Quietly glancing out of the window with eyes, although the picture is not particularly clear, it is rare to see the big-character signboard Ai Yawen reading "East Entertainment Media Co., Ltd."

The bright red color hanging at the top of a building about ten stories makes other buildings a background.
Dongyu Media Co., Ltd.
Isn’t this Yi Shaoqian’s romantic stallion?
Sao Bao is indeed a Sao Bao, and even the company signboard is as high-profile as others.
Yi Shaoqian
Yi Shaoqian
Unconsciously, I remembered the name of a man I didn’t want to meet most. Yan Xi was full of cows and felt that if I really met him now, God would bless me.
It is convenient for her to ask for help because she meets someone she knows.
"Are you sure we can believe it?" Obviously, the young man in the hat is the leader of several of them. He turned from the co-pilot position and looked at Yanxi’s good facial features and graceful posture and unconsciously gave birth to evil thoughts.
This girl is beautiful from a distance and even more beautiful from a close look.
It’s really a rich old man who keeps a mistress and is handsome enough.
It’s a pity that they are busy sending people to good places now, otherwise
Weeds are like miscellaneous eyebrows. Pick one after another and look at Yanxi. Unconsciously, she will shrink back.
"Of course, because I am quiet, I can suffer less. If it were you, you would choose the same method." A strong disgusting smell of gasoline mixed with men’s lustful eyes made her feel nauseous
"Well, you’re right." The young man nodded and wore a hat, and then he said, "I still can’t rest assured."
"Blackie, find a piece of cloth and gag her."
"Eldest brother, where can I find you a piece of cloth?"
"Idiot, if you can’t find it, pull a piece from your clothes." Ordinary is more than some ugly faces. The young man in the hat is dark and scolds this and needs to ask him again.
"Wait, who told you to kidnap me?"
While the little black tears YanXi couldn’t help but express doubts.
Who hates her so much and needs to buy a murderer to kidnap her?
"You’ll know when you get on the bus." Naturally, it’s impossible for him to answer whatever the other party asks. The young man in the hat is quite impatient.
"Why don’t you tell me when it’s not much different from now, and let me be tied less and tied a little white?"
"Why are you so wordy, blackie? Are you fucking tearing clothes or iron?" The young man in the hat roared.
"Good good" rushed to shake hands cloth black from his seat to seal YanXi mouth.
"Kidnapping people is illegal. Do you know and do you know who I am?"
Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a familiar red and black car shadow. Yanxi took Yi Shaoqian’s Bugatti Weihang and was always concerned about men’s desperate running.
Yi Shaoqian, you’re so cute. You’re a lover.
Push Yanxi to the ground with both feet, and lean forward with the help of force and bump into the window glass.
It hurts her to death.
What is the pain at this time?
Make persistent efforts. Yanxi crashed and even the car mat under his ass trembled together.
"Mom, hurry up and hold her down." I really want to jump directly from the co-cab. Unfortunately, the limited number of young men in hats in the van has not yet teleported.
There is a striking red light at the intersection ahead. Yi Shaoqian slowly braked on his left foot and smoked a cigarette while waiting for the green light.
White smoke curled up from his fingers and felt that the air in the car was too bad. He left the window to ventilate.
"Yi Shaoqian" has just been subdued in the van. Yanxi finally met the handsome and evil man in Bugatti Weiwei and turned his head.
The forefinger went to play the cigarette and moved suddenly. Yi Shaoqian had sucked it in and choked him to death because he forgot to spit it out.
"Cough cough cough"
He is an old smoker anyway, but he has been exposed to cigarettes since he was ten years old.
Such a low-level mistake should not be made, but he was scared to forget when he saw the woman fall in the van next door.
Although it is only less than one eye, the outline of Yanxi is easy to draw in my head even with my eyes closed.
Why is she in that tattered van?
The Zhou family is not poor enough to let her go out in this car, is it?
"di di di"
Desperately honking the horn at the van next door, Yi Shaoqian saw that the other party did not respond, so he directly drilled half of his body from the window and then smashed the glass with his hand.
"His mother this can be in trouble" face a flash of bad luck, wearing a hat young man can regret it. Go and listen to Yanxi that pile of bullshit.
This is great.
Someone found out.
Although he didn’t catch what Yan Xi Guan Yi Shaoqian shouted, it was about a name. Obviously, these two people knew each other.
"Big ox cart"
"Eldest brother, there are twenty seconds left in the red light."
"Fuck you, you rogue, what traffic rules do you still talk about?" A young man in a hat pushed Daniel to the end.
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51 heroes save the United States
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