But that’s fake.

The real history is well documented. There are three vampires: Gilles delaisse, a famous European history, and dark wizard. During the Hundred Years’ War, he was a French national hero-Joan of Arc was once honored as a national hero, but after Joan was captured, the baron suffered a great mental shock and retired to Maskule and Tifu Ri to study alchemy. He hoped to discover the secret of alchemy through blood. After torturing three children to death, he was burned at the stake. He was also the first prototype of the villain’ Blue Hu’ in western fairy tales.
On January 23, 144, two courts formally sentenced him and his three men to death for’ heresy, apostasy, sorcerer, raping Yin, summoning demons, divination, indiscriminate killing, idolatry and deviance’, but it was puzzling that Jill begged the judge to sentence him that people at that time were unwilling to accept the stake. Fire and water were purification elements in Christianity. He hoped to atone for this and not suffer in hell. The Inquisition agreed to half of this request, and he was strangled before his body was killed.
According to a book written in the 16th century called "The Court of Justice in France", there is a saying that when the body was set on fire, many people onlookers heard it groan miserably … The truth is very simple. The goods had become vampires at that time, but they were just looking for a way to get rid of it forever.
It’s a pity that a heavy rain put out the fire at that time, and the charred body was finally buried hastily, but something strange happened-he was buried in the cemetery of Notre Dame Cathedral in Nantes 350 years later, in the French Revolution, hate nobles rushed into the cemetery and destroyed his grave, trying to drag the remains out for public, but the body had already disappeared, leaving a coffin in the grave.
To this day, the ruins of Ri Castle in Tifu are said to have heard Jill delaisse’s arrogant laughter echoing in the thunderstorm night!
The second famous vampire is Vlad III, the governor of the Principality of Wallachia.
In 1442, Vlad’s younger brother was sent to Constantinople, the capital of Ottoman Turkey, as a hostage. Six years later, the Sultan of Turkey supported the army to attack Rawaya and recaptured the political platform. The first thing to do was to purge the dissidents. The cruel and severe punishment was really frightening to the Turks. In 1462, Vlad was betrayed by his allies and fled to the capital. When the Turkish army chased him to the city, it was impressive to see that more than 20,000 soldiers captured in wartime were stripped naked and interspersed alive for one kilometer. Crows and vultures around the stake of the city are constantly pecking at these dead bodies, and there is a strong smell of carrion around them. Seeing the creepy scene, the Turkish soldiers are heartbroken and have to evacuate.
It is said that this guy is also a vampire. After the final defeat in the battlefield near Bucharest, this guy’s body root was not found!
The third vampire is a woman, also known as Countess Drakula by the name of the famous Countess Elizabeth Bathori.
At the age of 15, the Elizabeth family married her to an equally noble count Francis Nadal. It was not long before the Turkish war against Muslims broke out, so her husband left home to fight the enemy, and this castle became the final place of her evil.
In her room, her four servants tortured girls with knives, needles or other methods. Most of them came from peasant families and were usually sent as maids, so that peasant daughters could receive education.
In fact, she asked people to bleed the girl, and then the blood was bathed or simply drunk. This is a foolish and ancient secret recipe for preserving beauty, which was cited by many folk novels. Elizabeth continued to abuse the peasant daughter after her child was born. According to research, she abused 59 people in three years.
But all this lasted until her husband died-in December 161, Count Tulso led the peasants to occupy her castle and seized her property, and then sent the woman to court. In the same year, three servants of Elizabeth were executed, and another countess Elizabeth Bathori died because of her outstanding life, but was imprisoned for life. A tower in the castle was delivered by a special person every day.
Four years later, she was found to have committed suicide in her castle, but the body disappeared on the day of burial, and finally a coffin was buried in the cemetery-three months later, Count Tulso was found killed in his bedroom because of two blood holes in his neck, just like being bitten by fangs.
Big Brother went to so much trouble to get the information of three characters, of course, it won’t be to give me a long knowledge of popular science, and I naturally know his reason-big brother told me in this way that he suspected that the vampire now appeared was one of the three goods!
Our goal is the British city Edinburgh, which is located on the south bank of Firth, a lowland in central Scotland. It is the capital, economic and cultural center of the ancient British cultural city. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, with beautiful scenery, humid climate and mild annual average temperature. Except for windy spring, there are trees and flowers in summer and autumn, and ancient palaces, churches and castles are dotted with rich cultural heritage. It is the most this beautiful city in Britain and is known as "Athens in the North".
When we arrived in Edinburgh, it was late. I don’t know whether it was because we didn’t plan well or because of habit. Anyway, we arrived late-when thirteen and I were walking around looking for the house number, we suddenly heard a familiar and lazy shout, "You two are really dawdling. I have been here for half a day."
I almost didn’t drop my eyes when I turned around-actually, Sang Yu was sitting on a stone step on the street smiling, holding the bar with both hands, complaining that we were full of pride. "Did you two deliberately wait for me to book the hotel for you when you knew I was coming?"
Thirteen natural so-called smile and say hello "hey, it feels like buying food and touching the neighbors, but I am a face of surprise-how can I tell the master about this?"
He also can’t when I told Sang Yu privately?
Suddenly his face looked like a bitter gourd.
See our expression Sang Yu face more not "it’s okay this can have.
I cough and laugh with a bitter face. "This is really not …"
"Whether you have it or not, anyway, now I am giving you a good job." Sang Yu told me directly. "If you dare to sneak around and find that corpse yourself, don’t blame me for ruining your business.
"Well, I dare not …" I am in distress situation. "You said that I am more honest than one person, so you can’t trust me to prepare for the cause. You are not honest, Sang Yu.
"That’s-dealing with honest people, natural kindness and those habitual sneaking around have to be a little defensive." Sang Yu threw a contemptuous white eye to me. "Anyway, today I told you first that I came here alone, Wang Xi and my hand didn’t bring it, but if you move any thoughts, I will transfer dozens of bodyguards from home to accompany me to investigate whether it will be a bad thing then. I’m not sure.
This is white, Sang Yu. I’m afraid I’ll take the master’s order as an excuse to arrange everything for me-it means white. You don’t take my sister to play, but you prevent me from playing by myself, right?
Section two hundred and fifteen Scottish exorcists
Sang Yu’s move has firmly grasped my weakness, and my toes can guess the consequences of my refusal-it is estimated that the Wangs haven’t arrived in England yet, and my whereabouts can even be used as a talk for Nazis and ants in ghost houses!
Admit it! Or what?
I have a characteristic that I really want when I meet this kind of thing-so I quickly found the advantage of Sang Yu coming with me. He didn’t say that he would eat less, stay in the car. Why didn’t I pay for it?
According to Sang Yu’s statement,’ After successfully making these two unsightly things, I took them to the appointed place with Mr. Walson without saying anything-Mr. William, a famous European demon hunter’.
At that time, when the master told me about things, he didn’t avoid Sang Yu. She already knew the purpose. With years of experience in traveling around the world, Sang Yu had successfully prepared the vehicles and maps in just a few hours … er, vehicles? Isn’t the destination Edinburgh?
Sang Yu quite despise me "you that place is what you can just find a taxi? I didn’t even investigate, then nodded and sighed, "I really don’t know if you two will leave yourself in England if I don’t come."
Thirteen and I "…"
From Edinburgh, you can see rolling mountains, forests, castles, abandoned monasteries and romantic border towns everywhere. According to what Sang Yu said, I looked at the west of the valley, which is desolate and spacious, but lush. Tweed Valley has been a rich township for thousands of years.
One of the few walled towns with a large population here is our goal.
This small town is a quiet and peaceful scene. Gothic houses with brick and wood are flooding the town. Seeing women in ancient bakeries, creaking pubs and men in Scottish plaid skirts all the way makes me feel strange at once. It seems that the traveler has come to a different world. Everything seems a bit strange.
We came to the side of the town, where there was an antique building-the wooden roof and the outer wall. Looking at it, there were water stains, shrubs and weeds growing against the wall, and half of the wall was covered with vines. There were several heavy and dark small round tables beside them, and there were several chairs scattered. One table had two glasses, and then a bottle of scotch was half drunk.
A sign with a wooden sign staggered in the wind with two big characters written on it-‘bagpipes!’
Yes, it was English at that time, but now my department has changed to Chinese, so you can take it as Chinese when I see it.
The moonlight enveloped the town in the night, which was later than the beauty, but it was all exotic and beautiful. The pub mixed with alcohol looked completely desolate, but it was a quiet, distant, old and heavy texture, like an ancient clock hanging for thousands of years!
Everything felt like a scene in the desert of the western United States, when two cowboys rushed out of the pub-just when I was thinking about it, a voice called out from the room, "Hey, are you friends from China?" With the talk, two cowboys came out … er, not two!
Both of them are dressed in jeans and short shirts, but they can completely liberate their hands by putting them in their pants. Their trouser legs are a little slightly raised, and it can be seen that there should be dagger stuff in their boots.
The speaker looks quite tall and kind in his forties, and his whole figure is medium. The only feeling is that he should be stronger, like an ordinary repairman or something-he has several cups in his hand and the other one has two bottles of wine.
The boy with the wine was about seventeen years old, and his face was a little fine, freckled and flushed, and he was a little shy when he looked at us. When we stared at him, our eyes turned to the ground unconsciously.
"Well, we are! Excuse me, are you Mr William? "
The repairman looked like a man who laughed when he heard Sang Yu’s answer. "I’m William. No, sir, I’m a stranger-you’re an exorcist in China, Walson and an old nose friend. What are you welcome for?"
I repeated "old nose?" What do you mean, finished?
He first one leng and then smiled, "Old Nose is your friend, too. Didn’t he have a daughter who married you from China? Remember the name … what … "He thought for a while and didn’t seem to remember it, so he waved his hand" Wow! Forget it. Just marry a daughter anyway.
At this time, I also reacted, saying that the old nose is probably Sister Rose’s father. Although I don’t know what this old nose means, I just called it according to Sang Yu’s translation-uncle nose?
My face was enlightened. "It turned out to be him. I know."
William put several glasses on the table, and then I found out that it was several beer glasses … is there such a custom in Scotland? Nothing. Why don’t you get some whiskey as beer to welcome the guests?
Suddenly I was afraid-can this glass of Nima hold a bottle of beer?
He didn’t even notice how scared my face was at that time. He rushed to shake my hand with enthusiasm and repeatedly said "Welcome …" and took me to my face again and again. "Let’s go for a drink to relieve fatigue and try our good Scottish wine."
We had to dally and follow.
Sitting next to the round table and looking at the table, the two bottles of whisky with honey color seemed to smell the rich wine-I looked around and he shook the chair and praised, "Yes, this chair doesn’t look so good, but it’s really solid to sit down and do two hundred pounds of fat. There is no problem at all."
"That’s right," William said, which naturally led to the topic. "This pub has been in business for many years since my father’s generation. It looks bad, but the wine is the best in Edinburgh …" Reached out and pointed at the bottle. "How old is this bottle?"
Wine is a pit. Who knows how many years you’ve been? But you have to answer, right? I stole a look at Sang Yu and Shisanxian. One of them is else and thoughtful, and the other one is looking up at the clouds and the old monk is in a state of concentration-I don’t know if this is a pendulum, right?
So I’ve been biting my teeth for twenty years.
"Yes, yes, yes. William’s face was surprised and then gradually turned into a joy to meet his bosom friend." It’s really twenty years’ wine-I didn’t expect Mr. Liu to have such a deep understanding of our scotch whisky. As he spoke, he reached for a bottle and shouted, "Now that you have guessed it, you must drink a little."
The only thing wrong with drinking and guessing is whether you take it out or not-I lamented in my heart, "You took it out, so even if I didn’t guess, you have to say,’ Since you didn’t guess, you must drink some!’" Anyway, to put it another way, we must drink this wine, right? "
But my face is still smiling. "You’re welcome …"
William moves faster than I expected. I haven’t said a word yet. He has put a bottle of wine into four cups. While handing us the cups, he said to the young man next to him, "Go and take out the sliced beef and meatloaf I prepared for my friends for dinner."
At this time, he remembered that he seemed to introduce a sentence, "This is my pub kid’s name is Connery …"
Who knows that when’ tis once spoken, it took two steps. Connery actually stopped and turned around to refute the sentence "… I am an exorcist" and then immediately turned red and quickly turned around and walked inside.
The young man is quite serious
These two dishes are authentic Scottish dishes, and the raw beef is really raw. Slicing the beef into slices and pouring fresh lemon juice, and putting aside a bottle of pepper and salt, tomato juice and other seasoning feels almost the same as eating the sashimi. Anyway, it’s all raw-but I don’t know whether the beef is really good or the slices are thin, but there is not much fishy smell, but there is a spicy and delicious feeling.
Scottish meatloaf is also made of beef, which means that minced meat is mixed with herbs, garlic, bread crumbs, etc., roasted and sliced in charcoal fire, which can also make various seasonings when eaten. It tastes soft and tender, but it is quite good.
In addition to these two things, there is a big jar of jam and bread-look closely, the jam in that jar has been condensed into crystal clear and frozen, and a spoonful of frozen pieces of pulp is so thick that it can’t push the toast.