Xiao Wen immediately looked up and looked carefully at 90,000 or he didn’t really feel it, but at this point it seems that the Taoist priest in front of Duan Yan looks like a side face and he is really a bit like him. However, the Taoist priest Ba left a handful of small moustaches, and he has to be more than 30 years old and 40 years old, which is bigger than Xiao Wen.
"It’s just a bit like the side. It’s definitely not me." Xiao asked awkwardly.
"You wish it were you. You are in the Xianban." Ninety thousand disdain tunnel
"Yan can’t come here just because he is a bit like me?"
"Maybe it’s something else. Let’s go and have a look when she comes out."
And waited for a long time Duan Yan didn’t move Xiao asked simply back out and wait outside.
But more than half an hour has passed, but I still haven’t seen Duan Yan come out. Xiao Wen finally sensed something was wrong. Duan Yan didn’t come here to worship.
He stepped into the temple again and went to the left two rows of fairy Buddha crossings. When he looked in for the first time, he didn’t see Duan Yanren.
Then he didn’t see Duan Yan sitting on the ground with her arms folded, leaning against the row of fairy Buddha statues outside and weeping.
"Why are you crying?" 90 thousand asked
"How do I know …"
Now Duan Yan is very thin, sitting there with her arms folded, crying, which really makes people feel distressed. Xiao Wen wants to rush over and pick her up.
Xiao asked just over there watching nai, and Duan Yan has been crying for a while and won’t recover.
I don’t know how long it took. I think it’s almost time. Duan Yan just wiped her tears and got up.
Looking at the statue again, God has calmed down after the meeting. She doesn’t know what she remembered, but suddenly she became sadder, shrugged her shoulders and sobbed.
I couldn’t help crying with Duan Yan’s intermittent sound "Xiao Dage … I heard my dad talking to you … but I don’t want to forget you …"
At that moment, Xiao asked the thunder and lightning in his mind and stayed on the spot.
When the old man and he said those words, Duan Yan actually heard them!
Poor him. Duan Yan doesn’t know anything about feelings. She already knows!
Being arranged by the dying dad has long known that the person you like will go and never come back …
How did she make it?
Xiao Wen quietly retired, and his heart was in a mess, and he still felt that there was a fire burning.
At this time, 90,000 people kept their mouths shut and didn’t run on Xiao Wen again.
After a while Duan Yan finally came out of the house and looked a little trance.
When Duan Yan walked away, Xiao Wen immediately lifted his foot and walked to the temple. At this moment, even he himself believed that he was a little jealous of the statue …
He will be interesting to see what kind of person can take Duan Yan’s place instead of him.
A total of a few steps soon arrived at the statue before Xiao asked and saw the guy’s face.
"I blow up!"
Xiao asked, after all, didn’t resist low scold out.
At the other end, 90,000 "this, this, this" finally yelled out. "Is it so similar? !”
From the side, the statue is similar to Xiao Wen in four or five points, but from the front, the similarity is actually different! The difference is that the statue is a Taoist priest dressed up neatly, while Xiao Wen has never worn that costume and never left a beard
However, the Taoist priest’s age is not estimated to be forty years old as before, but he is a little older than Xiao Wen now. No wonder Duan Yan will come here. Xiao Wen will practice for a few years, but will he look just like that Taoist priest?
It’s amazing that Xiao Wen is as long as an ancient immortal. What a coincidence …
"Elder brother and word oh …"
After 90,000 awakens, Xiao Wen immediately bowed his head and looked at the statue’s square base. Sure enough, he saw a few lines of fine print engraved.
"Immortal dialect" Dragon "was active in the demon world for more than ten years only 70,000 years ago, and wherever it travels, it will punish evil and promote good …"
After reading it, Xiao asked, "Don’t say this guy is a bit like me."
"Yeah, what a coincidence."
"But I’m far from being a good person …" Xiao asked awkwardly. At this time, he knew that the statue was a fierce and upright fairy, so there would be no resentment.
"That said! You see how old people are when they beat their enemies all over the world. You have to hurry up! "
"well! If you can’t chase it now, you will chase it after ten years and one hundred years! "
"Walking Yan should be out of the temple."
Then at the dialect that looks very much like himself, Xiao Wen felt a very strange feeling, but shook his head and chased him out.
He walked so fast that the girl had not left the temple gate when she chased Duan Yan.
Waiting patiently for Duan Yan finally went out, but there was no mountain, but she walked along the mountain road to the east of this mountain.
In a short time, Duan Yan arrived at the edge of Shandong Province, sitting on a cliff, which has completely deviated from the mountain road, except for one or two explorers.
Duan Yan calmly walked to the edge of the cliff, where she looked out. The cliff was a green hill that stretched eastward for a long distance, and then there were the buildings in the western capital, large and small. The view here was wide, and when looking out in the mountain wind, people felt great carefree, and even if they were thoughtful, they could see a lot.
Duan Yan is so at the edge of the cliff and looks out for a while, and then gradually recovers J and jīng God, who is no longer as sad as before.
"It’s really Amitabha. I want her to jump off a cliff." Ninety thousand muttered.
"…" Xiao asked, in fact, so it seems that although he guessed wrong now, he was in a bad mood.
Since Duan Yan didn’t commit suicide, there is no need to stare at her all the time. Xiao asked naturally to look elsewhere.
Just now, there were two people traveling nearby, but now there’s only one left. It’s a scribe dressed up as an old man in his fifties, walking leisurely in the mountains with his hands and hands. It must be admitted that this day is not a hell for all mankind, but some people have lived in this world very well.
Compared with each other, Duan Yan became more and more miserable …