Look at the colorful wings pop expression they immediately fell silent.

A long time later, the necromancer official said that although the human forces were ready for a decisive battle, they were not ready to let our army resist. After all, China is the closest kingdom to human territory in inferno, and we do not resist the release of human forces. At that time, once human forces enter other two countries and flee in defeat, our position will become very difficult.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. After listening to the words of the necromancer, the colorful-winged king burst into laughter and immediately said, You’re really hard-headed. Whether to let the human troops enter or not depends on the king’s determination of the human purpose. Besides, suppose that we let the human beings go and they are defeated and flee. Can’t we intercept them from behind when the strength is over? Hum, I’m not wrong. This time, the human goal is North Pluto, not us.
After discovering our patrol troops, they still let them come back, hoping that we would immediately mobilize our troops and show them a decisive battle, so that they could destroy a lot of our effectiveness in World War I, so that when their troops finished controlling our territory, they would be much more comfortable even if they failed to retreat in the subsequent battles. I agree that they will fight a decisive battle now. Isn’t it a good trick for them?
Many British officials who came here finally understood the meaning of the colorful wing king and couldn’t help but compliment each other
Hehe, it’s good to know. Why don’t you do it quickly
Watching the officials leave each other, the colorful-winged king has another plan in his heart because of Carlos. Because Carlos is the one who dug the grave this time, I have been respectful to you for hundreds of years, but you know how to extract benefits from me. Hey, hey, you didn’t expect that you have always looked down on lower humans and will counterattack you. It seems that the day of inferno reunification is not far away. I can’t believe it if we can form an alliance with humans.
When the colorful-winged heavenly king made an abacus, the Tianlong army continued to March. From the first time he met the inferno patrol troops in the border area, he came to repair and lead the vanguard and never met the inferno soldiers again. Although the eye situation was slightly disturbing, it was a lot less trouble.
After entering the No.1 flat, the follow-up troops first chose a gentle area near the water source to build a camp, and then sent people including Wing to scout around the army. According to the situation, we thought that the inferno would be very clear about how many troops the inferno was preparing now that we knew that the Tianlong Army was not going to send troops secretly, and it was bound to catch a few scouts.
However, one day later, when the wing man scouts brought news, it was a big disappointment.
Fifty kilometers around Tianlong military camp, there was no inferno shadow. A few daring scouts were very separated from the brigade and flew to the only fortress in the inferno near Pingping for reconnaissance, only to find that the inferno troops were camping in the fortress, and it seemed that they didn’t want to fight the Tianlong army.
After hearing this news, Zuo Si thought about it and always decided that the situation was wrong. Finally, he found the dragonfly shearer who had just arrived that night and said that he would worry about it in his heart
I always feel that the inferno seems to be playing some tricks, frowning slightly, and then going on to say that a few years ago, in the Punk War, the inferno used to lurk in the ground with the cyclops and then annihilate the Punk million-strong army in one fell swoop. Do you think the inferno will be playing similar tricks now?
It’s really strange. It is said that when the inferno knows our identity and estimates the approximate number of our troops, it will definitely dispatch a large army for strict defense. But now it seems that the inferno doesn’t want our enemy Shearer to turn to face the dragonfly after a little hesitation and say
What’s so strange about this? Maybe it’s that the colorful-winged heavenly king knows that he is defending us by his own strength and is asking for help from several other inferno emperors. Think about it, that is, two days ago, the rescue troops believed that they wouldn’t arrive here so soon. If I were you, I wouldn’t rashly launch an attack before the rescue troops arrived, Dragonfly said casually.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-seven Colorful Wings King
After listening to the dragonfly, Shearer pondered for a long time and finally shook his head and said, "Your consideration is certain, but judging from the current practice of inferno troops, it seems that it is not what you think."
First of all, the inferno has not sent reconnaissance troops at present. I think they are waiting for reinforcements. They don’t want to provoke us by any means, but they don’t even send reconnaissance troops. In this way, the other commander is either a coward or a fool to the extreme.
Secondly, the inferno troops are all in the ub fortress, which can explain that the other side is gathering strength and waiting for the final counterattack moment, but our reconnaissance troops have made it clear that the enemy is in the ub fortress, and even the necessary surrounding fortifications have not been built.
It is true that the inferno is not as good at tools as we humans, but from the previous experience of our inferno hands, the inferno is still at a certain level of construction in fortifications. In the face of the pressure of millions of troops, it is not like preparing for a fight, but like preparing for surrender
Ha ha, surrender. How is that possible? It’s good that the inferno won’t let us surrender. Shearer immediately burst out laughing as soon as the words sound just fell.
At the moment, it is rare to show a smile even while repairing. After all, it is even harder to convince them that the inferno surrendered without resistance than the sky dropped gold.
Positions you also don’t make fun of me, I also is to make a metaphor, shearer blushed.
Haha, it seems a rare thing to make our military adviser blush. Dragonfly joked.
Just as a few people were laughing, there was a sudden noise outside Zhongjun camp. Dragonfly immediately asked Changqing what happened outside. How could it be so noisy?
Marshal Li Lei has caught an inferno necromancer soldier and brought him here now. Evergreen immediately replied.
Oh dragonfly response immediately turned to face shearer said it seems inferno still can’t help but sent agents.
Dragonfly words just say that finish see ZhongJun camp tent curtain was bludgeon day in a dozen dragon knights surrounded by soldiers, a member of the undead in inferno officer holding a brocade box with behind bludgeon day into the camp.
This is
Because previously heard that lei Chen day caught the agent, but look at the present, the member of the inferno looks like one, so the dragonfly couldn’t help wondering to look at lei Chen day and hope that he can explain everything in sight.
Positions: He was sent by the colorful-winged king of inferno. It is said that he is a treasure presented to you by Lei Chen-tian respectfully.
The colorful-winged king presented me with a treasure. The dragonfly opened its eyes wide and couldn’t believe it. Looking at Lei Chen Tian.
The foreign minister was ordered by the colorful-winged heavenly king to present a Millennium Lu Jiao Ling Dan to the Dragon Army Commander Longfei Jieluo Temple.
In addition, I brought a letter from the colorful-winged king, a letter from Wangdian. When the dragonfly was confused, the inferno first said
Positions positions are you willing to pick up the gift shearer saw dragonfly is still in a daze can’t help but gently wake dragonfly way
When Shiller woke up, Dragonfly finally regained consciousness. Seeing his eyes staring at the inferno for a long time, he said, I want to give gifts to the colorful wing king. I can’t help but wonder if Ge knows that our army is far away from the inferno. At present, our two sides are in a hostile state. Although we have not discussed the decisive battle day, it is not necessary to give gifts to each other.
Temple, you misunderstood the inferno. You were not embarrassed when you heard the dragonfly’s rejection. Instead, you smiled and continued, Temple’s intention was far away. A few days ago, King Wang knew that to be honest, King Wang had no liking for your army, but your army’s strength was in front of the world.
After several considerations, Heavenly Kings decided that our colorful-winged law was competing with your army, so they ordered my foreign minister to bring treasures, hoping that your army could repair a letter from my foreign minister. If you read it in the temple, you will surely know the intention of colorful-winged Heavenly Kings.
In addition, we hope that we can meet face to face at the right time, so as to avoid the confrontation between us, which neither side wants to see happen.
After listening to the words of the necromancer, Dragonfly believed that the colorful-winged king really wanted to avoid war.
After a slight hesitation, the dragonfly turned to face shearer’s eyes and hinted at it.
Shiller is waiting for the characters to immediately understand the dragonfly’s intention, so he pretends to think about it a little, and then Yang said to the dragonfly, it seems that the colorful wing king really wants our army to fix it. Since the other party is so gracious, let’s just delay the ceremony, so let’s wait for the other party’s gift and decide on the next step after the colorful wing king’s meeting.
Do you think this is ok?
Well, since the strategist also said so, let’s just nod and pretend, and then turn to the undead and say, You gave me a gift. Go back first and say when I appreciate the gift. I want to send it to you for discussion when the time is right.
Thank you, I will leave now, and the necromancer will lead a respectful salute to leave in Changqing.
As soon as I walked away, the camp was in a mess, and all the generals, such as Lei Chen Tian, the heads of all ethnic groups, rushed to express their views on the inferno performance.
Most people think that this is a trick when the inferno procrastinates. It is impossible for the inferno root to openly surrender to the Tianlong Army without resistance.