Ji Fei immediately got a fright when he entered the village, but soon his face changed from vigilance to wonder that Wenleyang was fighting with the enemy rapidly but ignored the others, and surrounded the body of Jiao.

The water mirror monk walked briskly to meet him, told Ji Fei’s story, and his eyes became brighter and brighter. After listening to it, he suddenly slapped his thigh at the fray and shouted, "Wen … Who killed this robber!"
Qin Zui Tiger roared, tangdao danced more fiercely, but the situation became more and more messy. He just realized that after a night of fighting by Tibetan forces, the real yuan was consumed greatly. Now, although the corpse of Jiao was exposed in the village, the chaotic poison accumulated before his death was completely permeated in the air. Qin Zui’s Tibetan potential had to be broken first, and then the dumpling appeared. For Qin Zui, it seemed that there was an extra mountain firmly pressing on him. It took almost every effort to cut a knife, and it didn’t take long for his strength to be exhausted.
Finally, after chopping out the last knife, Qin Zui lay sprawled on his back in geothermal Leyang. He was a little embarrassed and smiled. He ran to the old rabbit demon and asked for a monk to cultivate Yuan and restore his strength. After feeding Qin Zui, he smiled, "It’s a tie between us!"
Qin Cone nodded. "It’s a tie. That’s what you said!"
Wen Leyang laughed. "Good. Let’s fight again when you recover your strength?"
Unexpectedly, Qin Zui shook his head hard. "I won’t fight you. I’ll fight her directly when I’m healed of the nineteenth injury!" " He is really getting smarter now, and he wants to understand the ground when he has been awake all night.
Ji Fei smiled at what he had just said with a water mirror. He was really happy to pass through his mouth and smile in the tunnel first. Then he continued, "There are three casters who are in charge of painting the city, Le Yang Jian Jin and his two sons, the old man and the child, are dead. Le Yang Wen has never been home during this period. Some ordinary brothers have left a message asking him to come back and will contact us."
Wenleyang suddenly remembered a thing at this moment, and turned back to Qin Cone, who was working to melt the medicine, and said, "I’ll ask you something when you have a good rest."
Qin Cone nodded. "What’s for breakfast?"
"When I came back from Beijing, I went to the Panshan Mountain in Tianjin, wondering what happened to the dumpling body." Said Ji Fei, reaching out and pointing to the ground and rubbing his hands back and forth to kill the old snakeskin man. "Let’s invite Master Gongye to repair the body. Although it’s a bit inferior to Five Blessingg, when it comes to refining and casting swords, it belongs to Gongye!"
Wen Leyang didn’t go to Beijing from the sea. Farewell to Sichuan. It took almost twenty days for him to invite someone. He was covered in treasures and needed a master refiner to help him out.
The old rabbit demon is not happy and leaned in to have them with a smile. "Ji Fei’s errand is good! Although it’s only a few hundred years since the Gongye family made the secret technique, it’s only a matter of saying that it’s a unique day. However, if we find good materials, we will ask him for help, but … Their family wants to be paid … "
Ji Fei is better than laughing "reward?" When the old man in Gongye heard that it was Jiao, he was afraid that we wouldn’t get any reward if we didn’t ask him to refine the vessel! "
Gongye’s family inherited the refining technique, but the world-class materials are limited, and Gongye has a good craft, but it can’t always be put to full use. This time, I heard that Wen’s family got the dumpling body and immediately came with Ji Fei, just like a pianist with a unique rhyme who heard that "Green Qi" reappeared and wanted to play for the pianist, but refused to make a move before "Green Qi"
Sure enough, Ji Fei jumped to Wenleyang as soon as his voice fell, and went to the old man’s eyes as sharp as a knife. He was eager and looking forward to "Give me the dumpling … I don’t want to refine anything into a baby for you!"
WenLeYang haven’t talk two grandpa came running in anger "for you? You have to refine the Wen family things? What poison do you know? "
Gongye master flew into a rage "refining poison? Just grab a Agkistrodon … "Before he finished his words, Ji Fei covered his mouth … Master Gongye was flushed and struggled to break free from Ji Fei’s old hand and stared at Wen Leyang and said," Don’t move if I stab you! "
Wenleyang froze the old man’s meaning.
The old rabbit demon is not happy to push Wen Leyang from behind. "Just do what Master Gong Ye says, and he won’t harm you!"
Gongye nodded and made no excuse for striding to the body of Jiao, groping for the second master’s eyebrows in the face, and was about to speak when he was pulled by the big grandfather with a smile.
Gongye has been touching the tail of the snake from the neck of the snake for almost an hour, and his eyes suddenly lit up as if he had found something precious. He shouted at Master Wen Er, "Watch this!" Then the whole person became soft like a noodle.
Wen Leyang was just behind Gongye, and he was suddenly poisoned by the strange poison of the dumpling. He was just about to rescue people and found that it was not the case. The old man put his body firmly on the side of the dumpling body, and ten fingers tapped his fingers like dancing at the tail of a snake about seven feet away. Every time he struck a nearby dumpling scale, it rippled like water lines, and the scales rippled faster and faster. Then everyone was surprised and stared!
On the back of the dumpling, the scales are struggling with the fingers dancing, as if to break free from the shackles of the body. The forehead is dense with sweat, and the fingers dancing more rapidly. Finally, in the teeth friction, the scales on the back seem to bear thousands of pounds of weight and pull themselves away from the body of the dumpling!
However, the dumpling scale did not fall to the ground, and a thin long thorn scale was attached to the root of the scale, just like a struggling butterfly dancing and dragging the long thorn inch by inch, pulling out the bone spur from the corpse obliquely.
The fricative sound of a bone spur corpse is like an Excalibur that has never been born for thousands of years and is slowly emerging from its sheath.
Finally, nearly three feet of bone spurs were pulled out by scales, and the old man in Gongye also screamed, "Don’t move if you are warm!" The body jumped up and grabbed the bone spur. Everyone was dumbfounded. The expression went from the long thorn in the direction of the leg bone to the left leg of Wenleyang.
Wen Leyang has been reshaped into the meridian skeleton body, not to mention that the stabbing of the sword is an ordinary magic weapon, which can be carried all the time. However, whether it is tough skin or strong muscles in this spur, it has become the root of tofu residue, and it has been penetrated by the spur without any room for resistance.
Several grandfathers, uncles, non-water mirrors and others in the Wen family roared and shook their bodies at the same time, and they were about to pounce like the old man in Gongye.
There is still an old rabbit demon with a smile on his face, reaching out in front of Gongye and yelling, "Be calm!"
Gongye didn’t look at the Wens at all, staring firmly at Wenleyang’s look and asking, "How about how …"
Wenleyang’s expression is very strange, so long that a bone spur is almost pierced from his thigh to his ankle. If it is three inches, Ding Wen won’t talk about it, but it will be troublesome. Besides dumpling scales, the bone spur is buried in his left leg, but there is no pain.
The long thorn seems to come alive. With his breathing slowly expanding and contracting, Wen Leyang can clearly feel that a part of the circulating blood in his left leg is sucked away by the bone spur for a while, and then the bone spur contracts and returns his poisonous blood.
Facing the old man of Gongye, he kept urging Wenleyang to answer with a wry smile, "It doesn’t hurt to swell one by one …"
Gongye old man looks a little slow but still nervous "great! What else? "
Wen Leyang, I don’t know what to say. In the tone, I tried to stretch my left leg and move my body. "And my leg … can’t bend …"
Gongye old man leng for a while to react nu scold a way "nonsense dumpling thorn in the leg, of course, can’t bend! I mean, is it exchanging blood with you? "
Wenleyang quickly nodded.
Huo Ran, an old man, laughed with great joy and said, "You are so lucky!"
Chapter 41 Poisonous blood
The old man Yee was so embarrassed that Master Wen explained with satisfaction, "Hey | It is said that the mother bird and the father dragon gave birth to it, but its head, horns and wings can’t fly with its parents. It can dormant the bird calf. Before flying, a feathered beam was planted in its body, and when it is finished, it can fly!"
Xiao Yi woke up early at this time. After listening to the old man in Gongye, he remembered that he had read it before, and the sound was crisp. "All my life, I have been practicing this ridge and beam in my body, and my divine power is hidden in it!" After that, Xiao Yi blinked and asked with a smile, "Is all this true, Sir?"
Gongye’s old man’s face was surprised. A little girl in Wen’s village even knew that the story of dumpling was easy to smile and innocent and brilliant. When the old man saw her, he really liked to smile and shook his head. "It’s just a saying. Otherwise, Wen Xiao killed Jiao Jinlong and could not avenge his son." However, it is not wrong to hide all your strength in this thorn! "
Xiao Yili nodded. She had heard of the dumpling, but she didn’t understand the practice of refining. She pointed to Wen Leyang’s straight left leg and continued to ask, "Is that the dumpling thorn inserted into his leg …"