Tourmaline if she could come, she wouldn’t be in such a hurry.

Xuan pupil glared at the old head nurse who didn’t know much. Although she knew that her business was business, he couldn’t be indifferent to being accused of being his father.
He has to go in, not the younger brothers, not the mother. He is worried that her mother will not make it, and there will be any danger. In that case, at least he can give her some spiritual strength.
Chapter 359 Not optimistic 1
Xiao Xuan pupil immediately said that my father is not at home and has gone away. I have to take care of my mother. I must go in
Nurse, let me go in with me. Momowa, you wait outside for the operation sheet. I’ll sign it. I’m responsible for it
Mrs. Chai, this is against the rules.
The rule is that if I can’t look after my son, I can’t give birth with peace of mind.
Chai Wanying is very strong.
Tourmaline has already happened, and I can’t let Wan Wan worry outside the operating room.
And she also has to look at Wan Wan to feel at ease.
Mowa is also anxious about the hostess at the moment, and I have to follow the hostess for generations, so I can’t leave the hostess.
Mowa is obedient. Do you want to resist my orders?
Chai Wanying struggled to sit up.
Two nurses hurriedly pressed her shoulder. Mrs. Chai, please stop moving. It’s not good.
Sister Mowa, please wait for me outside. Mom will be fine.
Xuan pupil a look in the past ink Eva finally compromise nodded his head.
Followed by a series of busy.
Soon a group of nurses carefully lifted Chai Wanying directly from the hospital bed and put it on a stretcher with rollers.
Salt water has already been hung up again.
Xuan pupil so sitting beside Chai Wanying place along with the bed was pushed into the operating room.
That agreement can still be signed by Chai Wanying without her husband and other immediate relatives present.
Outside the operating room
Anesthesiologists have long been ready to wait there.
Doctors and nurses wearing masks were shocked when they saw Xuan Pupil come in with them.
Why did you bring a child here? This is the operating room.
Min, the head nurse, walked over and whispered a few words to the senior chief anesthesiologist.
The anesthesiologist’s eyes behind those glasses were still a little difficult, but he didn’t send them again.
It’s a quick tunnel to disinfect the patient and return the child.
Chai Wanying has no feeling of pain.
The blood is still bleeding.
Chai Wanying tried to stay awake and didn’t want to feel dizzy more and more.
Listen to what the nurses and doctors around you are saying in a vague and clear voice.