Although I was surprised, I didn’t panic. His body quarreled and ran quickly, and immediately forced this just-in-body ShaQi out.

At this time, the hunchback saw that his leather coat made of special materials had been shot with holes!
Qin Chu looked at the tattered leather skin and it was as golden as glass!
"That’s all!" Tuo looked back at Qin Chu’s silver sword in his hand and couldn’t help sneering.
Qin Chu frowned slightly, and his own stars can actually cut each other’s clothes but can’t hurt them!
"His sharp strength with dragon ball gold line power seems to be in the same origin! The strength of the gold bank is the best, so it will walk into the attack and not destroy me. Although this star saber is sharp, it is difficult to break the pure gold bank body! "
"Broken gold body, of course, should make fire weapons! The only magic weapon for fire is Suzaku Danding. "Qin Chu thought," Suzaku Danding is now a Lingbao spewing flame, and it is a natural punishment for thunder and fire. Although he is an overbearing gold merchant, he can’t escape the daylights out! "
Qin Chu didn’t want to kill people in his heart. In this state of cultivation, human life is just a worm in his heart, but Qin Chu won’t kill people easily. Damn people must have a reason to kill them.
But it’s unkind to kill people when you take the dragon ball!
It’s a pity that the other party is short of gold and killed like this!
Just as Qin Chu thought, hunched back, but Qin Chu became fearful in his heart. When he was worried, he attacked again.
Qin Chu immediately woke up with his eyebrows wrinkled, and his eyes suddenly shot out like stars!
What kind of eyes are frightened in the scary vest that can give people such a complicated feeling, pity and indifference, and more is high! This kind of look in his eyes in the dragon heads that old dragon body seen the strength of the old dragon is one of the best in the dragon!
But now this look is actually a young person!
Qin Chu put star saber in the ground "duo" at the rebuke of a long raven which passes!
Horrible back saw the touch of the dark light, and then I felt that my body was hit by a huge force, and then I couldn’t help flying out. At this time, there were waves of great pain in the dirt.
Click! Click!
Ben-Hur broke a piece of ground and left a few deep footprints, but his body still couldn’t stop retreating!
Another pressure of the earth fell from the top of the head, and the consciousness of the vest god raised his hand to resist.
The arm suddenly tore up the huge pain and bombarded the ostrich’s back, feeling that the top of the head could not support the pressure, and then the foot suddenly sank in!
At this time, I saw an extra piece of black millstone-sized guy engraved with strange characters on his head! This mountain pressure is coming from this millstone guy!
"This round falsely accused the most paid nursery rhymes Mian concave muscle mouth thing actually has the strength to read samples! "Humpback heart secretly complain is swollen-he has felt the pressure on his head is getting bigger and bigger! At the moment, my thighs are sinking into the ground, and the strange things on my head seem to have a strange power that makes me unable to hide!
"Don’t die here?" Humpback mind flashed such thoughts click click ear at the same time to arm bone fracture slight sound!
Great pressure on the chest feels like my insides are being squeezed out!
Qin Chu looked at Ben-Hur’s hard support and a smile rose at the corners of his mouth.
"This person’s strength is high." Such a heavy force in Tianyin Town can actually support an absolute tough guy! "Qin Chu to its surges with a praise.
"Can you still support it?" Qin Chu light way
Where can I be distracted when blood overflows from the corners of my mouth and my physical strength and qi condense on my limbs? His eyes are full of indomitable look.
Qin Chu hand a whisking head town days seal received general strength but still pressure on his head.
"I don’t want to kill people, but if you want to kill me, I will naturally fight back." Qin Chu gave a slight meal. "Today, you are in my hands. I have a heart to spare your life, but you have to promise me one thing!"
"What is it?" In the back grind way heart faint guessed what.
"Be my escort!" Qin Chu said faintly, "Actually, I don’t need you to be my guard. I can’t bear to kill you!"
It’s cold in my heart!
"His strength is higher than mine and he wants to kill me, but I can lift my hand to inherit the power of Jinlong. But" The shock in my heart after seeing Qin Chu’s strength is beyond words.
Last night, he was only good at hiding his whereabouts in Qin Chu. In his eyes, Qin Chu was a high-powered thief, but he didn’t expect Qin Chu to be a robber!
Ben-Hur looked at the top of his head and Tianyin was even more shocked because he had never seen such a mysterious weapon before!
But dignity in my heart is like asking him to give his life to be someone else’s hand? In his eyes, guards are lowly people who have lost their freedom!
But "don’t agree with the consequences is what you can’t bear!
It’s simple to die, but you can’t wait for the day when Jinlong meets! Not reconciled!
"I died because of my freedom in those years. If I lose my life today, Jinlong will definitely not forgive me!" Eyes flashed decisively.
"Mother would rather die!"
Qin Chu took a long breath. "What is the reason why you would rather die than be my escort?"
"Freedom?" Qin Chu frowned. "I didn’t record your freedom!"
"If the heart is not free, everything will not be free!" Tuo’s back heaved a sigh of relief. "After I die, the Dragon Ball will belong to you. I have a great light here. It can revive the Dragon Ball!"
"Although I am dead, I am relieved that Jinlong can live safely!"
"Great light?" Qin Chu’s eyes rested on Ben-Hur’s waist, and there was a bag hanging there. "Great light can revive the dragon ball?"