Queen stuffy hum black at the moment will Xiao Yuzu ancestors scolded again charming body collapse Xiao Yu arms.

"Dad, what are you doing?"
Xiao Shuang face a change.
"Your mother is repetitive for so many years? It’s outrageous. Shimoro helped me take care of her. I’ll untie the genetic chain for the double baptism first! "
Xiao Yu said
Stone magic ROM looked at fainted queen for a stay in the heart.
But to react quickly hurriedly flew over to pick up the queen.
"Sit down with your eyes closed, and I will baptize you with the essence of heaven!"
Xiao Yu’s body exudes an unfathomable breath, and his long hair hangs freely, like a statue of the god of the earth in ancient times, which makes Xiao Shuang look shocked.
He felt that the man in front of him seemed to be the most formidable mountain in his life at this moment.
I can’t say how safe and comfortable I am in this mountain!
"It’s dad!"
Xiao Shuang quickly sat down with his eyes closed.
Xiao Yu purple mansion hit a vigorous essence of heaven and rushed towards Xiao Shuang instantly. Xiao Yu guided these essence of heaven and slapped it at Xiao Shuang. Suddenly Xiao Shuang’s body shook and felt all his blood like it was suddenly burning.
A powerful, unpredictable and vast force burst out from his body.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
A muffled sound came to Xiao Shuang’s body, like a volcano roaring earth-shattering, and pieces of bright golden light were constantly swept out of his body.
Xiao Shuang couldn’t help showing the pain.
"Double must hold back this is the most critical moment."
Xiao Yu deep voice behind him.
Xiao Shuang bit his teeth and closed his eyes without saying a word.
The breath of heaven continued to pour in, making his blood, muscles, meridians and bones burn like a fire, and then quickly regenerate.
After rebirth, the flesh and blood suddenly became brighter and stronger than before, like gold pouring.
The whole baptism process lasted for half a day before it ended.
Xiao Shuang couldn’t help but send out a critical roar.
"Roar …"
Sound waves and bright waves swept through Jin Guangzhong like a raging sea, which shattered many mountains and rivers.
In the distance, the whole blood, the tyrant, Yang Lan, Yi Page and others were all surprised.
"That’s … it’s a double breath!"
"How did he become so strong?"
"It’s the gene chain that solved him. It’s Xiao Yuer’s potential, and it’s doomed to be even more horrible. When the gene chain is solved, it suddenly exudes all the power in the flesh and blood. It’s terrible!"
"What kind of monsters are these fathers?"
"Great for both fathers. Xiao Shuang’s achievements in the future will never be lower than his father!"
The sky were to fall, thunder and lightning, and golden light was surging everywhere.
Xiao Shuang’s roar lasted for a long time before it dissipated.
Xiao Yu took back the palm of his hand and carried his hands lightly. He looked at him calmly and said with satisfaction, "Not bad, it’s my son!"
He not only untied Xiao Shuang’s genetic chain, but also awakened Xiao Shuang’s blood vessels.
At this moment, Xiao Shuang’s strength directly exploded to double ninth!
This is the strength of blood!
Xiao Shuang shocked and looked at his body. With a flick of his fist, thunder and lightning broke out, and the golden light swept across him. He had a feeling that it seemed enough to crush all this.
"is this my strength?"
Xiao Shuang shock way
Xiao Yu’s big hand grasped the wounds of the day and caught them out. In his heart, he moved mana and rushed over to seal all the wounds of the day and keep them sharp.