After black gas absorbed the thunder, the autumn shook the two bodies, and immediately a crunchy sound came from the autumn body, and at the same time a fierce breath burst out.

After seeing the change again, Kong Fenger Liuxin looked like an ash and stopped unconsciously, staring at Qiu.
"I finally broke through the cool."
I didn’t know how to moan for an autumn. I looked at Kong Fenger Liu Xin with a bright smile and said, "It’s okay. I’m practicing the immortal body by robbing Leili. You can rest assured that Xiaotian’s robbery is nothing this time. No problem."
The immortal body is Qiu’s top skill of refining the body from the ancient magic soul, and he has also cultivated to a certain level. This time, he has broken through another layer with the help of robbery.
"Oh, my God, what did I see? It’s amazing that my predecessors should rob the thunder to exercise the body at this Du Jie key moment."
"Yes, yes, it’s not the kui is a rare talent in ten thousand years, so someone in Du Jie can"
"It’s shocking, it’s horrible, it’s amazing, it’s incredible."
Seeing the scene of autumn boxing breaking and thunder forging, ten thousand monks were simply stunned for a long time before they turned around and screamed in succession.
It’s like knowing that the "eye of the eye" provoked by autumn is blinking, accompanied by a roar and a lightning strike. This ray is much thicker than the previous one and much thicker than the thumb.
A waist bag and a top-level Cooper flying sword were taken out, and the autumn hands method was used to make a knot, and the flying sword platform rose up and went straight for the thunder.
Fly sword to cut the thunder. The first thunder was similar to a bang. Fly sword was damaged on the spot, and that thunder was weakened. Xu Duoyu’s thumb was thick and thin.
Robbery of thunder is still chopping, but the speed is fast to the extreme, and it came to autumn in a flash.
Still blow out the bombardment in that way, and the thunder is gone with a bang and a dull explosion, and then it turns purple all over the autumn in a series of crunchy thunder.
With the previous experience, goodbye to Qiu, such actions as Kong Fenger and Liu Xin have a bottom, but they are still very worried about Qiu’s expression.
All the monks at the ceremony were automatically quiet. Come and concentrate on Qiu and watch him shake.
Purple thunder flickered in autumn for a long time before he absorbed all those thunder by refining the immortal magic body, and at the same time, you can imagine that the magic body must make progress again.
After the second robbery, the third robbery didn’t fall for a long time. It was dark clouds and thunder rolled endlessly as if it were brewing a shocking blow.
"Husband, why hasn’t the third robbery fallen?"
Wait a little impatient Kong Fenger doubt ask.
"Don’t worry, this thunder robbery must be brewing a shocking blow. Once it falls, it will be thunderous and can’t be ignored."
Eyebrows slightly wrinkled autumn head looking up to heaven, said
Trinity Du Jie’s thunder robbery is definitely not weak, but the previous two thunder robberies are not strong enough, so Qiu knows that the last thunder robbery will be extraordinary
Sure enough, when the autumn words fall, the "Eye of the Sky" continues to roar, and a baby’s arm is thick and thundering, destroying the earth from a straight drop.
Suddenly, my eyes stared and my eyes shone brightly. Autumn took out two top-ranking treasures, a flying sword and a shield from the bag.
Flying sword with dazzling red awn rises like a dragon and goes straight to the thunder-robbing road. The thunder-robbing heart is flashing and thundering, and the flying sword damages and weakens the thunder.
Hit the flying sword and rob the thunder, and continue to bombard the shield on the autumn head. It will tear the shield apart with one blow, and the debris will splash and rob the thunder, leaving a piece that is not much thicker than the thumb.
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Chapter five hundred and seventeen I said
Chapter five hundred and seventeen I said
Fists, such as rhinoceros horns, are propped up in the front and back, which is slightly thicker than the thumb. The thunder has dissipated and turned purple in these two punches.
The purple sparkled so brightly that it covered the autumn body and his body swayed gently as usual.
"immortal body"
It took a long time for the mouth to drink a lot of autumn force to run the immortal body and the black gas filled the air before this last robbery of Leizi refining.
"Husband, are you all right?"
"Master, are you okay?"
See the third rob ray completely annihilate the autumn still stay where you are, keep a posture, Kong Fenger Liuxin can’t help but worry about rushing to hold the autumn and asking.
Carry the three robbers to the past. Even if Qiu Xiu is a distracted monk, he seems to be in a mess. His vestments are damaged, his hair is erect and his face is quite pale in many places.
"Don’t worry, I’m fine."
Crooked neck activity two stretch a body a "scratching" sound out of the autumn slightly shook his head and said casually.
During the conversation between the three people, there was a continuous roar, and the thick layer of dark clouds gathered together gradually dissipated.
The dark clouds dispersed, the thunder dispersed, and the original sky was dark and purple, flashing from time to time like the end of the world. All the scenes disappeared in an instant to reveal a blue sky.
The blue sky appears, and at the same time, the sky hums and vibrates, and a door appears, and a strong suction emerges from it.
"Ready to soar"
A hug Kong Fenger Liuxin in Huaiqiu eyes gently stare at the two of them for a moment and said.
With the strong suction coming from the spiritual passage, the three people in autumn will involuntarily rise and throw themselves into that passage if they don’t make strength.
The body slowly rises in the autumn, and the eyes are hundreds of miles away. Huang Tian, Huang Yuanfeng and Hu Yong meet each other, and the eyes nod slightly in the autumn, which means something inexplicable
In the autumn, when the three men soared, there were still some monks who were unwilling and wanted to pick up cheap. They rushed to want to hitch a ride and soar to the spiritual world, but the result still disappointed them and was played by an inexplicable force.
Of course, after all, the monks are only a few in this stupid move. After eating a loss, most of them learned and didn’t rush into the spiritual passage again.