"You see, this guy was tied outside by me for a night yesterday, and his clothes didn’t lead to a little trance now. It seems that he is ill. You have to get this medicine. Since they are drivers, you have to pay for the killer. There must be one car, right? Look at the outside. It’s enough for me to take Lao Li’s Maibakh earlier. "

Qin Shaojie spoke several conditions in one breath, and even Ethan couldn’t help being a little embarrassed.
Or does this young master kill people without seeing blood?
"Ok, then you can make a price."
Wang Hairui saw Qin Shaojie stop talking and said quickly that he was afraid that this guy would say any compensation conditions again. Money doesn’t care, but his heart really can’t stand this anger.
"Okay, okay, this is what you asked me to say," Qin Shaojie said after drinking the tea in the cup.
"Just give Lao Li a $10 million compensation. Don’t give him too much. He can’t spend it. And the killer classmate’s money is also $10 million. Just give me a $500,000. Just fold the car into $1 million. Since you have paid the last payment to the killer classmate, the medicine will be reimbursed by himself." Qin Shaojie said with a serious expression on his thigh and two legs, which was quite like when the group boss negotiated.
Wang Hairui’s canthus was pumped out, but it soon returned to its original shape.
"That’s twenty-one million five hundred thousand dollars, right? Ok, I gave it, but this matter is over. "
"No problem, we are gentlemen. Haven’t you heard of it? You can’t recall a word, "Qin Shaojie said brightly.
Wang Hairui didn’t say anything about taking out the check and handed Qin Shaojie three checks.
"Well, everyone, then I won’t send them. I have work to do. The housekeeper will send them for me." Wang Hairui said and got up and walked to the floor
"Well, let’s go when you’re done." Qin Shaojie said to Li Yuanchao.
"Well, let’s go. Thanks to the master you were here last night, otherwise I will really be buried in old bones." Li Yuanchao sighed.
Chapter one more blackmail?
Ma San is a famous gangster in the 49 cities. Why is he famous? Because he is single-minded and a little stupid.
But as the saying goes, a fool is blessed with a fool, and that’s it.
At the age of twenty-two, he came out to get mixed up, and it has been fifteen years since he was thirty-seven this year. The greatest advantage of this man is that he came out to collect protection and help others collect money or lend usury during the crackdown period, and he kept his own small bar or pulled his dozens of brothers to work directly on the construction site. He is still comfortable and alive outside, and those who are ignorant have gone in and reformed.
Today is a big day for Ma San, who feels that he has finally come out.
Today, I don’t know what brings the gentleman of the Wangs in Beijing. Mr. Wang directly threw him a box of banknotes and a photo to tell him to take someone to repair him. This money is him.
When Wang Hua left Ma San, he reflected that he was relying on the big tree this time. What is the Wangs rich and powerful? If he can pull himself with the Wangs, he will be a social person.
Wangjia villa
"Dad, I found someone to find out that his name is Qin Shaojie and he is a student at Jinghua University. Others can’t find it, saying it’s confidential."
Wang Hua sat on the sofa and said to Wang Hairui
"Secret?" Wang Hairui canthus jump.
"That can’t touch him. Is he a decent man?"
"I don’t know about this, but I went to Ma San in the afternoon and asked Ma San to sound him out first," said Wang Hua.
"What? Have you found someone? " Wang Hairui a surprised and then said
"There is something wrong with your brain, isn’t it? Ma San? Why? "
"Gangster Bai, since we can’t come here again in the dark, let’s sound out his bottom first."
"That’s it, but don’t be sold again this time. Li Yuanchao, the old fox, blackmailed me for more than 20 million dollars with that little guy," Wang Hairui said.
Grandma gets angry when she thinks about it.
Qin Shaojie earned it this time.
In addition to asking Li Yuanchao for the 10 million so-called mental loss, he put more than 10 million in his pocket. Ethan complained that the 10 million was him, but Qin Shaojie told him that you had failed. Ten million is enough. How dare you take the other half? So Ethan watched him cash the check and put it in his bank card. He was wronged and wanted to cry.
In the afternoon, after a class of ancient Chinese characters, Qin Shaojie and Ling Fang were ready to go home.
The honk car suddenly stopped.
"What’s the matter?"
"Someone is in the way," Ethan said.
Get in the way? Qin Shaojie is a little puzzled that there is still a road? Why
"Hey, get out of the way," Qin Shaojie shouted at the window.
"Your name is Qin Shaojie?" Ma San looked at Qin Shaojie and asked
Yo, yo, love really came to me.
Qin Shaojie thought for a long time and didn’t think of anyone he had offended. Besides blackmailing Wang Hairui for more than 20 million yuan, Wang Hairui wasn’t stupid enough to find a group of gangsters to trouble himself, was he? Ethan is no match. What can these gangsters do?
"Is something wrong with me?" Qin Shaojie light said