"Will the top IG fans not know that there is no IG competition today?"

It was not only the course of the game that made people feel uncomfortable, but also the result of the game was beyond everyone’s expectation. SK’s final tactic was Faker card stealing, and DWG caught him red-handed and finally completed a wave.
After 50 minutes of fighting, SK stole the house and lost to DWG. This is a small surprise in today’s game. Before the game, everyone was optimistic that SK would win the game. His three teams were fighting for the last place.
As a result, after playing three games, the final result was a tie. Three eleven had FP, but FP actually won ES in the LPL battle.
As a result, everyone once again held on to four eleven games, and the two games directly became a life-and-death situation. Whoever lost the game went straight home.
The pressure of life and death FP finally exceeded the normal level and successfully won the first knockout team in DWG Cheng A Group.
Even before the last game in group A, the audience held their breath, shouting that the game was not good, because the game was not good, but the stadium was really exciting.
DWG has been preparing for this for so long that it actually played three games in one day and lost two games, so it went straight home, and it also helped LPL to support a wave of SK. It is true that it is a good brother.
In the life-and-death situation of the white crescent, I had a brainwave and thought of discussing ez in the front group. He knew that Puff, an ad player of the ES team, was not good at alignment, so he could choose an ez road for him to develop.
Therefore, ES chose the combination of the path to the SK keyboard than the weak combination of ez Gablon. This combination is equivalent to surrendering directly to the line. Let’s play a group.
However, this LPL road root has a unique combination to deal with the lk team, but it is quite miraculous. In this game, ES Road performed very well and successfully completed the team battle.
ES finally defeated SK and successfully got the last ticket of Group A and advanced to the knockout stage. No one expected that SK had been talking about seeking revenge from IG before, but even failed to qualify for the group stage and was swept out of the house directly.
"IG heard that someone was looking for my revenge? Where are people? "
"Hey, can you take care of a loser and feel that this is not a SK wound?"
"It’s terrible, killing people and killing them?"
"Ghosts, this is the first division dominance? On the first day of the group fight, half of them were gone. "
"The First Division", "No.1 Species" and "One Day Home" really match "
On the first day, when the competition department finished playing LPL, the audience kept mocking the team next door, especially the former FP lost and kept spraying people live, and even more, several people were holding the corpse.
Although the LPL game was a little unfavorable, it was a big victory in the end. You know, FP and ES didn’t even make it to the final of the spring competition, but they just hung lk team so easily. What about Group B? IG and JDG are both strong teams that made it to the final.
LPL viewers have already guessed that if the lk team department is swept out of the house in this mid-season cup, the joke will be big.
I came here to find a game, and even my underwear was beaten. The audience became very excited at the thought of the scene of the audience crying next door.
The next day, the first game of Group B was the focus battle. IG played against Samsung. This spring, Samsung lost to SK team, which once again became lk’s last hope.
They don’t even want to win IG, but want to make sure that they qualify and leave lk with the last bit of face. Although four in one is still ugly, it’s better than being shaved by Logger Vick.
"Welcome to the audience, friends, hello, I’m Guan Zeyuan, the commentator."
Today is still a senior colonel and remember to be on duty, but the careful audience has been able to hear from Guan Zeyuan’s tone that his mood does not seem so happy.
You know, today is his favorite team Samsung competition. It is reasonable to say that Guan Zeyuan should be very heart-warming, but I can think that Samsung can be indifferent to the current situation.
"After watching yesterday’s game, LPL audience friends seem to be looking forward to coming to the game. They hope to see the lk team wiped out today."
I remember which pot is not dedicated to Guan Zeyuan’s heart. When I heard the words, Guan Zeyuan’s expression became very ugly, and his smile was even uglier than crying.
Lk’s current situation is really not optimistic. It is very difficult for IG and JDG to break through.
"I am more optimistic about Samsung. They should have the strength to compete with JDG for the last place."
It seems that Guan Zeyuan was so nervous that he almost expressed his heart. Even if he likes Samsung again, there is no way to say that Samsung can advance steadily.
Not to mention competing with IG for places, he feels that Samsung can’t even beat JDG, but he can’t accept this situation, so Guan Zeyuan looks worried
Yun Ge and IG players had no idea that the commentary was mixed with a ghost. After watching yesterday’s game, IG was very relaxed.
If lk’s other two teams are at the same level, there should be no big accidents in today’s game, which may be a little harder than IG’s regular season.
Because IG failed to get the edge selection in the coin toss, Samsung decisively chose the blue side, and their ban position would be easier.
Samsung even played a little trick with IG. They ban got rid of Rkie’s three heroes, but only released the czar and then decisively grabbed the blue side.
At present, the most Kerry player of this Samsung team is Tsar bdd and his hero. The trick played by the Samsung coaching staff is to make bdd’s schedule more comfortable.
Yun Ge didn’t prepare too much for the tactics of this game. He directly copied the third array of the spring finals and got a pke array for IG.
However, Yun Ge didn’t expect that the second round of ban Samsung coaching team directly sent the IG road duo policewoman and robot to ban, which obviously won the game. Samsung did a lot of homework and studied the LPL Spring Finals seriously.
Yun Ge is a little stunned, because the combination of policewoman and robot road is not the core of this array, but the most important thing is Nakano III [shapeshifter]
Without policewomen and robots, Yun Ge gave Ah Shui a hand. Xia Luo is even more powerful and oppressive to the line, and there are not many ways to target it.
In order to cope with the pressure of IG alignment, Samsung not only chose a czar road in the middle, but also got IG, not choosing Ephesus and Hammer Stone.
Just like playing heshy Samsung, there is no good way to choose a more flexible green steel shadow in the wild position. Samsung did not choose lid, which is best at blind monks, but took the more popular Kindred.
However, Kindred, the hero, didn’t win much on the first day of the competition, and even cheated Xiaotian. After giving up Kindred, FP immediately won two consecutive victories and successfully advanced to the competition.
However, Samsung still hasn’t given up or is going to try a thousand cents. This hero may be that the training match in lk Division has a better effect. After all, Kindred really played very well in the case of slow pace and few people.
However, Kindred is not effective in the face of the LPL team. One needs to take the head mark. Kindred is not suitable for the fierce fight in the early stage, but prefers to grasp the order slowly in the middle stage.
After the formation was confirmed, the players of the two teams quickly entered the competition, and a situation from the alignment period exceeded the expectations of the Samsung coaching staff.
He predicted that even if their players had a gap with IG in the lineup of Samsung, there would not be much disadvantage.
However, from the opposite line, one IG is the three-way push, and the rhythm is very small. In the face of lid, the leopard girl in Kindred constantly harassed him in the wild by taking advantage of her teammates.