Xu seems to have a dead end.

It’s hard to break through whoever was buried in the dark by the 100 people.
It’s not that Charles doesn’t believe Xu, but that there is no way to believe that such an unscientific event will happen.
Charles’s heart hurts, but he can’t help it.
He can’t save Xu now
He has a car.
While Xu has attracted everyone’s attention, he must drive away because there are three children in his car.
But he suddenly stopped.
He shouted at Moss, "Come to the car and take your mother Liddy and Morty away."
Moss frowned. "You don’t drive?"
Charles seemed to have a flame burning in his eyes, saying, "I promised that our family was in a dead end. I want to leave because I don’t want my children to get hurt, because I am a father, but I want to send you away from myself, but I can’t leave because I am still a man."
As soon as the words sound fell, Charles smashed the window glass with one punch.
He will go out to help Xu, even though he will die.
But he can’t let the children die with him.
Therefore, he hopes that Moss can leave Eugene’s family with his family and he will protect it alone.
Yes, when Charles just smashed the window glass to prepare the car, screams came from outside the car.
"Ah ah ah!"
Charles was startled when the scream first appeared.
For a moment Charles looked around and then he saw a shocking scene.
Seeing that the original has been submerged by the sea of people, I don’t know when there was a sudden movement.
Xu is like a dragon breaking through the dark mud covering his head.
The whole wave was pierced by a big mouth.
After breaking a mouth, every punch can smash a passage in the crowd.
How big is Xu Li?
Even if ordinary people can smash a person to fly, there are too many people behind them who will smash the person behind them and then be stopped by shielding, which will not make a way out of the crowd.
But Xu this one punch to break out unexpectedly a road more than ten people have to the end.
At the same time, Xu’s moves are not static, nor can he be trapped in a sea of people.
Xu also moved the ghost step, the third phantom step.
Phantom of the opera step can make Xu jump when he is about to be recruited.
Now in this sea of people, Xu can rely on the phantom of the opera to avoid the attack, and the lotus step has not been able to get up.
At the same time, Xu mantis boxing finally has its place.
Xu every attack is bound to have a person completely lose combat effectiveness, and the speed of mantis boxing is very fast.
These people will retreat slightly in fear at the sight of Xu raising his arm.
Xu suddenly found a way!
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Mafia boss
Charles and Alice King, Liddy, Morty and Moss were dumbfounded.
They have thought highly of Xu and imagined Xu to be very powerful, but they still didn’t expect Xu to be so powerful.
Xu is almost in adversity at the moment, but Xu must seek eternal life in adversity!
This is equal strength!
See many people in the sea, such as people!
Xu Gen doesn’t like to fight, but like to hit people.
Even though Xu was surrounded by hundreds of people, no one could touch Xu’s hair.
Xu these people rushed around as if they were in and out of Zhao Long in those days.
Be in high spirits
One hundred people are not rivals for one person.
Even learning boxing since childhood, Moss couldn’t help exclaiming when he saw it.
Charles was also shocked by Xu Hang.
Liddy even covered her mouth, never thinking that the person who was ridiculed by herself before turned out to be such a person.
She was almost green with regret.
Morty angel is also like a little face, but also with a wave of surprise
Alice King also closed her eyes and thanked the Emperor for sending Xu to them.
One hundred people actually seem to be not enough to say hello. Xu has beaten these people with cold guts, and more than a dozen people have fallen.
Everyone stepped back and looked at Xu as if he were watching a devil.
At this time, Xu stood like a fiend overlooking all beings and said, "Can I see your boss now?"
These people nodded in a hurry as if frightened the rabbit.
Xu is very clear that the mafia can become a big brother in Gastown. It is absolutely impossible for some ordinary people to have real masters behind them. After all, even the flame organization has three masters.
And how arrogant and arrogant is a daring street gun shooting organization?
I won’t ask this at all.
The only way to help the Eugene family solve the root problem is to go deep into the tiger’s den and get the tiger.