Tang Qiu said coldly, "So what should I do with this thing according to the master of ancient wisdom?"

Master Gu Zhi thought for a moment and said, "Why don’t we take things back and think of a plan together?"
Linglan Qianfei said faintly, "It’s a very good decision of the ancient wisdom master. Why don’t you please come to my Linglan family to discuss this time?"
Zuo Xuanhuang sneered, "Linglan Qianfei, if something reaches your Linglan family, I’m afraid it will never come out again?"
Linglan River sank. "What does it mean by Zuo Zongzhu?"
Zuo Xuanhuang didn’t speak, but beside him, he lost his way, "Of course, he brought it to my Muxin Sect."
Tang Qiu light way "to you MuXinZong? We are worried about the same as Zuo Zongzhu. "
At this time, a charming voice said, "Since you are all so worried, why don’t you just let my little demon take things away, so as to save you so-called righteous people from hurting their feelings?"
There’s another sound track, "It’s not right for the fairy to say that. How can you pull me? I don’t have much energy to know what I am fishing for! "
They looked at the direction of the two sounds again, and saw a long, tall shadow and a gentle and graceful figure sitting on it. When I was born now, I saw a small demon sitting behind a python’s head, and shadows kept floating in the forest, showing that she was not alone.
On the other side, there are also several shadows slowly coming out. The first person is the self-proclaimed demon king, the Lord of the Devil.
At this time, it is almost dawn. At this time, the situation has formed a five-party separatist scene. On the one hand, according to Zuo Xuanhuang in the east and the ancient wisdom master, according to the west, the small demon will be in the South Wanmo Zong Zheng Peking University, and all of them have been added. World War I may break out at any time.
At this time, the five-party camp, Datong Gate, is the weakest. Although the stone is closest to them, if we must fight for this stone, I am afraid that everyone in Datong Gate will not want to leave alive today.
After seeing the situation clearly, Ye knew that he couldn’t stay here anymore. He smiled around and said, "You are all important people. My classmates are really not interested in this thing, so I won’t bother you. We’ll leave now."
Destroy the sneer at a way "will be in such a hurry to go? The second time we didn’t have enough fun, we were messed up by that girl. Today, so many beautiful women here are just what I want! " Say that finish, he also smiled at Suiye.
Ling Lan Qian Fei followed "Yes! In the final analysis, this thing was discovered by Datong Gate first. If anyone wants to take it, he will tell you with Mrs. Ye! "
Zuo Xuanhuang also said, "The big fellow has gone out of the Nangong Moon Soul, and this big devil has killed so many fellow travelers today. If you don’t give an account, you can make them feel the same."
Except for the little demon who didn’t speak, the situation is unfavorable for a pair of big friends. Of course, Ye knows what they mean. Since no one wants to make the first move, take the Datong door knife. The more chaotic the situation is, the better. It is even more confusing for who will get it.
Now, among the four forces around Datong Gate, the one who destroys Dao is the strongest, followed by the small demon club. In fact, it is necessary to destroy Dao at first and not talk. Everyone can leave safely, but remember that the thing that threatens him the next night must be to widen the door into the water.
Suiye is now in a dilemma. After thinking about it, it seems that he has decided something. Since no one wants to make a fuss first, let’s unveil this curtain by himself.
Suiye didn’t speak, but quickly flashed to a step away from her. The stone was provoked by his right foot and he picked it up half a foot high.
They saw that Suiye picked up the stone, and Linglan Qianfei and Tang Qiu finally jumped to the half-middle stone at first, and Zuo Xuanhuang and his fans jumped to the half-middle stone at the same time.
The little demon watched them jump up and fight for the stone and didn’t want to move. It meant taking a look at the opposite way, and then looking at the four people fighting for the stone, the delicate face revealed a sneer.
Just when the four people rushed to the stone about three feet away from it from two directions, the North Daodao showed a disdainful expression. With a wave of his hand, a mass of black qi rushed to it. When the half stone was three feet away from the four people, the black qi surrounded the stone and then sent a spiral black energy to the four people respectively. At the same time, the curtain flashed and a huge light black curtain instantly covered the whole ground.
Linglan Qianfei Tang Qiu Zuo Xuanhuang and fans had to resist the black spiral strength that rushed to them, but after a pair, they found that their strength was not enough to fight against the spiral strength. The four bodies were flying backwards very quickly.
Master Gu Zhi and Sun Zhan jumped up after seeing the horse. Don’t help Zuo Xuanhuang and his fans cope with the black spiral strength. The old man at Linglan River and Huangjimen also jumped up to help Linglan Qianfei and Tang Qiu fight against the black strength.
In a blink of an eye, the four masters were defeated by a mass of black qi. How can this be shocking enough? Even the little demon who had expected it at first was very surprised.
As Ye Yuan wanted to wait for the four sides to compete for the stone, everyone took advantage of the chaos, but he didn’t expect it to end like this. There was no barrier in the square, and now everyone can’t fly with their swords. The situation is extremely serious
Four people managed to resist the black spiral strength with the help of four people, but they all seemed to be slightly injured.
The stone was surrounded by the true spirit of destroying the Tao, and the Taoist priest sneered, "I’m going to order this thing today, and you so-called righteous lives are going to stay."
Who is going to die in such a complicated situation?
111. Fight for the sacred stone
? Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I told you that the total number of weeks will exceed 600,000 if you send it to me in eleven thousand today! Don’t worry, I won’t break my word! )
Everyone is in a heavy heart. It’s just that the Tao was just tepid. It will take the great master’s strength to resolve it. If once he has the strength, add his hand and come together. Three powerful halls want to stay present. All the lives are not boastful. He does have this strength//,Q β 5 m \
As Ye looked at the destruction, he said, "We don’t hate all demons in Datong. It’s a misunderstanding. Today, we won’t compete for this thing. Please destroy the patriarch and forgive others."
"I said that you have so many beautiful women just to my liking. What’s more, I want to see if you are as beautiful in bed as Ye!"
When I heard this insult, everyone was angry with Ye Da’s fellow students, but I was about to destroy the road and see a tall one, but I was stopped by Ye. At this moment, it is not a matter of passion, but it is to bear the burden with Ye’s humiliation to protect everyone.
Daodao glanced at Datong’s younger brother who was angry just now and said, "Don’t worry, I won’t make it difficult for you now. When I clean up them, I will naturally come and have fun with you, but only for women!"
With that, Daodao took another look at the little demon opposite. "I don’t know if Xian is interested, or you can choose one of these two parties."
Small demon "giggle" charming smile "the devil is joking. Small demon is a woman. Wouldn’t it be dangerous to get too close to the devil? So I’d better not disturb the devil’s pleasure."
Daodao looked at Xiao Yaoyi with deep eyes and laughed. "Since it’s immortal, I’ll clean up these so-called right ways!" Then he glanced at his eyes for a strange smile. "Didn’t you just rob this thing? Why are you so honest now? Don’t you always shout "exorcism" and "Wei Dao"? Why don’t you come out and scold me now and let me see if you are my hands? "
Thousands of snow at this time is really can’t see but destroy the bullying sample out, pointing to destroy the big scold a way "you are so shameless to want something! Why kill people? "
With the leaf heart has hitched a jump, I secretly beg this girl is too little. At this time, I can’t hide it. She has to provoke him, but I can’t come if I want to hold her.
Ling Lan Qian Fei also frowned and said, "Qian Xue, you come back."
Thousands of snow not gas way "I said is the truth! If he wants this broken stone, give him this broken stone. Why do you have to kill people? "
Out of the way looking at thousands of snow quite interested, "the little girl can’t wait so soon? In this case, take your knife first. "
With that, Ye hurried to pull Qian Xue, who was still angry, behind him, and all the people were surrounded by Qian Xue in a state of alert.
The struggle between Linglan and Qianfei here is also very fierce. If you protect Qianxue, let alone whether Huang Jimen will fight against the Linglan family. Even if Huang Jimen agrees to help him because of a marriage alliance, it will be a dead end. Although Linglan Qianfei usually loves his sister, now he is betting on the Linglan family. Everyone here, including his own life, is hesitant.
At this time, the Tao has raised his hand, and a mass of black qi surrounds his hand, ready to send out thousands of snows and the lives of all the people in Datong are in jeopardy.
At this time, a voice said, "Does the exterminator have a grudge against a child?"
After hearing this sound, everyone was very surprised. Who dares to come here at this time to say that it is not?
Qian Xue was a little excited after hearing this sound. "Brother Moon Soul, where are you?"
Complex China is looking for the moon soul figure with complex expression.
With the leaves sighing in my heart, why does the soul of the moon appear at this time? Even if he comes, it can’t change the situation now. By the way, didn’t he go to find the ghost night? If you add the ghost night, everyone will be saved. The second time is that the ghost night shows amazing strength and makes the Tao dare not make a move.
However, Suiye’s idea was soon disappointed because she didn’t see the ghost night except the moon and tang style.
As soon as the three figures of Moon Soul appeared, Qianxue came running, holding his hand and saying sweetly, "Brother Moon Soul, it’s great that you’re here. Just now, the bad guy said that he would kill all the right people here and bully Qianxue." He said, pointing to the way out.