Lin Lei just sat on the grass to practice and had his brother Lin Lei, who was not worried about the danger.

See Lin Lei windson directly into the practice with a smile on his face, this letter made him very heart.
There seems to be no sign of grass except windson and Lin Lei. It’s quiet here.
This kind of situation makes windson frowned, which makes him have an ominous premonition.
Windson brace himself to carefully observe everything around him, but windson still didn’t find out what was wrong.
Suddenly Lin Feng found that there seemed to be some tiny white crumbs in the grass under his feet. Lin Feng bent down and wanted to pick up a piece of white crumbs.
But when Lin Fengshen, this piece of grass grows up instantly and wraps Lin Fengshen and Lin Lei.
Windson brace yourself to death and Lin Lei to protect yourself. Windson was surprised to find that these grasses didn’t respond to their own god fields, but they couldn’t break their own god fields.
But windson median god will naturally have his own means.
Lin Feng’s divine power condensed a spear and shot at these grasses. Lin Feng didn’t recognize that these grasses were harder than his spear.
But let windson surprised things happened.
These grass seem to have their own consciousness, and the spear is about to attack themselves. In an instant, the spear cracked a small gap and rushed out of the grass.
At this time, Lin Feng’s curiosity is heavier, but he is not in a hurry to rush out. Lin Feng is confident that if he wants to go out, these grasses will not pose a threat to himself.
Windson maintained his own god field, although the grass can be wrapped in windson and Lin Lei, but there is no way to break through windson god field.
Lin Feng’s own soul force kept observing these grasses, and even Lin Feng’s soul force went deep into these grasses, but Lin Feng didn’t find anything to find that these grasses were more vigorous.
Lin Feng can’t feel these grass consciousness, so there are two answers. One reason is that these grass roots have no consciousness, and the other reason is that these grass consciousness is too strong, which leads to Lin Fengfa’s discovery.
But windson is definitely the first one. These grasses are unconscious.
After all, now windson is the middle god. If the grass consciousness is stronger than windson, then he is naturally a strong god.
But the reality is that these grass-roots methods have broken through the field of forest air gods, and it can be determined that these grasses are not strong gods.
So why are these grass opportunities so strong? What these grass will take the initiative to attack windson and Lin Lei? Windson lost in thought.
Lin Feng’s mind recalled the plot in the original work, and Lin Feng suddenly thought of the plant life in the cemetery of the gods in Lin Lei. Are these also plant life?
But isn’t plant life conscious? But these grasses are completely unconscious. They should be able to.
But windson decided to try again to see if he could see more things.
Windson a wave of his hand several wind blade appeared around windson refers to the wind blade instantaneous attack toward the grass.
May feel the danger coming, although these grasses try their best to dodge, but because there are too many wind blades from forest air, these grasses are kept being cut off.
Windson looked at reappearing in front of his eyes, and a smile appeared on his mouth.
But windson smile just appeared windson found himself wrapped up by the grass again.
What’s with the smile and the frozen forest air face and the grass? Haven’t you been cut off by yourself? What else will there be?
However, when Lin Feng looked intently, he found that the grass had been cut off and had grown back, and the growth rate was particularly fast. Lin Feng found that there were more grass.
Windson was a little angry, so he once again issued several wind blades.
These blades cut off the grass again, but Lin Feng didn’t move. He wanted to see if the grass would grow back.
Lin Feng has developed a deep curiosity about these grasses. Today, I don’t know what happened to these grasses. He’s not leaving yet. But Lin Feng may have forgotten his curiosity, but it will kill the cat. But is Lin Feng a cat?
Didn’t let windson down. These grasses have grown out again.
Lin Feng found that the original fine grass had become thicker, but these changes were not great, but they were discovered by careful observation of Lin Feng.
Is this evolution?
Chapter 10 Life Source Beads?
Although the grass has changed, windson didn’t mean that he recorded this change in his mind and windson didn’t feel dangerous.
Windson once again cut off the grass and repeat it again. The grass grows up again and wraps Windson and Lin Lei.
Windson heart some disdain up these grass don’t wrap yourself?
Windson thought of here and decided not to cut off the grass this time. He will be interesting to see if the grass will move a step.
Windson looked at the grass and suddenly there were many spikes, which made Windson’s face change. He didn’t expect that these grasses could be deformed. Windson’s heart seemed to have thousands of grass mud horses rushing by, which made Windson look at these grasses and his eyes become bad.
There is not much forest air in the past. At this time, the grass has been slowly rotating. With the acceleration of rotation, it seems that several wheels appear around the forest air because of the fact that the grass is full of forest air.
This wheel formed by grass is becoming more and more powerful. If there is a strong man in the sanctuary here, there is definitely no way for him to die in the end.
But don’t forget that Lin Feng is a middle god.
Although these wheels are powerful enough to kill the strong in the sanctuary, these wheels are the domain of the forest wind god.
Even if there is no god domain, Lin Feng will not be afraid because Lin Feng thinks that these wheel roots can’t break his skin, but Lin Feng is not a masochist. Since he has a god domain, he will try his own flesh.
Soon, the speed of these wheels will reach the limit. If we speed up again, these wheels will be scattered. After all, these wheels are made of grass, and the material of grass is very poor.
Several rounds of instant towards the central Lin Fengchong.
Windson felt a powerful force coming towards him. Although these wheels did not break the field of windson gods, they still shook windson’s body.
But these are the limits.
Lin Feng’s body quiver because Lin Feng didn’t have his own strength. Of course, it is a great thing that these wheels made of grass can make Lin Feng’s body quiver.
You know, since windson merged with Qinglong jingxie, his physical strength has reached a high level.
It is very good that some of them are not even grass in Warcraft, but they can shake Lin Feng’s body, which makes Lin Feng can’t help but face up to the fact that these grasses are weak, but they are still very strong if they reach a certain number.
This reminds Lin Feng of the ants in the past world. Although ants are small, if many ants unite, they will be blocked by creatures in nature. This is unity.
After so many temptations, Lin Feng has made a little discovery. There is definitely a great treasure with strong vitality here.
The vitality of grass here will be so lush, so what treasure Lin Feng thinks should be the source of life?
The life source bead is a treasure with great vitality, but it is good for the strong in the holy area. After all, after the level of God, you can extract divine power from the ocean of elements and restore it yourself.
However, even so, the life source bead is still very important for the gods. After all, even if you have a head left after the life source bead, it can help you recover. It can be said that the life source bead is definitely a rare artifact for the gods.
Although the life source bead has been lost to windson, it is very important for Lin Lei.
If Lin Lei has the life source bead, then it can protect Lin Lei as much as possible, so Lin Feng can be more at ease.
After all, with the source of life, even if Lin Lei encounters an irresistible enemy, it can help Lin Lei delay for a while, so that Beirut can have enough time to leave Lin Lei.