Fiona Fang’s magic weapon was all erased by Xia Qi’s bullying, but Xia Qi didn’t find Xiaobai from it, which made Xia Qi very angry.

"Where is the white tiger? Give it to me quickly or I’ll kill you immediately! "
Xia Qi’s heart is anxious. One is to worry about Xiaobai, and the other is to worry about Fang Ruhai and Fang Rujing. I’m afraid that things will come here immediately at the moment.
"I don’t have the white tiger here. I have given it to the Lord Fang Ruhai!"
Fiona Fang was seized by Xia Qi’s throat and felt great pain and death threat. But at this time, he never dared to call Xiaobai out. He was afraid that once he found Xiaobai Xia Qi, he would kill himself immediately.
He expects to delay for a while until the elder and the second elder realize that things here will come at once, and his life will not be a problem when he comes!
How could Xia Qi not know Fiona Fang’s thoughts?
As soon as Fiona Fang’s voice fell, he felt his shoulder was broken and his arm was cold, followed by a sharp pain!
"Ah …!"
Fiona Fang was horrified and screamed!
The five fingers of his right hand were broken by Xia Qi’s sword at the moment!
Many monks who saw all this in the distance gasped!
Xia Qitai is too cruel to directly cut off Fiona Fang’s palm without hesitation. It turns out that there is no fear and fear in Aoki City, such as the sea and the mirror. These two Yuan infant monks!
"I don’t have time to hand over Xiao Bai, and I’ll let you live, or you’ll die now. Don’t doubt my determination!"
Xia Qi eyes cold murder awe-inspiring sound like ice let Fiona Fang gave a shudder in the heart a surprised almost said it is on second thought that the white tiger is more important than not finding a small white before Xia Qi absolutely can’t kill himself Fiona Fang suddenly gritted his teeth and resolutely refused to say!
Fiona Fang eyes firmly not mouth and Xia Qize is to see Fiona Fang eyes after a wave of his right hand holding a cold light flashing split ninja team conveniently cut!
Fiona Fang’s right arm is broken and falls, and the blood at the broken arm gushes like a fountain!
"Ah … Xia Qi you dare to cut off my arm? Do you know who I am? I am the patriarch of the royal beast clan. Fang Ruhai and Fang Rujing are just elders. You broke my arm and you are dying! "
Fiona Fang’s pain is worse than the blood in his right arm. A feeling of weakness is surging to make Fiona Fang feel like falling into hell. The whole person is yelling wildly.
Crack heavenly sword through Fiona Fang’s abdomen and then pull it out to leave a blood hole. Blood spurts out and the robe is dyed red and drops to the ground. It looks miserable!
"Hand over the white tiger or you will die today!"
No tube fangyuan yelling Xia Qi simply than again without sloppily stab Fiona Fang belly pierced Fiona Fang is more painful face distorted vitality in the rapid passage!
"I said I said! The white tiger is in the animal ring, just in the animal ring! "
The death threat woke Fiona Fang up, and the panic was better than shouting. He didn’t hesitate to say where Xiaobai was, and he dared not continue to fight hard.
Xia Qi grabbed the royal animal ring and directly erased the surface mark. It was found that there was a hole in the royal animal ring, which turned out to be a small world, in which the white tiger was imprisoned and struggling.
The light flashed that Xia Qi broke the ban and saved Xiaobai to the little girl to take care of.
Then Xia Qi’s left hand was surging, and he was going to strangle Fiona Fang and escape!
"Little beast wants to die!"
But just then Xia Qi felt his left hand wind blowing through his throat. Fiona Fang was unexpectedly out of Xia Qi’s control in this instant, and at the same time, his ear came full of new dangers and binge drinking!
Roar like thunder, like Tianwei!
"Fang Ruhai is the Lord of the Sea!"
"Fang Ruhai, the great elder of the Imperial Beast Sect!"
In the distance, many monks who want to fish in troubled waters while Xia Qi is injured and Fiona Fang retreats suddenly stop at this time and exclaim!
A figure captures Fiona Fang’s majestic face and a full-bodied blood-flashing blood eagle. It is Fang Ruhai, the elder of the Imperial Beast Sect of Aoki City Lord!
Fang Ruhai’s five-story journey is like light. Just now, when Xia Qi rescued Xiao Bai, he was able to rescue Fiona Fang from Xia Qi. This speed is just like a ghost!
A little infusion of Zhenyuan stabilized Fiona Fang’s injury and picked up Fiona Fang’s broken hand at the same time, and then Fang Ruhai took the flank, and his palm was like a sky covering Xia Qi and my girl!
"Little girl, let’s go!"
Xia Qi pushed the jade bell, and his true yuan poured into his body and became a true yuan armor. At the same time, he tied the dragon to meet the dragon!
This palm is so powerful that it seems that everything will be shattered. Xia Qi feels an irresistible force surging and sweeping!
The dragon’s palm crashed at the moment of collision, and it seems that there is a crack in the dragon’s rope! The power of the palm print of the flying dragon rope is weakened, but it still hits Xia Qi with one hand!
True Yuan condensed armor together with body armor collapsed at the same time, and the palm print was firmly printed on Xia Qi’s chest. With great strength, Xia Qi was blown out and sprayed with blood!
Xia Qi feels that a great force of the body is extremely overbearing, and the veins are broken and the abdomen is chaotic. He wants to smash Xia Qi’s body from the department!
Six healing pills were swallowed in the mouth, but Xia Qi couldn’t feel the other bodies as if they were about to break, and they were quickly destroyed by that force.
"Give it up!"
Fang Ruhai’s sullen hand shaking unexpectedly hit two handprints at the same time, one towards Xia Qi and one over the jade bell.
Xia Qi’s health is extremely bad at this time. Fortunately, Fang Ruhai is greedy for rebellion. There is no killer in the Five Elements Avatar. His purpose is to abolish Xia Qixiu and capture Xia Qi.
The palm wind roared, Xia Qi and Yu Ling both felt a sense of suffocation, which was like a boat in the sea struggling against the tide!
"Who dares to touch our jade family? !”
The wind raged and messed up the hair, robes, hunting Xia Qi and jade bells, but at this time, there was a domineering roar in the sky!
This angry drink is really like a thunder sound, and the clouds are scattered like the sea. The two handprints of Xia Qi and Jade Bell are actually smashed in this angry drink!
Everyone was dumbfounded!
Even Fang Ruhai can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!
Just now, I felt the anger like the sea! Where did he hit two palms? Like a wisp of smoke, he shook his mind!
At that moment, he felt this anger as if the will of heaven and earth could not be disobeyed!