"It is not impossible for you to entrust him with the ability background of Shigong Shigong."

Hear the rain Yan Yan’s remarks
Shi Gong looked very proud.
"Don’t worry, this little one is true or not. When my eldest brother comes, I will know that he is also a member of the Magic Hunting Hall. If this little one is really my eldest brother’s, I can recognize it at a glance."
When this comes out, everyone nods repeatedly.
Many people are envious.
Who is his eldest brother? Everyone has heard about it, and the Magic Hunting Hall is quite popular.
Obviously, these people
I hope to do a good job in Shigong.
Enter the demon hunting hall in the future and take care of one or two more.
"Fluttershy, look at this. It’s a big deal. I think Shi Gong is also good. Does it matter to you?"
"Sister Rain, don’t say more." Yun Fluttershy’s face is a little unhappy. Yan Yan knows how much she hates Shi Gong.
Now it can be set up.
The heart is sad except sadness.
Father said it was really good. People’s hearts will change. When you are leveled, they seem to be better than you.
When did you miss the ride?
Those people’s real faces will be revealed.
"All right!" The rain is colourful, and it is estimated that some people didn’t say much, but they gave Shi Gong a try-hard expression.
"Let’s sit down quickly!"
Soon a line of people sit separately.
Sitting position is also very particular.
The more distinguished people are, the closer they are to the inside. Like Jiang Feng, they are naturally arranged in the outermost position.
Jiang Feng doesn’t mind either.
I’m here for a purpose.
Everyone showed that he had memorized it.
Time passes quickly.
People are also in an endless stream.
I waited for a long time before I saw a slightly fat man striding outside the door.
This man is dressed in a demon hunting hall.
Walking also reveals a trace of bullying.
Shi Gong stood up and greeted with a smile, "Big Brother, you are finally here. Sit down quickly. We have been waiting for you for a long time."
"Sorry! Sorry! "
The fat man arched his hand and glanced at the table at the same time.
I didn’t say much. I strode straight to the innermost part and made a butt. He stretched himself out.
"I was too busy at this time, and this restaurant didn’t come here for a while, but I missed the delicious food here." The fat man is of great significance.
Shi Gong got the message.
When I greeted the door, I said, "Hurry up!"
Listen to someone outside the door and then leave in a hurry.
At this time, Shi Gong smiled and said, "Eldest brother is tired these days, but speaking of it, there is also a demon hunter in our house. I don’t know if eldest brother has found it! ?”
"The hall of hunting demons! ?”
Fat obviously leng one.
Glancing at the crowd again, I found no familiar figure.
"You joke with me! ?”
Seeing this, Shi Gong immediately shook his head and said, "I met a man who said he was a demon hunter and promised to let people enter the demon hunter’s temple. Since I don’t even know my eldest brother, this man is obviously an impostor."
Shi Gong finished pointing his arm towards Jiang Feng.
Fat also follow the eyes seems to immediately shook his head "this small is a member of the hunting house! ?”
"Don’t talk about your eldest brother. I’m also a prominent person. I know all the people in the demon hunting temple and have never seen this small one."
Hear the fat man confirm.
Then the results have come out.
Cloud Fluttershy facial expression, a change does he really cheated?
"But since it’s not a member of the Magic Hunting Hall, get out quickly!" The fat man waved impatiently.
In his eyes
Even the members of the Magic Hunting Hall are not human beings and do not deserve to have dinner with them at a wine table.
This really made many people nod.
"yes! Some people will leave quickly if they are conscious, which will disturb the immortal and elegant. "
"Yes! If you let the host drive people away, it seems a bit ugly. "
Many people have suggested.
There is a cloud Fluttershy with a somewhat pale face.
Jiang Feng can be said to have come with him, and he himself is not a member of the Magic Hunting Hall. It is difficult to be shy.
Look at the rain as if praying.
But the rain Yan Yan sees her eyes, although he Yun Fluttershy is a good friend.