Let me feel that Nai Nai Teng Yi won’t go to the car. I can continue to endure the pain and drive all the way back to Kunming.

As soon as I arrived at the hospital where Liu Zhen lived, I was diagnosed with a broken rib and stabbed my lung. However, my good lung was not seriously injured, but I had to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. My own money was not enough, so I called my friend Gao Peng and asked him to call me from the bank so that I could be admitted to the hospital for treatment smoothly.
The day after I was admitted to the hospital, Teng Yi said that he was going back to Miao Village. I wanted to keep him because there were still many things that had not been explained along the way, but he told me that he had finished everything and naturally there was no need to stay here, so I asked him what about Bu Jin? Tengyi shook his head and said to me, "Didn’t Ayuna tell you when she was alive? Bujin entrusted it to you later. Don’t forget that this was the main thing when you came to Yunnan. Although there were many episodes in it, it hasn’t changed since the end."
I said, "But I don’t think Bu Jin should come back to my hometown with me. I think Liang Zan is more suitable for her."
Tengyi shook his head with a wry smile and said, "That little skill is really good to my heart. I didn’t expect that tattooed man to be so powerful. Two people have been entangled for so long and have not come out of that tree root hole, even already …"
I sighed heavily. Although Liang Zan and Duan Yuwen don’t have a deep friendship with me, I can feel that since I came to Yunnan, these two people have taken care of me, which ensures that I can be safe all the time, but now …
I tried not to think about those things and changed the subject and said, "But I always feel that we haven’t accomplished anything." Then I turned to look at Bu Jinran, who was still in a coma at that time, and continued, "There are still many things that haven’t been answered accordingly. There are too many mysteries about what Lao Han will appear there and what the tattooed man said to me about Nanwu."
Tengyi nodded and said, "But it shouldn’t be my turn to think. I think all this must have something to do with your father."
I nodded. By this time, Liu Zhen had already recovered. He was pushing the door and coming in to bring back new fruits. He had been taking care of me in my hospital a few days ago.
After seeing Teng Yi off, Liu Zhen asked me about those experiences. I didn’t mean not to tell him, but every time I think about those things, I feel an indescribable sense of fatigue in my heart. Liu Zhen pressed me again and again, and I barely told him the whole story briefly. Of course, this is also a way to sort out what I have experienced
I briefly summed up all kinds of strange things I encountered after I came to Yunnan, and I won’t repeat those doubts that have been answered.
If I speak in chronological order, I simply sort out a variety of doubts
First, what did my father do in Yunnan 30 years ago?
I think although I don’t know the exact process of this problem, at least some vague embryonic forms have appeared in my mind.
First of all, one thing is certain, that is, my father’s coming to Yunnan is by no means an archaeological activity. When he came to Yunnan, he already knew something about the situation here.
Next, there are some specific details. Obviously, there are many differences between my story in Yuwen’s narration and the story I got when I overheard Lao Han’s conversation, especially in my father’s evaluation, which guaranteed that I could get the truth. I tried my best not to be subjective in evaluating my father. In Yuwen’s narration, my father’s role was just the image of a resolute scholar, while in Lao Han’s mouth, my father was completely different, so his father was more like-Wang Chengbao! Mercenary, cunning, scheming, using all means to help me achieve my goal, so my father is a stranger to me.
Second, what exactly is the jade brand of Bujinshen?
From the moment when someone phoned me pretending to be my father, I first noticed that Bujinshen’s jade brand had a great deal to do with all kinds of strange things that happened along the way when he later pretended to be Wang Chengbao’s old Han mouth.
I said, is this jade card a magic weapon? I don’t quite believe this guess, but there is no better guess.
Third, who is Liang Zan?
I never deny that Liang Zan has saved my life many times, and his skill, courage and all kinds of strange knowledge are very popular. Of course, he also has some imperfections, such as his sickly face and serious talk, but I want to know who this guy is Liang Zan.
When I asked Liang Zan about something, Duan Yuwen replied that Liang Zan could help me finish the present stage. Yuwen is dead, so Liang Zan’s life experience is almost an unsolved mystery to me.
Of course, I didn’t care too much about Liang Zan’s life for a while, but I didn’t realize the importance of the problem until I saw the sculpture on the bronze drum in my underground palace.
If that sculpture around the bronze drum is a prophecy, it mean that it is inevitable, not coincidental, that Liang Zan appeared in the underground palace. on the contrary, I, who has been regard as a successor, did not appear in the prophecy. what does all this mean?
The fourth point is the background of the tattooed people and their group. What is the so-called Southern Witch?
To tell the truth, I think that Lao Han and his gang came out of reality too suddenly today, and their appearance has added another layer of fog to the original situation. I still say that China can get guns and is still a submachine gun, which is enough to say that these people have a lot of connections, at least their backgrounds or backers have considerable power.
One more thing, I always think that tattooed man, Song, is a little strange. Although he listens to the Beijing dialect Qin Ye, it gives me the feeling that he seems to be divorced from them. In other words, they don’t seem to belong to them, but to hire them.
The last point is that the story of Nanwu was too abrupt when the tattooed man Asun asked me this question. I remember this story vividly. He once asked me who knew about Nanwu except my father. This sentence contains two messages, let alone.
The first chapter The tree wants to be quiet, but the wind will not stop
The first chapter The tree wants to be quiet, but the wind will not stop
On December 24th, Christmas Eve was delayed by 35 minutes in Shenyang, Liaoning.
Mother’s memorial service has finally come to an end. My mother’s body will be sent to the crematorium for cremation early in the morning. I have a feeling in my heart that Gao Peng and Liu Zhen have both spoken, but I ignored them. I want to be alone for a while.
It has been more than three months since I returned to the Northeast, and my father’s whereabouts are still missing. My mother is worried all day long, and her old man is in poor health, which is even more unbearable.
I’m going to sell my father’s house. Because I heard Gao Peng say that a stranger had broken into my house, I always felt that the house was already uneasy. But the actual situation is that after I lived with Bu Jin for a while, I didn’t find anything unusual, so I relaxed my vigilance. I said that maybe I made a mountain out of a molehill. Now that those people have got my father’s treasures, they have achieved their goal and don’t need to come back.
The only thing that makes me happy in the past three months is that Bu Jin, I am not tired of teaching, has mastered Chinese, and I later found that Bu Jin is not so indifferent as she looks. After removing the language communication barrier, she sometimes seems very cute, but she still has a lot of difficulties in accepting metropolitan life. I think she may never get used to urban life, and maybe she is obedient when I am not at home. Gao Peng often teases me and Bu Jin, and at this time, I consciously think of Liang Zan-the possibility that I can still survive him.
Tired of wandering alone in the street, I casually found a drink shop and went in and asked for a cup of coffee and a lot of sweets-I don’t know why I always like sweets recently, but it’s also good because it is said that sweets can make a person feel better.
I looked blankly out of the window while drinking coffee, and I couldn’t tell exactly what I was thinking. To be honest, I didn’t show too much sadness about my mother’s death. When I heard the news, I nodded blankly, as if I had lost something important, but there was no violent emotional fluctuation. I know that in many cases, when people hear some extremely bad news, they seem to accept this reality calmly, but in fact, their subconscious mind is escaping. After these questions, maybe they will suddenly think of it many years later and have a nervous breakdown. I don’t know if I will have that day. On the whole, I still don’t feel too much sadness.
I was in a daze when an old-fashioned "Rinrin bell" suddenly appeared in my trouser pocket. I took out my mobile phone and saw that it was a strange number, and it looked like a landline. I hung up. Recently, I often received harassment from selling online stores. If I were to harass them, the guys would look for it, but I was not in the mood, so I hung up.
Two minutes later, the "Rinrin bell" rang again. I took out my mobile phone and saw that it was still the same number.
In this way, I hung up and the other party called me back and forth four or five times. I was finally broken by this guy’s insistence. When I answered the phone, I said rudely, "I already said a few days ago that I don’t need to buy an online store. I’m always annoyed. Don’t fucking bother me again."
After talking on the phone, there was no reply.
"hello?" I tentatively asked, "Hello? Hello? "
Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded in my ear and said, "Why am I so angry?"
"Ryazan! ?” I can’t believe my ears quickly asked.
"Yes," the other side said, "What’s the matter, Lord Pei Xi? Do you miss me so much?"
"You’re not dead?" I am surprised way
"Come on, boss, can’t you say something nice? Why do you always curse me?" Liang Zan said
"Fuck your grandmother, I don’t know if you are still alive. At that time, you were entangled with the tattooed man in the tree root hole for so long and didn’t come out. Later, the underground collapsed. I don’t know how you got out."
"Do you know what your achilles heel is, Lord Petey?"
"I don’t want to know," I said deliberately.
"Well, I’ll tell you." I knew that no matter what I said, he would finish what he wanted to say. He continued, "Your fatal weakness is that your thinking is too rigid. Everything in your world has a possibility. Don’t you think about his possibility?"
"I can’t think of it."
"Oh, your brain is smooth," Ryazan sarcastically said to me.
"Why don’t you just tell me?" I complained.
"I’m too lazy to explain so much to you," Ryazan said. "I’m calling to tell you something else."
"What is it?" I asked in some doubt.
Ryazan paused and said, "Has anything strange happened around you recently?"
When I heard this, I didn’t know why. I thought, no, what strange things are going to happen again? But I thought about it carefully, but I didn’t find anything strange recently, so I said to him, "Nothing strange happened."
Ryazan seemed to think for a while and then continued, "It’s almost time for them to start work after more than three months."
"They?" I asked