Listening to Ma Guotao’s story, I listened almost motionless. At the end, I admired the tunnel. "It was a thrilling experience."

Ma Guotao listened to the laughter and said earnestly, "There are so many things about Yin and Yang. I really want to elaborate on it for three days and two nights!"
He said, "It’s just that you will be surprised when you listen to me. When you have experienced more, you will feel that this yin and yang road is really chatting. It’s better to have a drink and chat!"
☆, Chapter ninety-four Demon Mountain Boundary
I said, "I feel fine."
"After a long time," Ma Guotao said with a smile, "You will have two ways of expressing gratitude and resentment, and the right and wrong are just love and hate. It’s not interesting at all."
I chuckled.
Ge Er said less, "Is that why?"
"That’s right …" Ma Guotao said, "Yin and Yang things seem to be intertwined, complicated and very complicated, but they are just causal reincarnation."
Ge Er Shao added, "It’s so simple, how can I feel so complicated …"
Aside from bowing their heads and eating vegetables, Shura’s second fool suddenly raised his head and said simply, "Silly, what a simple thing!"
He said, "Demons and ghosts are as idle as people. Chopping people with a kitchen knife in the street is either mental illness or psychopathy. If there is no resentment, who will do it?"
Ge Ershao said bitterly, "That’s right!"
Ma Guotao glanced at him and chuckled, then talked about Yaoshan and asked, "How are you going to help with Yaoshan?"
I said "manage people"
Ma Guotao asked, "What if not?"
I thought about it and added, "Continue to reason with them until I tell them."
Ma Guotao smell speech sighed with emotion, "I can’t see that you are a very reasonable person."
Ge Ershao smacked his mouth and unceremoniously debunked, "He tells a fart truth. He says truth is that whoever doesn’t listen to him will beat people up."
I said, "As the saying goes, fist is the last word."
Ma Guotao "…"
After dinner, Ma Xiaoling told us, "We will go to Yaoshan early in the morning, so you should rest early in case Brother Lu will go with us."
I said, "What about Ma Dalu?"
"cousin?" Ma Xiaoling said, "She has other things to do. I don’t think it’s a big problem if we add Brother Lu."
Early the next morning.
Ma Xiaoling waited for me early, and Ge Er Shao and Shura Er Silly were all ready to go to Yaoshan to come out of the room with a yawn.
After a while, Liu Chengjiu came out, but his face was still ugly, which made people wonder if there was something wrong.
I said, "You look pale."
Liu Chengjiu with a wry smile to say "do not matter"
Ma Xiaoling said, "Then let’s go. It takes about two hours to get to the place at seven o’clock."
Ma Xiaoling leads the way out of the Ma family house, walks out of the village and goes straight towards the hill over there.
I didn’t walk for a while before I found that there were more and more demons in this place.
I often meet several people on the road, because I am psychic and I can see that they have long or short tails at the back of their asses.
We can even see a few demons turning into big sisters sitting on roadside stones and blinking when we pass by.
However, although these Shan Yao are far more luxuriantly dressed than the demons in the unlivable human city, they are also pleasing to the eye.
Ma Xiaoling said, "There are more and more demon clubs near the foot of the demon mountain. When you get to the demon mountain, you will belong to the demon world."
Ge Ershao chuckled, "Is it so easy to go to the demon world?"
Lu Chengjiu said, "The demon mountain is just the tip of the iceberg on the edge of the demon world. When you enter the demon mountain, that is the real entrance to the demon world, but most people can’t find it."
Ge Ershao continued to ask, "Since there is a demon world, why are so many demons running out?"
Liu Chengjiu patiently replied, "The three realms of shemale and ghost communicate with each other but do not interfere with each other."
He said awe-inspiring, "Although the earth is the underworld, most ghosts still linger on the earth, so they still live. So is the Yang demon. Many things are very attractive to them."
Ge ershao said, "Attraction?"
For example, Lu Chengjiu said, "Just like a lot of banshees like Yang makeup to men, they like Yang red light and green wine atmosphere."
"And …" Liu Chengjiu also unceremoniously pointed out the reason. "The demon world is different from the underworld. There is no place like hell that can be hosted by hell. The demon world is actually a beautiful paradise …"
I said, "Actually, it’s a barren hill?"
He said, "Yeah, something like that."
Ma Xiaoling said, "We have arrived."
When I looked up, I found that the mountain was still some distance away from us.
I said, "Isn’t that far away?"
Ma Xiaoling said, "What you see is Yangshan Yaojieshan, which overlaps with here, but you can’t actually see the root."
She looked around here while talking, and then reached out and touched the front
Then there was a wave before our eyes, and an entrance the size of a door was revealed.
From the outside, there is a dark tone inside, which looks blue and green.
Ma Xiaoling said, "This is the entrance to Yaoshan."
Follow Ma Xiaoling in, and the scene immediately changed.
Looking up, there are endless mountains, taupe soil, many strange-looking trees and nameless flowers and plants.
I stared at my feet and found that the ground here would emit a faint blue-green light from time to time, and the blue-green light like fireflies could be seen in a slightly dark place in the distance.
I said, "What is this glowing thing?"
Ma Xiaoling said, "This is the demon mountain boundary. Those light spots are naturally floating with evil spirit and aura, just like the underworld. The sky there is faint and yellow, but it is actually accumulated by yin qi."
A bunch of us just walked in, and the horse saw three big cows and monsters leaning over and squinting at us.
I looked at them wearing clothes with the words "frontier defense" and immediately knew that their identity should be guarding the boundary.
The leader Niu Yao shouted, "This is the demon world, and other people are not allowed to enter."