I don’t know how long it took when the silence spread.

"Danfu, look at you, you have lost weight." Gu Yanchen recovered his usual composure, and his eyes shone with wisdom and walked back to the bedside to sit. "Leave him, he can’t protect you."
Knowing that she disliked him, he didn’t reach out and touch her again.
"I said I would protect him." This assassination, she knew whether Gu Yanchen had Song Danfu or not. Since Gu Yanchen said Song Danfu, "Go back and tell Xie Jiacheng that I won’t just forget it."
"You protect him" Gu Yanchen was furious and unconsciously raised his voice. "How can you protect him if you don’t even have children?"
He is really angry. Danfu is so hurt that she even said she would protect her.
Gu Qingyi is so important that she can lay down her life for him.
"What did you say?" Song Danfu asked "What child" unconsciously appearing in her voice.
Children? What children?
Did you just dream of a child?
Song Danfu didn’t know what the fear came from, but she didn’t forget the little girl in the dream, whose face was wronged and her nose was red with tears. She asked her, "Mommy, why don’t you want me?"
She called her mommy.
Song Danfu’s brain turned quickly, and her abdomen was so painful in the river that she fainted. Since she woke up, Gu Qing’s shallow expression added to her body feeling when she talked to him.
It turned out that she was not injured but lost a child.
A child who lost her life when she didn’t know she was coming is false, but the pain is not enough to make her lose her mind.
"Dan fu, don’t you know that you are pregnant?" Gu Yanchen was surprised by Song Dan fu’s expression, but he was also a transparent person, so he thought that Dan fu might not know that she was pregnant and didn’t tell her after entering the hospital.
Gu Qing shallow why don’t you tell Dan fu that he can already guess.
He learned from Xie Jiacheng that Danfu was pregnant and miscarried. He came to the hospital to accompany Danfu for one night, but he was here, although he was outside the door.
The word "pregnancy" made Song Danfu cast a ingot, and her horse thought of her first dream with Gu Yanchen, which was so real that she was uncertain and a faint sadness floated to her heart.
That time, it would be the secret that she brought to the grave, but Gu Yanchen appeared in front of her again and again to wake her up about what she had suffered.
Hatred is condensed in my heart. Song Danfu is full of fighting breath. She wants to kill Gu Yanchen, but she can’t kill him. She can’t forget him. Even when her memory is incomplete, it is an indisputable fact that he saved her life.
"Roll" didn’t see Gu Yanchen Song Danfu’s hand pointing to the door and folded way
"Get out of here, your horse!"
"Dan Fu Dan Fu, calm down." I know that I hurt her again. Gu Yanchen’s remorse is blue. She can’t consider Dan Fu’s strength to reach out and hug her to comfort her. He doesn’t know what to say.
He doesn’t know that Gu Qing’s shallowness even kept the abortion from Danfu. He really doesn’t know.
If he knew he wouldn’t, he would never.
"Don’t touch me" Song Danfu growled and broke free from Gu Yanchen’s arms and punched Gu Yanchen in the chest "Get out of here"
In anger, Song Danfu made a great effort to kill Gu Yanchen. Gu Yanchen’s skill was not as good as Song Danfu’s. He fell out and hit the door and then fell to the ground.
His chest hurts and his mouth overflows with blood, but he doesn’t care to climb up and walk towards Song Danfu.
"Dan Fu" A gust of wind blew past Gu Yanchen’s bedside, and someone was holding him. He was no longer needed. Gu Yanchen wait for a while looked at his eyes without turning.
"Be good, don’t get excited, don’t get excited." Gu Qing gently hugged Song Danfu’s big hand and gently patted her back. "It’s okay. I’m coming. It’s okay."
He went out to do something, and when he came back, he knew something was wrong when he saw Sean sitting on the bench outside.
In the ward, Danfu angrily shouted that his heart was tight and he rushed in without stopping for a moment, regardless of the situation in the ward.
Fortunately, she’s fine. I’m glad that the purple eyes look at Gu Yanchen. His mouth is bleeding and his hand is obviously injured on his chest.
What did Xiao Chen do? Danfu wanted to beat him like this.
"Gu Qing’s shallow" bosom friend called his voice broken and dry, Gu Qing’s shallow eyes gently kissed "It’s me, I’m here" on her forehead.
Song Danfu stopped talking, and a loose nervous fainted in Gu Qing’s shallow arms.
Gu Qing-shallow gave her a check-up to make sure that her body was all right before she was allowed to sleep alone in the hospital bed. He got up and went to Gu Yanchen.
"Go and have a check-up. You may be badly hurt." Although he can’t predict the strength of Danfu’s shot, he is a doctor, and the patient’s pain can’t escape his eyes.
"I made a mistake again." Song Danfu Gu Yanchen muttered, "I always seem to hurt her."
"Let’s go out and talk" patted Gu Yanchen on the shoulder and took the lead in going out.
They didn’t go far and sat on a bench outside the ward.
"Xiao Chen" said directly without beating around the bush, "No matter what happened between you and Danfu, five years have passed, and no one can change it. Now Danfu has lost everything with you. She is my wife. I hope you remember that."
Gu Yanchen froze, his eyebrows wrinkled and his face was full of disgust. "You’re showing me that Daphne already belongs to you. You want me to leave her. I tell you it’s impossible. You can also put away your high-sounding hypocrisy. I won’t buy it."
"I don’t show off, I need to show off." Gu Qing’s shallow lips evoked a chuckle. "You’re not excited. I’m practical."
"In my opinion, there is no past." Gu Yanchen turned to look at Gu Qingyi and said, "I still love her."
He loves her more than anyone else.
"But she doesn’t love you anymore." Gu Qingyi hit the nail on the head
"Don’t you really love her?" Gu Yanchen sneered. "Five years ago, she sent me to prison to bury her youth. A girl’s youth is so precious that she doesn’t care at all."
"This is Danfu." Gu Qingyi smiled, but he smiled with pride and spoil. "Danfu’s personality is like this. When she loves you, she can turn her back. Nothing is important except you. Once she doesn’t love you, you are nothing. That’s how she refuses to die."
Gu Yanchen didn’t talk, but in his heart, he already agreed with Gu Qing’s shallow words, and Dan Fu confirmed that she was dead and divided between love and hate.
"Xiao Chen, let it go. It’s good for you and her," Gu Qing advised. "Don’t think about how much you hurt her five years ago. How can you compensate her after five years? Danfu never needs these things. Your compensation may become her burden and her troubles."
"Let’s talk easy" Gu Yanchen looked down at the clean floor tiles and printed his bitter face. It’s ironic that he refuted Gu Qing’s shallow words because what he said was true.