"I’m not targeting Li, Zhang Li and Wu Neng, nor Li’s parents and Li Yunhui’s husband and wife." Liu made a speech, and he said, "I really want to kill three people. One is Cui Yue, a math teacher in Class Two, three years, and my wife Keyra Liu."

This is contrary to our previous speculation. He is targeting at the central figure of the whole case. Li didn’t expect that Cui Yue, Wang Dazhu and Keyra Liu were the people who wanted to kill most. Besides, these three people were not killed by Liu himself, but they were shot by others, and one was stabbed to death by a janitor’s knife. However, Liu Zhen was quite mean and achieved his murder goal at the cost of three children’s lives.
Lin Muxia recorded that she moved the bar to "continue"
"It was a sunny afternoon. When I woke up, I saw Keyra Liu Yard secretly communicating with Cui Yue and Wang Dazhu." Liu’s eyes overflowed with two lines of tears. He choked. "It turned out that Keyra Liu wanted to borrow money from the other side and wanted to leave home. In other words, he abandoned his husband."
I asked curiously, "What is the reason why Liu Ya wants to leave your family?"
"I hypnotized her that night and asked her out, because Keyra Liu felt that she didn’t know what I was thinking every day, and she thought I was hopeless, so she wanted to go." Liu Gu said, "I was a psychiatrist and didn’t tell her that I was a man with no job and no status failure in the eyes of others. At that time, I was the richest man in the town. I couldn’t love her because of the confidentiality principle of the association. I wanted to hypnotize her to keep her generation. As a result, when I tried to hypnotize her the next day, I found that I couldn’t succeed. Because the hypnosis accident the night before
"The most egregious thing is that Cui Yue and Wang Dazhu not only lend money to Keyra Liu, but also make plans to design a departure route. Keyra Liu, who he and she support so much, left home, not because of how good her feelings are, but because Liu Ya left, and a promotion was both." Liu gnashed her teeth. "How can I bear that two people continue to live in this world and kill themselves personally? So I carefully designed a serial plan to let them taste the taste of eating a gun. I know that Keyra Liu will leave home after half a month. Choose a student who is suitable for the center and stare at it without feeling. Li first hypnotized his parents and left home. I took it away. Li Jielai’s plan went very smoothly. Keyra Liu also stayed for a long time because of the school case. "
We were amazed that Cui Yue and Wang Dazhu had changed their grades. Instead of persuading them to leave, they also advised them to give Keyra Liu extra money to leave home.
"After that, I found a good job in Keyra Liu, with a lot of salary and no fatigue." Liu sighed heavily, and his resentment was deep. "At first, Keyra Liu was satisfied. After half a year of calm, Keyra Liu actually wanted to leave again, and there were signs of derailment. She was determined to leave home. The reason was that I found that I had no job and income, and I suspected that I had done something shameful. I knew that it was impossible to even lose my home this time, but I didn’t expect that I would wake her up and I couldn’t see through Keyra Liu after the truth. I think I can’t see through it. I’m afraid it’s been several years since I got married before I knew the secret of the person next to me. She can’t accept it for fear that I will hypnotize Keyra Liu into an accused puppet one day. Although she didn’t say anything, I know that she suspected that I planned the school case, so she planned to report to me before she left. I can’t help but make up an excuse to temporarily imprison Keyra Liu, trick the school janitor into hypnosis and give Keyra Liu a psychological hint. "
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-seven Realistic dreams (end of volume)
"Keyra Liu was brought to school by the janitor overnight. In the early morning, a rusty knife killed her in the warehouse at the door of the class. In this case, the janitor became the murderer. I helped him and Keyra Liu not hypnotize the entry point advertisement." Liu gushed about the past. "I was going to stop, but it was impossible for me to end the crime. A policeman at the police station found clues and went to the school to investigate. I was worried that things would be exposed. Even the hypnotic tape hinted at him. I accidentally found a heart drug in his pocket and took it away. When the policeman saw Li Li. He suddenly figured everything out and quit this hypnotic state. He didn’t wait to show me up with others. His mood fluctuated violently. He fell to the ground and died without medicine at hand. "
When listening to Liu Yi, everything was empty when the janitor interrogated him that year.
Of course, it wasn’t the janitor who lied on his own initiative, but he was hypnotized by Liu. Only then did Keyra Liu see the lie in Keyra Liu’s blood when the janitor pushed Liu Ya away from school and returned.
Case 1 The truth turned out to be like this. What if Liu Neng had been honest with Liu Yatan earlier and Keyra Liu had accepted her husband’s identity as a psychiatrist? This would have made it impossible to have this serial murder. Cui Yue, Wang Dazhu, Keyra Liu, Li, Zhang Li, Wu Neng, school workers and others would not have died.
After 50 years, everything has already become a foregone conclusion.
Today, there is no longer this unsolved case in the archives. At the end of the trial, Pei Xizhen announced to all departments in Zhongzhong that it would be broken.
Let’s continue to focus on the trial because there are still three doubts that have not been lifted. One is that Liu killed Li Yuanhui 50 years later. The second is that the case was linked with Suong Chen Liu and Ying Yunan. First, the two apprentices let each other feed the ravens and let the other side commit suicide by throwing themselves into the lake, but the planer team will take away the third one, which is the motive of Ying Yunan’s case.
I looked at Liu Xun and asked, "Do you mean to instigate the planing team to sink Li Yuanhui to the bottom of the lake and chain it?"
Liu nodded gently. "This Li Yuanhui has recalled the real thing that happened when I was hypnotized for a long time. He found me that day and questioned me. I made up a story to stabilize him and immediately notified the Anan team to arrange the execution of Li Yuanhui."
"Do you have any enmity with Suong Chen, a veteran of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea?" I wondered. It’s hard to imagine how Suong Chen, such a respectable old man, could offend this lakeside fishing psychologist.
"There is no enmity between Suong Chen and me." Liu wore handcuffs and put his hands on the table calmly. He said without thinking, "I have fished by the lake for many years, and occasionally I can see Suong Chen gawking at the lake, especially when he comes to watch the lanterns a few days before the Lantern Festival every year. I feel that this is seeing things and thinking about people, so I have a feeling that he is in the same boat. I miss Bao Er. I miss Liu Yayin, who loved fishing most during her lifetime. After Keyra Liu’s death, her habit became my habit. That afternoon, I suddenly wondered if I could give psychological hints. Miss my dead wife, I decided to do an experiment with Mr. Chen. If it was successful, I decided to hint to myself so that I could spend more years with illusory Keyra Liu. I asked Anan to quietly send me back to the west of the city and directly come to Suong Chen’s home to give psychological hints and instill the story of feeding crows with flesh and blood. I didn’t intend to really let crows eat his flesh and blood. A fake plastic crow was already ready to lure him into a suggestive state. I didn’t expect that I followed him to the lake and saw the three of you. Don’t pretend to be a woman, so I wouldn’t recognize you. You can’t change your lame leg and have a strange umbrella, so I didn’t dare to show up, and the fake crow didn’t go to Mr. Chen. I don’t know that something strange happened at this time. A real crow fell on Mr. Chen’s arm and ate flesh and blood to meet the specific conditions. Mr. Chen seems to have really seen Bao Er who has been dead for many years. "
I didn’t say, "How do you explain the next day? If you simply did the experiment, it seems that your goal has been achieved. Suong Chen was tortured to death by your psychological suggestion."
"Actually, I didn’t mean to hurt him," Liu Nai explained. "The night before, I hinted that he was going to the lake to dive for double suicide at some time earlier, and he also wanted to conduct a test. I asked A Nanhu to secretly rescue people and bring them back to the cave for follow-up tests. By the way, I could make Li Yuanhui’s body public. Alas, I wanted to reunite with Keyra Liu as soon as possible. I didn’t know that your dead body was like the ghost, destroying my plan several times."
Lin Muxia despised "You are so selfish, Suong Chen. It’s not easy in this life."
"So am I. If the test is up to standard and the experiment is successful, he will fantasize that Bao Er will be together forever until the day he dies." Even though Liu was hypnotized by the dog king, he didn’t realize that he was wrong. Everything is so taken for granted here.
I think a spiritual master like Liu is extremely arrogant. They can manipulate others, and the whole world is their own. Therefore, it is a disaster for human beings that people with poor quality have abilities different from ordinary people. This is an eternal truth. This scene is interpreted every day in reality and shadow.
"The last mystery is that your lover should be in the rain south." Pei Xizhen put up a finger and looked at Liu Dao. "He gave psychological hints to the nurses Yan Er and You in the west and south hospitals respectively, hoping that they would kill Chang Junmei and Zheng Shuang. Not only that, Yan Er didn’t kill Chang Junmei. As soon as our case was over, we evacuated the guards and immediately took Chang Junmei away from the hospital, and finally arranged for him to attack the police in Mr. B’s restaurant in the west of the city to die."
"Are you really cats’ spirits to keep them dying?" Liu stroked and shaved his hair, and he laughed. "It’s naive."
My head a meng wait for a while way "don’t Zheng Shuang and Chang Junmei real reason for death is should rain south gave them a psychological hint".
"Alas, you guessed half right." Liu thought for a moment, and he explained, "Actually, there is a fourth spiritual teacher on the day south, that is, the cat spirit. There are often some rare animals in the big ecological system of the black cat. By chance, they have the ability of spiritual teachers, but they can induce fear in human hearts through body eyes to enlarge and form some hints. Of course, this cannot be arranged at will, otherwise the world will be chaotic."
Animals become psychiatrists, and we listened with bated breath.
"In other words, if the other party doesn’t fall into the situation that he fears, this so-called cat spirit curse will not be triggered, so their spiritual methods are relatively simple," Liu explained. "Anan and I have been investigating the cat spirit for a long time. Zheng Shuang was hinted by the cat spirit pupil that when he was caught by you, it was his fear situation, so he kept hurting himself. We wanted to see how a cat spirit spiritual method kept tracking this matter and adding fuel to the flames. Sometimes when things didn’t go according to the expected trajectory, I .. They secretly pushed it. Not only that, Anan also made a psychological suggestion to Chang Junmei, but also made a comparison with Zheng Shuang implied by the cat spirit. I didn’t expect that the cat spirit was naturally not as cruel as human beings after all, leaving room for resentment. Zheng Shuang could die several times without danger to his life. On the other hand, it was suggested by the human psychiatrist that Chang Junmei really wanted to feel guilty and died. We studied the results and wanted to give them a good time. I didn’t expect Chang Junmei to die. "
I tightened my eyebrows and questioned, "He didn’t die, and he was taken out of the hospital against your plan."
Chapter nine hundred and ninety Gold bullion owner
Chang Junmei happens to be a good white mouse advertisement because he wants to do a concrete psychological suggestion experiment. Liu poof smiled and joked. You can understand this, but you can’t change other targets until you die.
"Ignoring life," I sneered with disdain. "You are not as good as a cat spirit."
"Chang Junmei is an exception." Liu tried to explain that "although our spiritual teacher is not indiscriminate, the target is naturally some crimes."
"What about Suong Chen? Li Yuanhui? Li, Zhang Li and Wu Neng?" I slapped the table and shouted at him. "Are they also crimes that you are purely selfish?"
Liu Qiang said irrationally, "What happened to the product of the best test psychiatrist’s means several times? If I killed a hidden danger in my road, I could be as good as my planned plaything. What if I died?"
"Stubborn" I spat toward the ground.
Liu was a little excited and suddenly interrupted his eyes. He was unexpectedly out of hypnosis before the accident. I quickly closed the video in Jeannin.