Zhang Dingfeng hey hey smiled. "It seems that you were right when you left."

"What did you say?" Du Feng suddenly DengYuan eyes.
Zhang Dingfeng is supercilious. "Killing your father is really the head of the Shenji Mansion, and most of them are the power of Zuoying Wang Yi. Unfortunately, they don’t know that too many things have been given benefits in such a fog."
Hearing this, Du Feng was immediately silent, but Lin Jiayu was very surprised and asked, "What the hell is this?"
Zhang Dingfeng didn’t hide it. He said that Zuo Ying Wang had been caught in a Taoist conspiracy because of Chixiao Sword, which was similar to that of Lu Yao Wang.
Finally, Zhang Dingfeng said, "Fortunately, the investigation of this incident has also brought disasters to them. Similarly, some koo people were implicated. When Thirteen Iron Guards were hunted, I was unwilling to join the teaching to save my life, and I also taught Zuo Ying Wang one."
"Human feelings?" Du Feng frowns
Zhang Dingfeng nodded, swallowed and opened his mouth, but frowned. Lin Jiayu saw him busy and fed him a pill. Zhang Dingfeng ate Du Feng no matter what he opened his mouth. "What did you give him?"
Lin Jiayu said, "I can do the same for pain relief."
Zhang Dingfeng said that Xie had improved for a moment. He said, "Zuo Ying Wang didn’t have the heart to kill all the people and let them disband themselves. Many congregations can keep a small part, but who would have expected that at that time, Zuo Ying Wang took over the Chixiao Sword and had an accident before he took care of it. Then he left Shenji Mansion, but teaching did not follow Zuo Ying Wang’s instructions, which was a violation of their promise."
Lin Jiayu smiled bitterly and laughed. "No wonder Master refused to tell me that this matter is beyond my power. Master, why did you finally tell me?"
Du Feng said for a long time that the sentence left by his father in those days has always been a knot in his heart, but when he knew all this, he didn’t have joy or resentment. After so many years, many people no longer knew the truth, but they couldn’t do anything. He suddenly felt that people were really small.
"Why are you telling me this?" Du Fengshen asked Zhang Dingfeng
Zhang Dingfeng asked Zheng, "Isn’t this what you want to know?"
Lin Jia Yu Qiaomei frowned slightly and said, "What’s the matter with you?"
Du Feng saw that Lin Jiayu knew what Lin Jiayu must have said to Zhang Dingfeng, and he didn’t say much about it. He shook his head and said, "Nothing, I’m fine." Then he sighed, "I suddenly feel that sometimes we are really humble and can’t do anything even if we know everything."
Zhang Dingfeng said, "Yes, some things can’t be judged by personal grievances."
Lin Jiayu was a little unwilling. "Are we just going to leave it alone?"
Du Feng said, "Why did Guan Yan die a long time ago? King Zuo Ying also left the Shenji Mansion, and those catchers were arrested and executed by the Shenji Mansion. What can we do if the damn people are dead?"
Lin Jiayu was silent. She didn’t know what it was like, and her eyes were quietly moist. For many years, she never imagined that she would have a relationship with her parents. She wondered if he was Zhao Tianheng’s child. It was not good for Zhao Tianheng not to get married. For a long time, she thought, just like this, I don’t know, and there would be no worries in my heart.
But now she’s in some pain, thinking, God wants me to know this, but she can’t do anything. It’s better not to know it, so that she won’t be so uncomfortable. My feelings for Shenjifu have collapsed in these years.
"Teaching was implicated because you told Hu Yuncheng the secret of Chixiao Sword, right?" Quiet for a moment Du Feng also thought a lot.
Zhang Dingfeng laughed, "You are really smart."
Du Feng shook his head and said, "It’s not that I’m clever, but that I know a lot of things that I don’t want to know."
"I didn’t realize until now that I haven’t let go of all these years." Zhang Dingfeng smiled sadly. "When the Red Sword was born, my heart was boiling. So many brothers died. How can I not want to reveal this long-buried secret now?"
Du Feng said, "Why will Hu Yuncheng listen to you?"
Zhang Dingfeng shook his head. "He knew this a few years ago that Zhu Gaoxu Rebellion had wooed many Jianghu sects. At that time, Hu Yun learned the secret in the Chixiao Sword through Zhu Gaoxu and personally visited the Chixiao Sword Pool. It’s a pity that Zhu Gaoxu failed to teach the climate. Since then, he has been dormant. This time, when Chixiao Sword came out, I was the first to find out and he pushed this matter to me."
Du Feng’s frown is inconsistent with what he knows, but Du Feng has no intention. It is of great significance for him for Hu Yun to participate.
"On the one hand, he wants to know the secret in the Chixiao Sword, and on the other hand, he is afraid that I will be bad for him. All he wants is for me to test it. If I fall into nature, I will be pushed out to avoid being implicated." Zhang Dingfeng sighed. "I also have a heavy identity as an iron guard. He is very profitable."
Du Feng said, "It’s a pity that he miscalculated. It’s a big sacrifice for Shenjifu to take teaching as a shield, isn’t it?"
"It’s really not small," Zhang Dingfeng mused. "It’s really beyond our expectation that Shenjifu aimed at teaching, but I’m afraid there is a reason to look back now."
Du Feng said unexpectedly, "What’s the reason?"
Zhang Dingfeng looked outside the prison and lowered his voice. "The right eagle king and Xiao San of Shenjifu are extraordinary, and Xiao San married a flower in the Central Plains. At that time, no one knew the origin of a flower in the Central Plains. I didn’t know that this flower in the Central Plains was a godbrother until I joined the church."
Du Feng was surprised. "Is a flower in the Central Plains a godbrother?"
Zhang Dingfeng said, "She is a disciple of the teaching leader and got the teaching leader. It is really the most promising to be a teacher, but the teaching people are intrigued with each other. The position of a fancy teacher in the Central Plains has left the teaching, but the teaching failed to reassure her. She was chased by the teaching people."
Du Feng and Lin Jiayu were surprised and surprised. I can’t believe there is such an unknown story.
Zhang Dingfeng took a deep breath and continued, "It is said that a flower in Xiao San and the Central Plains died in one year. I think it is very likely that the death of a flower in the Central Plains is the teaching of the gods. It is possible that Xiao San intends to inform the right eagle king to retaliate against the teaching. For the eagle king of the gods, this is just a matter of lifting a finger."
Du Feng listen to secretly lose this point is * * naked revenge right eagle king is Xiao San, so he let the ChiXiao sword again just revenge teach kill his wife? This time, Xiao San may be trying to catch all the religions.
Spending so much money really makes Du Fengfa imagine how determined Xiao San is to turn, and he wants to see why the cold sword pool was destroyed. Yes, give the emperor a better reason to cover up what he wants to do? How many koo people will be sacrificed when one person is implicated in so many people?
"Thank you for telling me this."
Zhang Dingfeng waved his hand and said, "Don’t thank me. I have a request when I die. I hope you can promise me."
Du Fengdao said, "I will try my best to do something that goes against heaven."
Zhang Dingfeng nodded painfully. It seems that the pill has passed the pain relief, and his eyebrows are tightly knit together. He clenched his fist and resisted the pain. He has the strength to say, "Zuo Ying Wang ran away just because he didn’t want to see too many people sacrifice thirteen iron guards. The dissolution was also to satisfy the court’s hope that they could stop killing, but now that Zuo Ying Wang’s efforts were all in vain, I hope you can stop Right Eagle Wang from stopping Hu Yun from letting them fight to the death."
Du Feng said seriously, "I promise you."
Zhang Dingfeng smiled with relief. "I can finally feel at ease."
Chapter 140 is out of control.
Du Feng and Lin Jiayu looked at each other when they got out of the cell. It was a little easy for them to understand a generation of grievances, but they didn’t know whether it was right or wrong to do nothing.