Of course, the generals have to be escorted to the front. Who will escort them?

Everyone’s eyes fell on Commander shenyang military area command. Of course, he can’t let his old man go out to escort the generals, but the tiger in his hand can be.
Han Yajie is reading a cartoon, and if Liu Weiping sees it, she will burst into laughter-she actually looks like Huluwa, and he never looks at this kind of cartoon. He just looks at Huahuagong or Attic. Hey hey, Chen Xi keeps chatting with her about Han Feng, not to mention that Xiao Ni is tempted. She is seeing Huluwa vs. crocodile essence. Liu Weiping’s ghost cries, "Han Yajie, you left your clothes in my dormitory!" Several female soldiers in the dormitory looked at her strangely. Han Yajie handfuls of gourd dolls and crocodile essence were thrown far away in the first round. He jumped up and even knocked out his slippers. He ran out and reached for the railing of the corridor. He jumped from the second floor and pointed to the man yelling at the guy. "What’s wrong with you?" Did you talk like that? People who know will naturally know that I went out to cut cloth with you this afternoon.
I don’t know what people will think about a dress! "It is estimated that I was so angry that I was a little incoherent.
Wei Ping smiled and handed her the shirt in his hand. "Don’t you always complain that there is no leisure when you are on vacation? I finally made a set of results and left them with me for you! "
Han Yajie Nai: "Do you think it would kill you to keep your voice down?"
Liu Weiping rubbed his big hand and said, "Well, I’m going to Yunnan Rainforest Training Camp tomorrow. I heard that many soldiers there are ill, and even the military doctors don’t know what’s wrong with them. I have to go and see if you can go?"
Han Yajie saw several helicopters landing not far from the playground, and the deputy armed soldiers were on the plane. She didn’t want to say, "Of course I have to go."
Liu Weiping said, "I don’t think you should go there. It’s not a place for people to stay. There are so many mosquitoes and leeches. Nine out of ten people who go there will swing and pull their stomachs …" When the little guard appeared, he interrupted his horror speech. "Report to the headquarters!"
Boss Liu is quite dissatisfied with this. I wish I had a mobile phone. Now the mobile phone is not as big as a brick. Let’s just say that the quality of one is not as high as that of a brick. I don’t care about it with him. I’m afraid that the biggest thing is that people can’t stand fighting. The shooting power is similar to that of a brick. The best communication equipment now is a soldier walkie-talkie, but that thing is not light. Who has nothing to do with it 24 hours a day? So he has to continue to endure inefficiency and report it to his head without calling back "Read it to me!"
Han Yajie, the little guard, looked aggrieved and motioned for him to go. These newspapers are not for him to read. It is very simple for him to choose a sharp soldier to report to the military playground. The commander’s newspaper also woke up and said, remember to bring more summer clothes. What’s the matter? Even the training has to be released?
Liu Weiping looked at Han Yajie. "Are you going?" He always likes to cling to her.
Han Yajie said, "Of course I have to go."
There is absolutely no problem with a platoon. Boss Liu ordered a large group of poisonous snakes and beasts to quickly tie up the plane and report to the playground, which made them dissatisfied. This time, they were not allowed to take their hearts with Type 9 automatic rifles and Type 9 submachine guns. Even the rattlesnake wanted to take the Type 9 sniper rifle that had just been sent. The requirement was that the equipment should be as miscellaneous as possible. Anyway, the latest equipment should not be exposed. Now, the nine trains of weapons are still highly confidential, and even the training ground has to be recycled and managed strictly. So the most elite scouts have turned into a super miscellaneous army, Wuhuamen, and all weapons have planes.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t be this battle. Liu Zhe and Snow Leopard are looking forward to it. They haven’t been abroad yet. By the way, the Shaolin Batman was also taken. During this period, he was ruined by Liu Weiping, a tireless guy. Every day after training, he crawled back to the dormitory. Life is in hot water. It’s really a shame that so many people watched him. Now Shaolin Batman is carrying a heavy heavy machine gun, and the area is 700 yuan. By the way, he helped everyone to carry a lot of broken things, including eating a spoon. In this way, Liu Wei sighed straight and walked
The plane soon arrived at the military playground, where a large civil airliner was ready for takeoff. A group of middle-aged and elderly people were on the plane. The female lieutenant gave them a briefing-the one in the Sun Mountain operation. The briefing was very brief and finished in less than three minutes. The core is that a group of generals are going to the front line of Annan to do some research work and asked them to protect these generals. I told you, where can Liu Weiping get out in general operations? He is a busy man like this. Exceptionally, female lieutenants also specifically told them to keep secrets. By secrecy, I mean them, not these generals, because until now, they still don’t have a shadow corps, and even the lunch menu is confidential. After listening to the briefing, Liu Weiping mumbled with a depressed face, "What am I supposed to be? I used to be a bodyguard for a bunch of bosses!"
Han Yajie thought, "So you can’t stand it? You know, I’ve been babysitting for you. Otherwise, you can beat the Red Guards so dangerously? " She’s taking this kid, too. There’s nothing she can do to make him complain
After getting off the plane, Liu Weiping smiled and asked Shaolin Xiaobing, "Have you vomited?"
Shaolin Batman is awesome and says, "I’ve never vomited! Martial arts people are not so fragile! "
Liu Weiping said, "The plane is very bumpy."
Shaolin Batman is bullish. "I’m not afraid that I will fall, and I’m not afraid that I will fall again!"
Liu Weiping patted him on the shoulder. "Well done, I must send you to the army as a pilot when I have the opportunity!"
Shaolin Xiaobing grinned. When the food was knocked out of his nostrils after lunch, he suddenly found himself hopelessly in love with the ancient and glorious army …
Now the plane in Annan’s side is upside down, of course, it can’t fly directly to Annan, but it can fly around to Phnom Penh, the Khmer capital. After the plane takes a break, it will enter Annan from the border between the two countries. This far and wide place can turn Shaolin Batman and a few soldiers with no actual combat experience-such "experience" as fighting with people at the border and kicking the other soldiers into eunuchs is not counted-
-The whole plane vomited in a terrible mess. Although captains like Liu Zhe, Snow Leopard and Han Feng were also very uncomfortable, after all, they survived the harsh training for a long time. They couldn’t help but vomit when they saw that they vomited so badly and thought that their food was the same as theirs. There was nothing wrong with Liu Weiping, and they complained, "Alas, this is too bad. How to say it, you have to hire a few young and beautiful sisters with petty bourgeoisie to take care of a passenger!" It can be seen that he can’t do it without criticizing evil thoughts.
Liu Weiping complained that the plane finally landed at Phnom Penh airport. Many soldiers vomited badly after this marathon long-distance trip. As soon as they got off the plane, they poured ginger soup. However, those army generals didn’t talk to Liu Weiping about everything. They were a Khmer army general. The rank of Major General was a high-standard reception. In view of the fact that most soldiers vomited and lost their fighting capacity, the generals decided to postpone entering Annan for three days, not to mention that the soldiers would sleep a little during these three days. I don’t want to eat anything. Liu Weiping and Han Yajie are happy to play in Phnom Penh every day. Phnom Penh has a small oriental Paris, which is very prosperous. I can’t see that this country is suffering from war. Han Yajie is more prosperous than many cities in China. Of course, Liu Weiping has a good time, but he looks at those simple smiles and his heart is heavy. Poor people, they don’t know that they will suffer a terrible disaster in a few years. When the Khmer Rouge seized power, they put all urban residents in the countryside to engage in large-scale production because of the corresponding preparations. Just in the process of moving from the city to the countryside, 50,000 to 60,000 people died, but this was just that. In the next three years, due to overwork and Khmer Rouge cleansing, one-fifth of the country’s population died, and the social structure was completely destroyed until Annan’s 100,000 troops conquered Phnom Penh. Of course, the invaders never brought the gospel angel Annan to invade, and this suffering country was once again involved in the war. It was not until in 1992 that more than 1,000 Khmer Rouge soldiers led them out of the jungle and surrendered to the government forces that the long-term war ended, leaving theThat is, more than 7 million mines can be shared by everyone on average. The international demining organization has done its best, but demining is always a hundred times more difficult than mine laying. At this rate, it will take a hundred years to clear all mines, at least. What has caused this small country to suffer such terrible and disasters for half a century? Tigers have gone to wolves to drive away one aggressor, and one is more ferocious than the other. solve
At present, the war is far from over, so Khmer and Annan are still close friends. In the past ten years, Annan guerrillas have been retreating to the jungle of the Khmer border to rest, and the direct Khmer border has attracted the strategic bombing of Citigroup.
The Khmer government didn’t complain about it. Who would have thought that they would be beaten to death in a few years? It seems to be an act of God that so many great men in the Republic passed away in the next few years, so that they would not see the two countries, both comrades and brothers, killing each other, let alone seeing that they had given all their aid to Annan and eventually turned into a baiwenhang and extended their claws to the Republic-this is not irony for them, but a kind of cruelty and torture. They don’t have to see it. They will take their own history to write chapters and step into eternity and hand over the historical roulette to future generations.
Three days later, several generals, Liu Weiping, came to the border river under their protection, and they will enter Annan from there-not illegally entering the country. There was no border at all during the war. Talk about smuggling? At that time, it was already four o’clock in the middle of the night, and there was no one on both sides of the border river to lead the way. The hand barrel of the Khmer army major took three photos on the other side, which seemed to be random and had a specific frequency. It didn’t take long for the other side to take three photos on this side. Then a motor rang and a mortar boat shook out from the opposite port. It was really hidden. The boat was an Annan Southern Liberation Army soldier. He quickly talked with the Khmer major to signal everyone to hurry. The major explained that Citigroup had blocked the border between the two countries during this period. It’s not appropriate to stay in such a dangerous place for a long time. We crossed the boundary river safely in two batches of boats. One of them even came to meet them in the jungle by the Southern People’s Liberation Army. Everyone quickly drilled into the jungle. It’s not too careful. It didn’t take five minutes for two helicopters to appear ghostly. The boundary river was facing the jungle on both sides of the boundary river. The rockets exploded like rain, and the jungle was full of flames. Six machine guns roared like saws and saws, shoveling the ground vegetation one by one and flying a lot of stray bullets. Some berries were hit on their heads and gravy splashed on the treetops. The killer’s nickname was Liu Weiping. Of course, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to fight with two helicopters with rocket launchers. The enemy hasn’t found them yet. Just bow their heads and hurry.
It doesn’t seem that the targets of those two helicopters were swept for a while and found other targets. The machine guns kept ringing and it was estimated that someone was going to be in great trouble. At this time, it was already dawn and the jungle was shrouded in blue-gray haze. Now everyone finally saw the Annan guerrillas in China. They were all dressed in black three old ladies, wearing pointed hats, carrying ak47 or 56 semi-automatic rifles, and wearing car tires to make shoes. They all looked very thin. Their shoes were very interesting. Cutting car tires together to wear a few pieces of leather to cover their feet became a non-existence. Chang simply led the company commander and said in Chinese that his name was a veteran of the Liberation Front of Levi’s. He had been in length of military service for five years, which made the scouts a little embarrassed to compare with others. They were almost like scouts because they were not comfortable here.
After a long stay, I followed the guerrillas all the way to the depths of the jungle, and I kept seeing bombers roaring past the jungle and exploding like thunder. It felt as if the sky had collapsed, and several bombers as big as a castle had taken the wrong medicine. It seemed that they were performing carpet bombing in front of them, as dense as oblique rain bombs, and the sky suddenly fell and a large area of jungle was completely submerged in the smoke and fire. The fleet plowed the fields like a flat pile and wrapped a mountain in steel fire. This power made it so powerful. Several generals’ faces changed slightly, but Liu Weiping smiled brilliantly. This scene can be seen more than once. b52 is probably the most terrible weapon except nuclear weapons. It has not fallen behind for decades. The huge roar of its engine made Taliban fighters hide in caves and tremble, which made the Iraqi army fearful and made Yugoslavia desperate and humiliated. However, this move was much worse than these countries 20 years ago. Volunteers failed to March in the snow, and the footsteps of volunteers made Citi soldiers tremble. Similarly, the footsteps of Annan guerrillas were trained by volunteers, which also made Citi soldiers tremble! Don’t say b52, even if the nuclear weapons eventually lose, they will still! Some people say that Uncle Sam really won the war because he was worried that there would be more sacrifices before he gave up Liu Weiping and smiled back at him. "Actually, I slept with your wife because she was afraid that she would hurt me!"
He spat at the distant bully bomber and shouted "Good morning Vietnam!" regardless of the danger of exposing the target.
Chapter 29 Rainforest Dance
I’m sorry to write that it’s a bit confusing. For example, as mentioned above, Uncle Sam’s laser-guided bomb blew up Dumet Bridge, which was in 1972. Now I’m writing that it was a year after the Easter offensive of the Viet Cong in 1972, but everyone was watching and playing. It’s not an academic paper. Long live the understanding.
A group of people went forward quickly in the rain forest in waves of waterfalls and explosions. This rain forest seems to be the hardest hit area. From time to time, it can be seen that there is a lot of rain in the deep pit as big as one or two ponds. Don’t say that this is a blockbuster thrown by b52, and a large number of trees have been burnt to charcoal by incendiary bombs. More yellow leaves are flying as if it were autumn in the north. This is Uncle Sam’s mixture of humanity, democracy and justice. People’s good wishes, such as chemical weapons-agent orange-have "contributed" to the destruction of the damn rainforest. Uncle Sam has bought bombers, blown up flamethrowers, burned up artillery planes, sprayed chemicals, b52, Roman plows, The agent orange was all there, but no matter how hard they bombed the rainforest, after several heavy rains, the green vines were covered with trees that had turned into charcoal pillars-there was a green world again. Planes were able to find targets hiding in dense forests, but they’d better be careful of those warheads that didn’t explode, and achieved the best killing effect. Citigroup used a large number of cluster bombs, and a cluster bomb box was filled with thousands of warheads. After being thrown by heavy bombers, it splashed around and bombed whatever it touched, forming a great killing area. I’m afraid 40% will not explode normally, hiding in a dark corner like a poisonous snake. If you touch a horse, you will blow up the Annan Liberation Front. 40% of the casualties are due to it. Many military generals stop to take pictures from time to time along the way. This is also extremely valuable information. Company commander Livida seems to know in advance that these Chinese generals have come to Annan with patience and no impatience. In this era, Annan is still full of gratitude for the Republic, unlike a few years later, they have become a group of baiwenhang.
From time to time, there are several helicopters flying overhead, which makes Liu Weiping see the superior performance. They are called an envy, jealousy and hatred. If only I could get a hundred or dozens of "super cobras" from his mother ah1. No, we must find a way to get a few back to counterfeit them, otherwise this trip will be a waste of time. We have to lead the way in front of the guerrillas and carefully avoid traps and mines. For example, we have to remove some small things-such as listening devices. But Uncle Sam has made a lot of good things because he can’t find guerrillas. Put it in a dense forest and monitor it for 24 hours a day, hoping to capture the whereabouts of the elusive guerrillas by this high-tech means, and then send a plane to deliver bagels to the guerrillas. During the Sufen War, the Soviet bombing of Finnish cities killed and injured several civilians, which attracted international criticism.
The foreign minister of the Soviet Union argued that the photos of the destroyed cities were forged from the old photos during World War I. The Soviet Union never dropped even one bomb on Finland. On the contrary, it threw several bagels at the hungry and cold Finnish civilians. Perhaps the Finns were too nutritious to eat bagels. The Mannheim defense line pushed them to the top. red empire had an army of 4 million, and it paid a terrible price to attack this defense line. Fighting again forced Finland, with a population of only 4 million, back to the negotiating table. Uncle Sam’s bagels are also rich in nutrients. Comrade Annan has been fighting them for ten years. Most of these monitors are made into branches or leaves and thrown into the jungle. It is difficult to find that this high-tech tactic often brings unexpected gains to Uncle Sam. For example, their monitors overheard Annan’s courtship dialogue with female soldiers more than once. Of course, it is not easy to capture the guerrillas’ whereabouts through these immobile instruments in the jungle, so military scientific research experts made it. More powerful equipment-make more powerful monitors like shit and sneak them into villages in guerrilla areas. It is said that guerrilla warfare can’t be separated from the support of the masses. Guerrillas have to link with the masses, right?In this way, the chances of finding the dream lover can be greatly increased. The reality has given these high-intelligence animals a stick, and they were found to have cleaned up the blood in less than half a day. Experts were puzzled by the most detailed investigation and improvement. Finally, they put in the monitor and couldn’t tell whether they even pulled the dog themselves, but it was really strange to throw it in. Later, they learned that life in guerrilla areas was extremely difficult. Where did the dog get the shit when it was waiting for supplies? It’s strange that you don’t wear this thing. There is no shit in the jungle now. It’s those real and fake branches and leaves that are annoying. If you’re not careful, you’ll get caught in Uncle Sam’s bagels. They’re not so delicious. These Annan soldiers are experienced and it’s not easy for them to try to hide. They have removed several monitors.
It’s raining in the sand again. This time, I’m fine. I don’t worry about Uncle Sam coming to throw donuts for them. It’s rainy and marching. Everything is not so wet. Everyone has become a drowned rat. They drill tall trees. Guerrillas love marching in this forest. The trees are tall and the shade is dense, which can play a good role in hiding. Because there is almost no sunshine on the ground, those low shrubs and trees can’t grow up and walk very well. The soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army in Annan all call this tree "supporting the army" and walk for more than two hours. Everyone The company commander Li Weida cooed and asked a platoon to alert everyone to eat on the spot. The breakfast is a kind of Leng Fantuan that is boring and cold, but the guests are treated better. Liu Weiping sprinkled a little brown powder seasoning on the rice ball, which is a bit spicy. The wolf said that it was pepper and salt nonsense.
In a place like this, you can’t expect rice balls to be sprinkled with monosodium glutamate. Before every battle, the soldiers of the Southern People’s Liberation Army can get a little pepper and salt. Put the pepper and salt in cans and push them into the fire, bake them brown, then take them out and roll them into powder and waterproof plastic bags. Be careful with your belt. It is rare to sprinkle a little seasoning into the rice when you eat, but even so, it is not enough to eat for a few days. The scouts don’t care if the rice balls are delicious. They wolfed down the rice balls and put them out. A team was eating a fierce gun not far away. The member ran over and reported that the first army in the universe had not hit the team. The troops in charge of the alert suffered a lot of casualties. Li Weida ordered the second platoon to reinforce him and take a platoon to protect the comrades of the Republic to go first. When Liu Weiping heard that it was the first powerful country in the universe, the special forces came and strongly demanded to see it. Even Han Yajie repeatedly hinted and warned that Li Weida had repeatedly warned him "Don’t fall into the hands of the Qinglong troops!" It seems that it is not only the undeserving men’s soccer team in the Republic who suffer from fear of Korea, but Comrade Annan is also very ill.
Liu Weiping took Han Feng, Liu Zhe, You Wolf and so on set off. Han Yajie thought twice or followed her. No one could rule except her. Liu Weiping got a class and a platoon of Annan People’s Liberation Army. A total of more than 40 people quickly cut into the battlefield. By the time they arrived, there was already a fire over there. three old ladies Annan People’s Liberation Army and South Korean soldiers wearing camouflage were jagged and the terrain was fierce. Both sides fell down more than a dozen. Liu Weiping saw a South Korean soldier trying to capture a soldier whose legs were cut off by bullets. The soldier of Annan People’s Liberation Army was seriously injured. The scholar did not hesitate to sound the last Grenade, and two people melted into a fog of blood at the same time. This soldier was so determined. Of course, there was a soldier who would rather die than surrender. I’m afraid it was more due to the abnormal condition of the South Korean soldiers. The South Korean army was badly beaten by guerrillas, but people took out all kinds of torture on the captured guerrillas and tortured them to death, which made people angry and resentful. The direct consequence was that all guerrillas with South Korean troops fighting would rather die than die. In the end, even their michel platini couldn’t stand it. Tell them to fuck off directly. On the other hand, the situation of the Annan People’s Liberation Army is very bad. Although everyone’s casualties are similar, the weapons, equipment and training are still better. Some troops are close to a company. The platoon will be finished in a few minutes, but the South Korean army certainly didn’t expect that the second platoon of reinforcements suddenly appeared. Their flank machine guns and grenades slammed and knocked over several South Korean troops on the spot. The Annan People’s Liberation Army is not a vegetarian. It can fight against Citigroup for ten years and finally gain the upper hand.Everywhere, I saw these thin soldiers covering fire and bravely killing the Korean side and killing the Korean machine guns.
It’s windy, but it can’t effectively block their desperate assault. Once they stick to the Korean army, they have to take off a layer of skin.
"Fire!" The second platoon leader roared and flashed behind a big tree. A shuttle bullet hit the tree and sawdust flew down. Before the machine gun swept past, he swung an anti-tank Grenade. There was a loud bang. There was a pit left in the bunker, and the second platoon of soldiers also fought fiercely at close range. It was suspected that their strength, the Korean position, gave off screams. People were constantly swept down by bullets, and the grenades were so bloody that they were not injured, which scared the Annan People’s Liberation Army’s desperate play-just like gangsters chopping people, you would be scared to death.
The second platoon leader rushed to retreat in panic and swept the back of the Korean army. He disdained to spit a mouthful of saliva and commanded the troops to take the wounded to retreat quickly. He was quite satisfied with his single-handedly commanding the battle. Although there were not many body count, he was able to rescue the trapped comrades. This record also made sense. He was a little proud to look at the Chinese guards and wanted to see a little shock and admiration from each other’s faces for a second. His eyes suddenly widened bigger than pig urine bubbles!
Chapter 30 The way to go is narrow
There is a kind of people who are born for special wars. War is their stage war is everything to them. Maybe you can regard them as crazy, but there is no denying that they are the best soldiers.
Liu Weiping has been identified by Han Yajie as this kind of person. Liu Zhe is the second Han Feng. It remains to be seen that there are also hundreds of people who are trying to be as crazy as their instructors. A three-point war machine that makes the country fear is not a good bird in a word. Now this ticket is not a good bird. Seeing that it was repaired by their ancestors 20 years ago, the first army of the universe went to Annan and raised its gun to comrades and brothers of the Republic, what do you think they would do? Don’t even discuss a word! Two words! Give me three words! Four words to the death! Five words …