People are really bold in front of them.

At night, Jinze Fox’s eyes narrowed slightly and she woke up kindly. "Isn’t Miss Sang Mian afraid of revenge before the temple meeting?"
He really wanted to throw people into the sea and feed them to sharks if he wasn’t worried that the sound and sound would still have some feelings for his predecessors.
Sang Mian’s shallow sweet smile at the man’s slight warning suddenly filled the smell of sea water.
"Amian, what makes you laugh so much?" A vigorous middle-aged man’s voice came from the yacht of the women’s institute, followed by a burly and well-dressed man who appeared in Jinze’s sight at night.
At that moment, Jinze’s eyes sank.
Why is he here?
And you’re still with sang mian
Sang Mian’s eyes glanced at the night Jinze and then looked at the man. When she looked at the man, she was already gentle and feminine. "I didn’t expect that I would meet friends here and I couldn’t help laughing."
Lebeda smell speech quickly looked aside. When he saw Jinze on the opposite yacht night, his eyes suddenly slipped and he was surprised. "Fox House? Why are you here? "
He was tasting wine with his daughter, but he didn’t think that he accidentally knocked over his clothes with red wine to leave a good impression on the people in front of him. He quickly found a reason to take possession of antique calligraphy and painting, but actually he went to the locker room to change a suit of clothes, but he didn’t want to sit in the living room when he came back again, and the woman disappeared, so he hurried to the deck to find someone.
Chapter 479 Over the heart (5)
How did Ye Jinze come here?
Is that wild girl here?
Thought of here, Lebeda quickly looked around the yacht of the men’s house.
He never liked that rude daughter, and since the death of his wife in a political marriage, she has been left to fend for herself. Since she was very young, the wild girl has been sent out by him to study and live abroad.
However, although he doesn’t like wild girls, his father is very fond of him. This daughter not only takes wild girls back to the clan, but also takes the initiative to sell wild girls to the Fox clan temple to conclude requirements.
Seeing that the wild girl’s identity will rise in the future, he, as a father, will barely pretend to ask the wild girl not to cause him any trouble, but he will still be kind to outsiders.
Lebeda carefully looked at the girl beside her, afraid that her father’s identity would be disgusted, and she just looked for it and didn’t come out.
After all, others are noble hominids.
It must be one in a million to be chosen by Mrs. Beast in her eyes
Although he has the status of a sea emperor, Nai is already a father with a daughter. I am afraid that this alone has lost its weight.
Thought of here, Lebeda was even more annoyed with that rare daughter.
"I’m here to visit the sea clan." Jane briefly skipped the real reason why she appeared in the sea area. At night, Jinze nodded his head to show his respect for his elders.
Although Jue doesn’t like the man in front of him, it is said that the man in front of him is the nominal father after all, and he is hard to get along with him. Even if he wants to beat that fool to death now, he can’t afford to have less respect for the man in front of him
Lebeda smell speech suddenly nodded his head.
It seems reasonable that the opposite man is about to become his son-in-law’s father and has high hopes for his predecessors.
Sang Mian chuckled and broke the silence. "I met some things in the hall at night and made a lot of misunderstandings. Now I finally met him here. I want to take this opportunity to explain it to him. Why don’t you wait here for me to take care of things and then go with the hall to watch the fish?"
Lebeda was stunned and worried. "Don’t you need my company?"
The fox clan temple is famous for its philandering and liking all kinds of beautiful women. People in front of it are more precious and more beautiful than the original human appearance. If we leave them alone,
"Does the Great Hall want to find out Amian’s privacy?" Sang Mian has a pair of good-looking phoenix eyes, glancing at the good face and Gherardini.
Lebeda was suddenly surprised. "No, no, no,no."
It was only an hour or two before and after he met the person in front of him. How dare he cross the line? !
What’s more, the other person is more noble than the original human. How dare he disobey the other person if he doesn’t come to please him?
You know, he’s still thinking about being a beastman.
A woman is 1000 times more beautiful than any female he has ever seen, and even a fox female is 10000 times more charming than a woman. If only he could get his wish!
Chapter 4, the heart (6)
Seeing the man as he expected denied shaking his head, Sangmian’s eyes were satisfied and suddenly became a little more.
At present, people really listen to her
It seems that she has really come to the right place in this line of work.
"Hurry up! Didn’t you hear what Amien said? Hurry up and set up a ladder to let Amien stand steady! " Afraid that he had just made the woman unhappy, Lebeda quickly rebuked the slave and moved.
After a while, I saw a ladder in two yachts.
Lebeda quickly and carefully held the woman in the past.
Seeing Jinze’s cold face all the time at night, I didn’t want to help before. Lebeda’s high heart always fell slightly.
It seems that this fox family temple also knows that his future wife is his daughter who dare not jump out and shouldn’t have any thoughts to avoid suspicion, but even lazy to reach out and move. Although it is very gentlemanly and has no royal etiquette, it really makes him feel better.
Dare not delay when I was a girl, Lebeda can return to her yacht even if she is reluctant in her heart, so the deck eyes can’t leave the two people talking at the opposite yacht.
Looking at Lebeda, the line of sight has been falling a few steps away from his side, and Sang Mian has never left the night for a moment. A trace of sarcasm emerges from Jinze’s heart.
To tell the truth, women are definitely the best among the people he met in terms of temperament, beauty and calculation.
Women can live as free and unfettered as emperors, and be pampered endlessly by the beast’s husband.
It happened.
While mediating with men, women can benefit all resources at the expense of their bodies as bait and climb step by step.
While that real thought on the other side fall on his body.
Damn it!
"Go ahead, what will happen to the sound?" Although he can handle everything by sound no matter what happens, if the sound is damaged in the process, isn’t it not worth the loss?
He is always reluctant to part with it.
So even if he expects to hear something that will provoke him, he is so-called
He doesn’t want to miss anything to do with the sound.
Sangmian corners of the mouth a hook "fox royal family has a core chip inherited from ancestors, right?"
At night, Jinze’s eyes passed by, and the dark color looked at the woman.
"That chip has always been your grandfather’s stick, right?"
In one word, the color of men’s eyes suddenly changed, and even the whole body was heavy, which made people breathe a lag.
"Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous." Sang Mian suddenly smiled. "I know this is not surprising. After all, you should know exactly where I came from."
Sang Mian didn’t shy away from his origin in front of Jinze at night.
Xiaoyin felt guilty about Jinze at night. Jinze took care of her for two months. She knew Xiaoyin well, and Xiaoyin would explain everything to Jinze at night, which is bound to affect her. They used to be like family and their origins.
"The small voice is the time executor, mainly through the wormhole to the designated time, and once it is completed, she can return home."
I introduced myself with a light tone, and watched the man’s expression without moving his eyes.
Chapter 41 The whole heart says (7)
After a pause, the woman suddenly turned, "Xiaoyin has a family who loves her very much and has many good friends around her, but because of work, they seldom get together, but Xiaoyin has no one who can surpass them in her heart, even at that time, she gets along with me day and night."