Xia Zhou, the five states of cultivating immortals, is the place where the demon clan occupies the rest of the land and the monks’ sects stand.

These four states, Qin Zhou, Youzhou, Yunzhou, are noble and decent, but Qingzhou, another state, is regarded as an evil spirit, crooked ways and enemies by other sects.
For example, it is cruel to practice The Hunger’s Heart Sutra in Qingzhou The Hunger Palace, and it is necessary to refine the essence of human beings, especially the essence of monks, which is of great help to practice The Hunger’s Heart Sutra.
It is precisely because of this that The Hunger Palace often kills monks and there are many such sects in Qingzhou. The whole Qingzhou is regarded as an evil spirit, and if you see such monks on weekdays, you will be surrounded and killed.
At the beginning of its establishment, Juejue Pavilion often accepted the entrustment of assassination, assassination and so on, and killed many monks.
It doesn’t matter that the former Juejue Pavilion was just a little-known force, but now Juejue Pavilion has robbed the game-writing Sect, which is to provoke Wan Hezong. Once it is publicized, there may be a large number of sects to encircle Juejue Pavilion.
Just like this, Wu and Xia Qi are discussing at the moment to form another force in this Pingyuan city, and the lore pavilion is in the dark, so don’t surface to attract the attention of the monks.
"Wu Shuo is doing well. The forces that specialize in assassinating Godsworn are based in this secluded state. If you don’t want to cause trouble, I think you need to form another force."
Next to Dan Yuan, he nodded slightly.
These days, Dan Yuan’s body is banned, but Dan Yuan doesn’t care about teaching Xia Qi’s alchemy every day. On the contrary, he seems very relaxed and peaceful.
Xia qi beside see master Dan yuan appearance is heart movement.
Master is more leisurely than peaceful these days, but Xia Qi can see that Master has completely disintegrated and sealed his mind and is bent on teaching him as a disciple.
These days, I’m often around the master. Xia Qi often listens to the master’s words. I can hear from the master’s words that Shou Yuan was sealed soon, and now he has dispelled his mind to understand the seal. Anyway, he has been satisfied with Xia Qi’s outstanding disciple.
If the only regret of the master is Danzong, I am afraid.
Xia Qi and Gu Yue, two disciples, have made extraordinary achievements, and I am afraid they will surpass him in the future. Dan Zong’s achievements have been destroyed, which is the only regret in Dan Yuan’s heart.
After all, Danzong has a long history, and Danyuan’s alchemy is all inherited from Danzong, and his master also told his disciples to carry forward Danzong before he died.
Now that Danzong has destroyed Danyuan, can you not feel heartache?
"Master Wu, since you are all so convinced, it’s okay to form a party in this Pingyuan city. I think it’s better to rebuild a clan named Danzong! What do you think of the master as the patriarch? "
Xia qi out of the mind idea let Dan yuan one leng Wu is shine at the moment.
"I think if Danzong is established, it will soon be strong with alchemy, and it will be possible to dominate the party when it complements each other!" Xing Wu fenkou way
"Rebuild Danzong but I can’t do it! I’ll fix the seal. I think it’s better for Xia Qi to be the patriarch. "
Dan Yuan’s tiny Zheng eyes flashed with a touch of emotion, but he refused to be the patriarch of Danzong.
"Now, rebuilding Danzong depends on my single-minded cultivation and alchemy. It’s just right for you to be the patriarch of Danzong when there is no teacher!" Xia Qi is bent on Dan Yuan as the patriarch.
In the end, after some shirking, Dan Yuannai became the patriarch of Danzong, which has not yet been established.
Since it is decided to rebuild Danzong Xiaqi, it will be prepared the next day without delay.
Speaking of rebuilding Danzong, it’s just talk now. After all, Danzong can’t really be famous in a short time, otherwise it will be a disaster if it is detected by the Shadow Gate.
After simple preparation, Danzong was established.
Directly set the Danzong Zongmen Gate next to the Duke’s Mansion. There is nothing but a luxurious building.
However, Dan Yuan is very active. As soon as Dan Zong was established, he immediately selected his brother in Pingyuan City to personally teach alchemy.
And the lore pavilion in Pingyuan City slowly disappeared in the eyes of many monks, and the name Danzong was replaced by it. Fortunately, there was no change in keeping the lore pavilion in Pingyuan City.
While Xia Qi took this opportunity to set up a set of flags in Pingyuan City.
This set of array flags was originally named’ Five Ghosts Eating the Big Array’ when they entered the treasure left by the Heaven Sect in the Dalong Mountains, and their power was poor!
Xia Qi will be arranged in Pingyuan City, and the whole Pingyuan City will be shrouded in it. Once the whole Pingyuan City is started, I am afraid that the attacks of several monks in infancy will be broken.
Later, Xia Qi taught Wu Heshi Zun Dan Yuan the control formula of the five ghosts eating the big array.
For this set of array flag, Dan Yuan is of the earth, and he is also very shocked.
Xia Qibu, these five ghosts eat the big array, which is also a precaution to prevent Wan Hezong from killing Pingyuan City because of the game-writing protocol.
However, Wan Hezong’s massive invasion didn’t happen. It seems that Wan Hezong’s affair is generally very calm and confusing.
The doubt was quickly solved. Brother Ge detected that Wan Hezong had no reaction to copying his game-writing protocol lair, because Wan Hezong is now in a state of anxiety.
Six puppets of Monty Sect were born in Taikoo Magic Mountain, and the digital elders were all tough horses, which made all sects horrified by these sects that rose again ten thousand years ago.
Monty Sect seized a batch of treasures from the mysterious realm of the original pole devil Sect of Taikoo Magic Mountain and disappeared, leaving many schools of Monty Sect unable to find out the news.
But just half a month ago, Monty Sect reappeared in front of everyone.
This time, the Tianmen Zongmen Gate has been rebuilt and the address is adjacent to Wanhe Zongmen in Wanhe Mountain!
Everyone knows that the Wanhe Mountain Range is equivalent to the back garden of Wanhe Sect. Now Monty Sect has built the mountain gate in Wanhe Mountain Range, which is simply a naked provocation to Wanhe Sect!
However, even the naked provocation of Monty Sect’s earth strength made Wan Hezong have to admit this fact and be careful to guard against Monty Sect’s sneak attack.
After all, there are six Monty Puppets in Monty Sect, which are worth several elders as Yuan Babies, but they are equivalent to more than ten digits, and the strong ones in Babies have more digits than Wan Hezong!