up again. Since even the small army that has been strengthened several times can smell poetry and smell the murderer, the case has been checked again.
"I’m afraid this monster will appear again. We need to wake everyone up and keep everyone on high alert."
Su Li silently looked at the body and listened to the conversation. It was not good for outsiders to express their views.
Good Jassamyn Liu finally remembered after seeing Su Li. He was busy saying, "Brother Su, I’m sorry that I just heard the bad news of the poem and forgot about you for a while."
"I’m okay, you … I’m sorry for your loss." Su Li can comfort you.
Jassamyn Liu, uh-huh, handed over the disposal of the body to several people he trusted and close to, and then personally took Su Li to choose the mount.
As Jassamyn Liu said, many mounts in Donglong City belong to Jassamyn Liu, and six of them were tamed by Su Li, who picked the smallest and most exquisite sword, raccoon and beaver.
It looks a little like a large civet cat, but its skin is hairless, but it is a thin and soft scale, and the tip of its nose looks a little cute.
"After remembering Xiaoli, you should listen to this Su Xiong and send him home." Jassamyn Liu told the sword raccoon beast.
"I will personally send it back to you later." Su Li expressed gratitude for Jassamyn Liu’s enthusiastic help.
"Don’t run this trip specially. When you meet me, take me again." Jassamyn Liu smiled. She has many mounts, and it’s nothing to be a sword beaver.
The main reason is that Shoude City is too far away from Donglong City. If the road is near, you can return alone by relying on the ability of swordsmen and raccoons.
Su Li rode a sword and looked at Liu Jieyuan, who didn’t want to intervene in the city of Donglong, but thought that Jassamyn Liu had helped him and decided to wake up. She said, "Miss Liu has a word that I don’t know if I should say it."
"What is it?" Jassamyn Liu slightly startled.