The two sisters nodded together with tears in their eyes. Li Wei wiped away their tears and said with a smile, "Silly girl, don’t cry. You know I didn’t protect Mei Qing. It hurts, but I won’t let this happen again. I will try my best to practice harder so as to protect you. You are all my babies. I will never let you get hurt again, but you must work hard, okay?"

Qingliu Hongying couldn’t help crying on his chest. She remembered that Li Wei almost died today and was afraid to tremble. Qingliu Xueying was stronger than her sister. She took Li Wei’s hand and put it on her face. She looked at Li Wei with tearful eyes and said, "Since my sister and I met you, you are as kind as our father and our brother. You used to imagine your father, Take care of us like my brother, but my sister and I refused. My sister and I are determined to be your woman and stay with you forever … You can’t take risks after you. You should think about us. You still have your parents’ worries, Xiaoqing has her, Guo Sijia’s sister, Li Xiaotong’s sister and many of us who miss you all the time … Sob … "Finally, she couldn’t help crying.
Today, these two girls expressed their love for Li Wei for the first time when others were around. He knew what Qingliu Xueying said about being like a father and a brother. He wanted to take them as apprentices at first, and then he said that he would let Master take them as apprentices. But after learning that the two sisters turned out to be rare, he had other plans.
Li Wei didn’t expect that Qing Liu Xueying could coax them to stop crying and gently kissed them. After that, the sisters blushed and sipped their smiles and went back to the left and right dimples, which almost really intoxicated Li Wei.
Liu Yujiao and Liu Yumei followed back, and the shy little sister didn’t see the wet eyes of the two sisters.
Li Wei wanted Mu Zixing to go back too, but Mu Zixing called "brother" and went straight to his arms. Li Weicai remembered that it was supposed to be a massage for Mu Zixing at this time, but today he didn’t reshape the veins for Mu Zixing, and he couldn’t have the strength to shape her veins.
"Star brother today don’t have the strength to give you a massage directly go back to sleep, ok? I’ll call you when the plane arrives. "Mu Zixing sleeps for two hours every day after Li Wei massages her. Now she has slept less than two hours on the plane, but now Li Wei needs to recover a little. It is feasible to massage Mei Qing’s body again and again and maintain her vitality, but it is far from enough. Li Wei estimates that he will have to maintain her vitality all the time after a few days. He doesn’t know if he can do it. It is best to find a better way before that.
Up to now, he feels that he is not very clear-headed, and the confusion in his mind flashes again. Zhang Yifan just talked to him and Susu’s pale face and fearful eyes.
Mu Zixing was obedient, but instead of going back to sleep, she kissed Li Wei’s cheek and got into Li Wei’s big bed. She looked at Xi Meiqing on the other side of the bed and said, "Brother, can you really bring this sister back to life?"
What should Li Wei do if he nods? He doesn’t really have a unified idea.
He gave Meiqing a massage once again after a little recovery. In fact, he thought of a way, that is, he took Meiqing’s body to practice together as he did when Ouyang Tiange was healed. But now Meiqing’s body has a different heartbeat and breathing at that time. Meiqing’s body has nothing, and it can be said that it is a damaged body to the extreme. Although it looks ok, the damage to her body is shocking
If we want to achieve the condition of double cultivation, at least Li Wei should repair Mei Qing’s body to make her body have a complete meridian circulation, so that Li Wei can integrate Mei Qing’s meridian circulation with her own circulation. To repair those broken hearts and meridians of Mei Qing’s body, it is necessary for Mei Qing’s body to have most effective meridian circulation.
This is simply a paradox.
And there is also a basic condition that Li Wei must have at least 70% Dan Li and spirit to maintain the strength when treating Mei Qing. To achieve this requirement, although Li Wei still has a lot of Yuan Ying and then need to be closed for at least three to five days, Mei Qing’s body roots can’t give him so much time.
It’s impossible for even three hours. Li Wei judged that he would massage Mei Qing every other hour at most and input his Dan Yuan into Mei Qing’s body so that her body could maintain circulation and not become rigid, but this was only to maintain her current function.
Another important point is Mei Qing’s soul.
What now? Levi doesn’t know yet.
But no matter what, things have to be done step by step. Levi will never give up.
It took a little longer to massage Mei Qing this time, because Li Weiji stopped the bleeding of her internal organs in the previous time, and he tried to drive her blood circulation without relying on her heart condition, which was a test for his strength and spirit at this time.
He went slowly and carefully. Li Peiyao sat cross-legged not far away and watched him quietly. Mu Zixing was still at the bedside with his eyes open until the flight attendant told Li Peiyao that the plane would land in ten minutes.
It can be seen from the airport that A?vagho?a, who was waiting for him deliberately, felt sorry that he didn’t have a chance to talk to Li Wei further on the plane. He told Li Wei about his official contact for returning to China. If it is convenient, he hoped to arrange a temporary office for him and his assistant Xiao Yu in Qinyuan. It would be better if he also arranged his residence together.
Levi knew that A?vagho?a was worried, and he agreed to A?vagho?a’s request. Although this request seemed unreasonable, A?vagho?a also crustily skin of head and came out before watching them. I didn’t expect Levi to agree very readily.
At the same time, Li Wei also informed him that there will be some other people’s activities in China in the next few days, and asked A?vagho?a to tell him that Li Wei promised to do something fruitful in the future, and they could do something in line with the direction, such as in Japan, Britain, the United States and Africa.
At the same time, Li Wei said that he would not intervene in state-owned non-commercial affairs, except this time, which should reassure all parties.
Li Wei and this group of entourage came back in the middle of the night, which made Lin Min somewhat surprised and surprised. But Li Peiyao informed Gu Xifeng that he had made proper arrangements. At this time, the benefits of having a housekeeper were reflected. Otherwise, Lin Min had to be in a hurry to arrange these things temporarily
Without disturbing too many people, Li Wei met his parents, said hello, and let them continue to go back to their rooms to rest. Li Xiaotong woke up in a daze in his villa, and now Li Wei is back with a surprise, but then Li Wei is holding Mei Qing in his hand.
He simply told Li Xiaotong that Li Wei was sorry that there was no way to accompany her at present, but he had to recover immediately. It was a long time since he came back from the plane to see his parents. Although his spirit and Dan Li were able to recover slowly, these were far from enough.
Li Xiaotong is definitely a girl in Levi’s Center. Even if Levi doesn’t explain this to her, Li Peiyao carefully explained it to her after Li Xiaotong came out. Although it was implied that Levi was also seriously injured, her tears fell off and she realized that Mei Qing saved Levi at the cost of her own life.
She sincerely hopes that Levi can save her.
This is the second. See you later
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter one hundred and six Save MeiQing (2)
The fourth volume Landscape Tour Chapter one hundred and six Save MeiQing (2)
Li Peiyao told Li Xiaotong that she didn’t understand many things. In the face of these times, she felt a sense of strength. Although her master Ding Qiu patiently explained the initial achievement method to her and Guo Sijia and Maggie, she was also working hard these days, but her body didn’t respond. She listened to them and said that cultivation required qualifications. She felt inferior and looked up and always wondered if she could not.
Li Wei didn’t know her mind for the time being. He didn’t come out in his room until Li Peiyao called him the next afternoon. His facial scar had healed before he met his parents yesterday, but his face was still as tired as it was yesterday, which made Li Peiyao feel very distressed.
Li Peiyao called him because Li Wei arranged for him to come back, and everyone had already arrived.
Including Changfeng couple Du Dongshan Shen Yunxi Hu Lang in the Red Sun Palace Chunlan, Qiu Ju came back with them, and Herry Liu Li Wei’s uncle Bai Yushan Li Wei specifically named to come to bully the sky together. Of course, now everyone calls him Hal, including Xia Fei, Wu Mei, who knows his identity, and they call him the same way. He also seems to be used to his new name.
These people came with forty alchemists.
On crescent island, the pale waves have arrived before them.
These newcomers were arranged by the ancient west wind. After the renovation and expansion, the whole villa of Tongyun Mountain Villa was changed from the first three courtyards to a huge fan-shaped building complex, covering an area of more than five times that of Qinyuan. Ten villa-style buildings are divided into three floors, surrounded by an artificial lake. The lake water is drawn from Miyun Reservoir next to it, and some buildings have already had the initial function.
Li Weizhao almost all his hands came to this meeting, including the ancient west wind, Ding Qiucanglang, and all the important people except Xia Fei and Wu Mei, except for accompanying the girls to learn a few of the twelve immortals.