Car three people somehow returned to normal at this time they found that the battle has entered the white-hot for the first second.

The body of the Chapter 167 Flame beast (in)
Each driver’s seat was equipped with magic eyes as video surveillance early, and Duke strangled Lafayette when he saw Leo charging with a tank to block the flaming beast.
Kalia was also dirty and slightly injured with a nosebleed.
Fortunately, Kalia has been a professional for many years, and after passing the heroic stage, her physique has made a qualitative leap. If she had been that delicate little princess in those days, she would have been dirty and broken.
"Leo! Damn it, what about kite flow? Please, you are a driver now, not a soldier carrying the other boss! "
"Sorry! Duke! I am really sorry! " Leo also knew that he had just been impulsive, because a paladin could
He is not alone, but a tank captain. His indiscretion will directly affect two battery companions.
Although mammoth tanks look huge and three stories high, they are dwarfed by high-rise flaming behemoths.
"It’s a pity that there are not enough earth elements here, otherwise I wouldn’t have so much fart matter if I transformed myself." Magny remembered the gorgeous transformation in Alcavon’s treasure house …
"Kite! Fly it kite! Do what you should do according to the prior agreement! " Yelling on Duke’s communication channel
Then three coquettish bodies drove their motorcycles to the front of the flaming beast. Duke, Magny and Grbin put together a circular arc in the center of the square in turn and sprinkled a lot of asphalt.
"Whoever is chased by the flaming beast will come and run around!" Duke’s voice just fell and he saw a beam of red laser light in front of the flaming beast focusing on Katyusha No.3.
"ah! Finally it’s my turn! " The car is Duke’s maid Vanessa, an agile thief, and she moves very fast.
Seeing that she stepped on the brakes and suddenly hit the direction consolidation platform, the weight of which was more than 2 tons, the Katyusha rocket launcher in magic change gave her a huge drift and its ass swung left and right in front of the flaming behemoth.
What makes Duke speak most is Vanessa, and there is a dubbing for this product.
"Come on! Grandpa, come and play! " That deliberately pretends to be charming and coquettish to death
Duke heard it with a black line.
God, when uncle meow comes to play, will mechanical chariots also beg for mating?
I have to say, female drivers can’t afford to hurt themselves when they are racing. When other cars turn corners, they have to slow down. Vanessa can’t stop drifting.
Asphalt is a special pit wheel to run away. Mammoth and Katyusha are both converted into caterpillar tracks. They are not afraid that asphalt is as big as motorcycle, but they still rush in front of it. Then don’t call yourself the God of Autumn Mountain Cars.
Sure enough, as soon as we entered the asphalt area, the four tall wheels with six or seven floors became weaknesses. Of course, a little asphalt stuck to the huge wheel, but it magically made a similar sliding effect. This steel behemoth slowed down like this.
"Fire!" Duke ordered the auxiliary artillery to fight back, and the alliance equipment poured fire on the flaming beast with all kinds of attacks.
The asphalt on the front floor suddenly burst into flames, and the flaming beast site crackled and exploded.
Speaking of it, it’s funny that the dragon plays with fire. What’s more, it’s a flame epidemic. How can a behemoth be injured by fire when playing with fire?
It’s so special and unscientific.
However, as the battle goes on, the intensity of the battle also rises rapidly.
The alliance shelled and fired rockets at the flaming behemoth, and pyrite turned into a big bomb.
Flaming behemoths responded randomly with weapons such as flame jets and missiles, and summoned more helicopters like attack planes, mechanical gnomes and spider tanks to enter the stadium.
When the violent firepower is wantonly exchanged, it is exaggerated to be like a fireworks missile, and when the bomb battlefield is criss-crossed, everyone suddenly finds that this battlefield with several square kilometers has almost no safe place.
The strong in every alliance realize that they are small, and it is not that mortals can compete with destructive forces with their flesh.
If they hadn’t hid in thick and heavy armor, they would have been beaten to pieces like those who broke into mechanical guards.
"It’s time to eject!"
The first person to be shot by the National People’s Congress was Edwin Vancliffe, a thief and a worried father who volunteered to be the first to be shot.
To shoot out from a one-meter-diameter human cannon and draw a correct arc to land on the fire beast, it is best to be located in the four batteries of the fire beast, which requires very accurate artillery skills and good luck.
If you don’t get it, you will hit gg in a scream, and life will be over!
You can’t do it without throwing people in the past. The flame beast has a special effect called [speed]. If this thing is left unattended, it will keep increasing its moving speed until it accelerates by 1%. At that time, a slow steel beast will become a Ferrari sports car, and the speed will fly like flying.
The best way to hammer and explode the flaming beast more effectively is to destroy the turret of the top cover according to the information of the "traitor" Torim. In that case, all the attack effects will increase by 5%.
Now Edwin is going to jump first!
Former Duke didn’t feel much danger when playing games. At best, he slipped and fell for a while and then called a motorcycle to pick him up.
Now Edwin Duke is sweating for him.
The firepower of the four turrets is similar to that of the Vulcan machine gun. It seems that Edwin is jumping to its vital point. The flaming beast will actually start self-defense measures to pour shells at the surrounding alliance equipment. The four turrets are in place in an instant, and the barrage is poured into Edwin in the sky.
That’s Titan’s energy barrage!
Rao is Edwin’s equipment. If he doesn’t die after one shot, he will be seriously injured, not to mention hundreds of yellow bullets fired at him.
I feel numb at the sight of that dense shooting light.
Seeing Edwin being beaten into a honeycomb in a second!
At that moment, it seemed to solidify, and even Vanessa couldn’t help exclaiming "Dad"
At this critical juncture, Edwin … seems to have hit some extraordinary field. Not many people saw how he did it. Suddenly, his falling speed suddenly increased.
The whole incarnation of a wisp of phantom of the opera draws a strange wave line with a 90-degree bend from time to time, and finally falls on the top cover of the flame behemoth.
Duke was startled first and then pleasantly surprised, "Edwin, he has become a strange hero!" "
The body of the Chapter 16 Flame beast ()
Azeroth physics professionals break through the heroic level and then go to the epic level and the odd level.
You know, the guy who can break through the hero field has dozens of people in the whole league.
The real alliance has also emerged a number of decent younger generations, such as the daughter of Bolvar Fortagen, Mara Fortagen, who was stationed in the Ortrank Dwarf General fandral, the daughter of Leimao, Lena Leimao, and the dwarf paladin krom Li Hammer, the exorcist Oniyat sorcerer, Mimic hunter Lenala, and so on.
They have all reached the cutting edge of the League of Heroes.
Some of these guys should have died in the original history, while others didn’t emerge until the Burning Legion invaded. Obviously, Duke’s birth changed their fate. Sometimes Duke wants to train them, but these guys are still a little immature. Du Kefa is sure that these guys can be as helpful as Varian.
And there is no special reason why Duke doesn’t want to pull them out too early.
At present, the League Heroes’ League is not too short of manpower. Previously, Duke Kela was able to squeeze in Sally Whitemain. However, when the League Heroes’ League, which represents the highest combat power of the League, has fixed its members, it is necessary to have a good job before coming to people.
Strength and qualifications are indispensable.
When facing an opponent of Jugsalon’s level, nothing serious happened, and suddenly he was short of people. Duke didn’t want to train new people.
At this moment, Duke was also surprised to suddenly see Edwin, who followed his veteran, break through to the strange realm.
He has changed history too much.
Because of the original history, Edwin should have died years ago. He was forced to die in Stormwind’s reward. He, Vaschi, Onyxia and these villains all voted for Duke Hui.
Now even Duke doesn’t know how long these guys can live, and what is their potential limit?
Edwin’s breakthrough was definitely a pleasant surprise.
Just now, Lao Fan’s move was a bit like shadowstep’s, but it wasn’t shadowstep’s because shadowstep definitely didn’t jump that far.
No matter how little Edwin successfully landed on the top of the flaming beast.
I just went to a pair of gorgeous epic daggers and flew over.
Since it’s a dagger, there is no heavy weapon. Edwin’s arrogant movement is more like seeing a lot of screws flying halfway, and then the whole turret is dismantled into pieces
Turret position suddenly generate out a distorted light that is less than 100 thousand volts of high-voltage energy who can’t carry it.
Edwin was very clever to confirm that after the turret collapsed, he ran away with oil on his feet for the first time.