Although Rong was thin before, he was too thin and white, and his complexion was not good.

Today, she is still slim and radiant, more touching than when she was a girl.
Those women naturally moved their hearts and asked her how to recuperate Rong. She said that she had eaten a traditional Chinese medicine master’s medicated diet.
Rong saw the strike and came over to thank him again. It was a little embarrassing. How to explain that Rong didn’t believe it? When the old lady introduced the strike to the guests, a little doctor said that the strike was even more embarrassing.
Sheng Qingqing took the opportunity to quip, "Xia Imperial Doctor, I think you’d better take this title well. Just now, several ladies have asked me if there are any women who maintain secret medicines and so on. They must come to you for a prescription."
It can be seen that there is a saying that fame is hard to be true, and she is really deified by these people now
It seems that the younger brother is right that it is better to come less after Fengcheng.
Gu Tingyun’s success in youth has nothing to regret now that his wife is pregnant and his husband and wife have a successful life.
The strike didn’t wait until the end of the party at 9 o’clock to leave the old lady.
Early in the morning, the plane has to get up early, and the family members pay attention to health. Generally, they rest around ten o’clock. Going back too late will disturb their rest.
Rong is holding the singer with a very sad look. Although she has only known the singer for two years, she really has the feeling of meeting late.
"Sister-in-law, if you really feel that when your little nephew is born, hold your nephew and send a banner to the strike, just write a few words about the amount of meritorious service." Sheng Qingqing joked.
Chapter 73 Go and chop off his knocking hand.
"Nonsense again!" It has become a habit for Gu Tingyun to see her sister and naughty brother teach her lessons over the years.
"Elder brother, you don’t hurt my sister at all now. My eyes are full of tears. My brother bullied me and protected me quickly." Sheng Qingqing held the ink cloud in his arm and spoiled me.
Ink cloud to hug her shoulder a face of spoil by her coquetry.
Of course he will protect her.
His life is to protect her, and
Gu Tingyun looked calm, but Rong was said to be a little embarrassed! "
Ji Nanfeng went on a strike. "Your family quarreled with each other, and we went on a strike and didn’t attend."
The family is slowly quarreling, and both of them want to occupy his wife. It’s too dangerous here.
Fengcheng is dangerous, so is family care.
Shengge and Ji Nanfeng went back to Qingcheng Sorbus first and arrived in Qingcheng two days later.
In the quiet season, there are many family members, and none of them are familiar with her. They want her to live in her mother’s villa.
Sorbus refused to say that she was not used to living in such a big room alone, but insisted on living in a hospital dormitory, saying that her family often stayed in the hospital.
I have to let her live there to clean up and buy a life before I can rest assured.
It is rare to see the younger brother’s home when he goes home from the singing class. "Why are you back so early today?"
"My wife told me how dare I not come back early" Ji Nanfeng quipped.
Call the phone and point to the photo and say, "You guessed it, you are Ruan when you see a girl."
When Ruan Yu fell into the water, he happened to be saved by Yacht Pool Fei.
Ruan Yu was lying in the hospital for more than two months before he woke up and forgot all about calling himself Xiaoyu.
Chi Fei was fishing when she heard that she called herself a small fish, so she was amused and kindly took her in.
Although the little fish lost his memory, he was a great one. It didn’t take long for him to accept the black boss.
Chi Fei gave her a new name, Xin Gan Bao Bei.
It’ s incredible to listen to the music. "But Chi Fei, how can he not find her identity?"
"I probably didn’t find it, but I was afraid I wouldn’t give it up later." How could Ruan’s family be so old-fashioned that she could let her daughter marry a gangster?
On the day of the strike, I saw that the man was really obedient to Ruan Yu, fearing that he would lose it if he was not careful.
"Should we tell Nguyen family about this …" After all, Nguyen family and Ji family are relatives now.
Ruan Yu’s mother lost her mind because of her daughter’s sudden death.
Ruan’s amnesia will come to mind sooner or later, so it’s really unkind to pretend that you don’t know anything.
"I’ll discuss it with my third brother first. He’s Ruan’s son-in-law. They discuss it themselves. We’re happy to be at leisure." Ji Nanfeng thought it over early.