It’s hard for five ethnic groups and many forces to guard against death. Many practitioners will be banned by ethnic groups from time to time, and then they will be thoroughly investigated. Some monks who don’t want to disclose the loose-packed and true colors are forced to show their true colors. The inspection of the five forces is pervasive.

However, they didn’t find Liang Yizheng hiding in the ring of Gankun’s true spirit with Jiyun’s finger.
However, Liang Yi is sad enough not to be found out that he can’t take the initiative to explore the outside world, but can stay in the narrow and dry spirit ring, and the outside situation is also told to him by Jiyun’s secret mind.
How prosperous and beautiful the Imperial Capital of Han Empire is, Liang Yi also got a personal look.
After entering the imperial city of Han, Jiyun entrusted a set of three-handle fairy wares to auction and got a total of 935 yuan lingshi.
After an auction, Liang Yi finally found out something about the magic weapon and the fairy device. This information is in the human world and genkai Xianzhou, which is quite impossible to understand.
First of all, the magic weapons used by the immortals are forged in the celestial realm, but the ingredients are not inflow, the magic weapon of the spiritual level, the magic weapon of the middle spiritual level, and the highest level of the magic weapon of the extremely spiritual level. Among them, Liang Yi’s mixed Yuan Tu Lingbao belongs to the typical purple spiritual treasure. The so-called purple spiritual treasure generally evolved from the magic weapon of the immortals’ life or evolved from the magic weapon of the ordinary top spiritual level in a big chance. The power and beauty of the purple spiritual treasure are not slightly worse than the fairy, and the purple spiritual treasure is even more powerful than the high-level fairy.
Moreover, after the Godsworn achieved the immortal way, he can also transform the Zifu Lingbao with his own immortal strength, and the power will be upgraded after the transformation.
Yu Xianqi is made from the bones of the immortal beast of Xianshiling Mine, which is inherently superior to the magic weapon of the immortals. From low to high, the fairy is divided into four equal orders, twelve times yellow, mysterious, prefecture-level and sky-level. In addition, there are innate treasures such as Xianxianqi and congenital Lingbao.
For Xianqi and Liang Yi, I now know that the three-handle Xianqi-level flying sword just auctioned out is the lowest yellow-level Xianqi, but fortunately, it is a whole set of Xianqi, and its value is barely comparable to that of the yellow-level Xianqi.
Immortals and elixirs are still in short supply for the scattered immortals in this world. Even the high-order scattered immortals in the core of the imperial house are rare to start with a yellow fairy with the worst quality, like the evil spirit statue that commands a vast imperial house. It is only the Xuan fairy, and the Wolf Road statue is given to this old fairy sword the day after tomorrow. Of course, one and one are two levels apart, but their power is quite different.
After selling three fairy flying swords, Liang Yi finally got rid of the embarrassing situation of lacking Yuan Lingshi.
Then Liang Yi asked Jiyun to take out 200 yuan of Lingshi and buy a batch of wild animal nuclei and comfortable rations from major businesses in the late refining period. Because the wild animal nuclei in the late refining period are not top treasures in this world, one yuan Lingshi can negotiate to buy 200 or 300 pieces of a huge sum of money, and the little monster can save some food, so the rations will fall in the next decade.
In addition, Jiyun also took out 200 yuan of lingshi to buy extremely lingshi yuan lingshi aura, which is 10,000 times that of extremely lingshi yuan. However, the market exchange ratio is as high as 150,000 to one, and all of them are valuable. The exchange of 200 yuan lingshi into extremely lingshi naturally filled the blue sky.
Jiyun’s overwhelming movement in the imperial city naturally attracted you to pay attention to the five ethnic groups, but he didn’t care much. When Jiyun made a small fortune, after all, the mainland of the spiritual world was vast, and there were countless adventures. Naturally, he wouldn’t look at the small fortune. The five major forces didn’t take it seriously, but some monks with ulterior motives played Jiyun’s idea
"Your Lord, this is the situation now. What should I do if my brother receives it?" Jiyun sank his mind into the ring of Gankun’s true spirit and reported to Liang Yi
"Take you to practice in the imperial city for a period of time" Liang Yi replied.
"Ah, practice?" Jiyun consternation way
With a wave of his hand, Liang Yi flew out of Gankun Zhenling Ring with a three-color spirit tattoo. "This is a breakthrough experience given to you by the combination seat of Longhe Sanzhuan Zhenling, which should help you advance to Du Jie in three years." This Dan is the elixir refined from Zhu Rong Zhenling Fruit, and its efficacy is almost equivalent to that of Gansanzhuan Dan refined from the fairy in the fire.
"Ah, three lines are really magic!" Jiyun surprised and thanked Liang Yi, and even put away the dragon’s three turns.
"Practice well. If you have time, go to the auction and see if you can find colorful treasures. If you have words, you can try to refine the seven-turn magic bullet." Liang Yi confessed that Jiyun’s body suddenly disappeared in Jiyun’s gaze, but it entered the blue spirit day.
Liang Yi intends to take Jiyun to the demon territory, but this youngest son has the strength to fit in the late stage, and he can’t even run at the key moment, which can help him break through to the early stage of Du Jie and then plan it. Fortunately, there is no shortage of Lingshi in the blue sky now, and it is not in the waves.
In order to let Jiyun buy the true spirit, refine the seven-turn true panacea, and because Liang Yi is now at the peak of the mid-term fit, it is estimated that he will be able to advance to the late stage in the near future. By then, even the top Dan medicine of the five-turn Dan class will not be very obvious for him to have five yuan gods.
After entering Biling Tianhou, Liang Yi closed his eyes again and waited for Jiyun to break through the Du Jie period before making a plan to be continued.
The seventh volume Wind and rain spirit world Chapter DiWuQiWu Xuanwu spirit realm
Liang Yi looked at a pile of Lingshi hills that had turned into fly ash, and his face showed disappointment.
When I was three years old, I had come according to Liang Yi’s expectation. When I was three years old, I should have been able to pierce the last diaphragm to carry out the third dimension of God’s body, and successfully advanced to the later stage of the body. However, it backfired. Three years ago, Liang Yi was on the verge of a breakthrough. In these three years, I spent a lot of hard work, but I was still in that unbroken state. My mana was completely stagnant before March, and I learned the slightest aura from the outside world in France.
This situation is the first time since Liang Yi condensed into the Five Elements Yuan Baby. It is reasonable to say that Liang Yi’s understanding in Heaven has far exceeded his own realm, and even created the Five Elements Magic, which is even better than many powerful immortals’ cultivation techniques. Generally, there will be no bottlenecks.
However, one way to practice is to go against the sky, and there are too many restrictions. In many cases, enough practice may not be smooth sailing.
"It’s not a matter of morality, nor is it a matter of mood." Liang Yi kept thinking about his situation in his heart. The situation of ordinary monks is very different. First of all, the five gods are the same body, which has condensed the innate force and inspired the blood and flesh of god beasts.
"The problem should be in the physical body." Liang Yi suddenly shivered and thought of a possibility that the physical body is completely compatible, and the whole fitness period must be combined three times to be considered as a complete merit. Liang Yi needs to be promoted to the later stage of fitness. However, this physical body is not simply to blur the Yuan God into the physical body, and there are still many restrictions, such as the mana attribute of Yuan God and the physical body to adapt.
And Liang Yi’s five great yuan gods were refined in Tianyuan, which was vigorous and concise, but it was just the same, that is, the dragon blood in the flesh was the same. Long Yuanli’s first two fit Liang Yi was lucky to finish it with pure mana and powerful flesh, but this last time it was difficult to bypass this hurdle. One was blocked from the door of the late fit
In the future, if an ordinary monk initiates the Dragon Blood, it may not be imprisoned in the fitting period, because this Dragon Blood will naturally generate a little dragon force in the Godsworn Yuan God, and then gradually expand. However, Liang Yi’s self-created "Five Elements of Magical Work" was too strong to help Tianyuan Force, and directly fed Long Yuanli back to the flesh as an impurity, so that the flesh was filled with enough dragon blood, but Yuan God did not even have a little dragon force. In the end, it was his own harm.
After all the holidays, Liang Yi’s face stretched slightly.
There are two ways to solve this dilemma. One is to find a way to get rid of the dragon blood vessels in the flesh, so that not only the flesh has suffered a great blow, but even the imaginary shadow avatar of the dragon god can’t be put to good use. What’s more, the dragon blood vessels have penetrated into the bone marrow and Liang Yi is completely integrated. If you want to get rid of the dragon blood vessels completely, it is not the kind of loss that Liang Yi likes.
The second is to cultivate a dragon’s demon-cultivating skill. Once it is successful, all problems will be solved naturally. However, this method is also difficult. First, it is hard to find a dragon’s demon-cultivating skill in the world, and even if it is difficult to find a suitable skill and Terran body to cultivate, it will be even more difficult to cultivate Long Yuanli. You know that there are very few people who are generally known as the descendants of dragons to cultivate Long Yuanli.