After the attack, the actual combat effectiveness was not as good as that of the late master. A finger poked his heart and gestured a middle finger at the portrait. "Ouyang Yinghong thinks that when I die, I will spend more money to send these useless things to die. If you don’t feel ashamed, I will blush for you. Haha …"

Ouyang Yinghong’s face turned red and white in front of the big screen and muttered to himself, "How is it possible … that he is also a fighter? How can his fighting capacity be so strong? What method did he practice? How can the flesh be so strong? Damn bitch! "
He smashed the screen with one punch and drank "Go! Call those second-rate hermits and I will let them die! Let him die! !”
Yuan baby around master deadpan light said, "Yinghong, your mind is very bad for uniting the kind of person who transcends budo acme is even half a fix true person. Do you think HuangFuRong will let them in? Don’t forget that there was an agreement before. "
"Can’t go in? Can’t enter … "
Ouyang Yinghong’s homicidal spirit is going crazy and he said slowly, "He’s hurt, isn’t he?" Find someone! I don’t believe he can last ten days if all the second-line fighters are found here. He will definitely die if he is tired for ten days! "
In the detention room, it was cold, so Duanmu Ting gave him an ointment for treating trauma belonging to fighters and applied it to the wound, and then he played a game of throwing clothes.
Practice can’t stop at all!
He knew that killing these masters would make Ouyang Yinghong even more angry, and then there would be more and stronger fighters.
The head of Shendao Sect has just broken through to the late peerless stage. If his strength is a little higher and he reaches the peak of the late peerless stage, another weapon strong enough can also break the seal and bless the flesh. Such a master can have more than a dozen people, even if his current strength is hard to take advantage of, he will be killed by too many wounds and a lot of blood loss.
Sure enough, at noon the next day, another group of eleven "public security detainees" were sent to Chen Han’s detention room …
Chapter 46 Extension by coagulation yuan
The quantity and quality of this batch of experts are better than those of yesterday, among which there are more than five experts in the late peerless period.
Ordinary fighters would have been dead long ago. Fortunately, the emperor’s extremely shocking record has a great advantage, and unless the individual strength of the two sides is very different, the number will not play a big role
There are more than ten scars, big and small, and eleven people have stepped into the footsteps of a group of former masters and were killed by Chen Han’s violent attack.
Psst …
I couldn’t help but draw a mouthful of air conditioning. Two wounds on my right chest and thigh almost ruined him.
He never imagined that one of the second batch of masters, Wang Dan’s combat knives, was so sharp that he couldn’t be damaged by more than 100 tons of strength. Instead, he was killed by the other man’s combat knives. Both crossings were deeply visible, and the bone was several times stronger than the muscle, and the bone also left a shallow scar.
Apply hemostatic and granulation-promoting ointment to the wound, feel that the SHEN WOO seal just released by throwing clothes is invisible to the body, strengthen and refine, and look at the four-foot combat knife in your hand.
Unlike those machetes with exaggerated shapes and thick backs, it’s a bit like a sabre. The blade is about two fingers wide, and the whole blade is streamlined with the same width. At the tip of the blade, it seems that the crescent moon is heavy at the beginning of the month, and it has at least a hundred kilograms.
I don’t know what kind of animal leather wraps the hilt with a jewel the size of a thumb engraved with two small words like soybeans-Liu Yun.
Ok ok start cold combating Dao Chen cold almost laughed.
Such a small combat knife weighs more than 100 kilograms. The material is by no means a conventional metal in the secular world. It should belong to the category of natural materials and treasures in the world of repairing the truth. It was forged into an ordinary weapon by the untrue fighters in some way.
Although it’s much worse than the magic weapon of the fix true person, it’s a rare magic weapon in the fighters’ world. This combat knife is probably the best choice before it is equipped with a weapon suitable for the emperor to shake the sky. Although it’s a little too light, it’s a little awkward, but it’s much better than fighting with opponents’ weapons with bare hands, isn’t it?
With the cloud, the chances of injury are much less. It may be insufficient for the combat knives to display the imperial style, but the power of the combat knives can make up for the deficiency and enhance the combat effectiveness!
Chen Han waved the combating Dao at the camera and laughed. "Ouyang Yinghong, thank you for sending me the guy. It’s been two days. You must work harder to find someone to get to the deadline. You can’t get along with Gaga …"
"You … you …"
Reinstall Ouyang Yinghong had a narrow squeak in front of the big screen. His eyes turned red with blood. "Kill! Find me stronger and more masters. This damn bastard has been seriously injured. I don’t believe he can insist on going to more and stronger fighters. Go find him! "
One day …
Two days …
Three days …
There is an emperor who shakes the sky and records it. It is a strong physical body with strong resilience and sustained fighting power. Besides Duanmu Ting, he is ready to prepare a healing medicine, Chen Han, who can always be in a good state to face the emerging masters.
With the help of cloud combat knives, the combat effectiveness has been greatly enhanced, but with the emergence of more and more masters, his injuries have not decreased.
In addition to the short battle, the rest of the time is practicing. He can feel that the daily increase rate is much faster than that of the previous period, which is much faster than the injury after each battle.
He vaguely guessed that continuous life-and-death fighting made the martial arts more proficient, and at the same time, it also stimulated the potential of the body and accelerated the pace of cultivation.
Coldly glanced at dozens of bodies thrown in the corner, and Chen Han quietly pulled out a Dan medicine from the ring and stuffed it into his mouth.
Unlike the practitioners’ world medicine that smears wounds, this kind of Dan medicine root that belongs to the realm of repairing the truth can’t be seen secretly.