They don’t have to go to the moon sword to say goodbye. In the charge of the moon sword, the clouds are always out of Suzhou City and go to Qingcheng Mountain.

"I will be home soon!" Although things in Tianshan Mountain made this glorious return less perfect, the thought of my lover meeting again drove the dragon’s flying to the limit and galloped away.
Chapter 142
Although Qingcheng Mountain has not been away for too long, I miss it very much because it has its own relatives, loving master and waiting for my lover.
Come to Jianfu Palace at the foot of the mountain, look up at the gate and shout "Master! Sirong! I am back! "
Although Xingyun has a thousand words to say to his lover, he must first report the Tianshan incident, which is a big business.
Half an hour later, the Qing palace
"What? Did the Tianshan Sword School disappear? !” This is the Yang reaction after the description of the Tianshan Mountains by the clouds. Even Yang, an old Jianghu, is still angry.
"there is nothing more ridiculous than this!" This was immediately called by Yang to the rest of the five minds.
Qingcheng Six knows his own door, especially in such a big event, and he won’t dare to deceive himself. What’s worse, if he makes up a lie, no one will make up such a ridiculous lie.
Several people looked at each other, and a famous family of Tianshan Sword Sect said no, but it was gone. What on earth is this?
"conspiracy!" These two words suddenly jumped out and appeared in everyone’s mind.
I can’t get a clue. This story is narrated by a walking cloud, which shows a lot of doubts. From Zhuo Xing forced the palace to Tianshan Sulao being poisoned, and then it seems like an appointment to cultivate a large number of new people. The mysterious black hand doesn’t show that this is a huge conspiracy. Unfortunately, this conspiracy has disappeared!
Yang frowned at this time. "It’s absolutely important whether this Tianshan Sword Sect mysteriously disappears. Everyone in the Jianghu knows that my top ten sects are disappearing now. Although Tianshan Sword Sect is far away, others will naturally be the top ten sects."
Yang looked at the crowd and said, "You should immediately go to the major sects and write this matter in detail. It is suggested that the major sects send someone to confirm it immediately! Let’s just send Muzhen. Although I believe Yuner, this matter is absolutely sloppy! "
Yang Hou’s sentence is to explain the young misunderstanding of Hangyun.
Immediately brought to the hall at this time, there were six people left, except for the clouds, who were meditating and suddenly there was silence.
But Xingyun didn’t want to go to see Master and Sirong just like this, which broke the silence in the temple. "There’s one more thing for grandmasters in Xingyun! "
It’s really shocking that Xingyun just said that Tianshan Mountain has changed dramatically. What does he have to say at this time?
Yang in power "the cloud is there anything else to say? Don’t be shy and speak slowly. "
The other four in Qingcheng Mountain are also watching this strange brother to see what he will say again.
It’s strange to say that it’s because the former cloud didn’t have a name at all when it finished in Qingcheng, but it has been attracting Qingcheng’s attention since it was suddenly surprised when it was compared with Qingcheng. After Yuan Sirong fell in love, he saved Yuan Sirong and went to Tianya to find Dan. After losing his work, he went to Tianshan to find Dan Shen to study medicine. He came back in a few months and reported that the whole Tianshan Sword Sect disappeared in front of him!
"This strange brother has caused many great events in Qingcheng Mountain recently. I wonder what he can say?" Everyone thought to themselves.
After Yun Yun’s remarks, they were not disappointed. Listen to Yun Yun and say, "Report to your grandmasters that Yun Yun didn’t learn medical skills this time in Tianshan Mountain, but Master Dan Shen helped his brother reach the soul level with Dan medicine."
It’s a lie that I thought all the way because I lost my martial arts, so I went to Tianshan Mountain to look for Dan Shen to learn medical skills, but after a few months, I suddenly reached the level of soul. This is really difficult to explain to my grandmasters, and the sword soul told me that I couldn’t tell anything else, so I just pushed everything to the now missing Dan Shen body.
After all, Dan Shen’s ability in Wulin is recognized. Even if Xingyun says that he has taken some Dan Shen drugs and reached the soul level, no one will really doubt whether Dan Shen has that ability.
Speaking of this, a few people present here are really as Yunyun thinks, and they don’t have any doubts about Dan Shen’s ability. It’s really difficult to be surprised. You know Yunyun is already a soul level before he arrives at the age of 17 next year.
Although I knew that he had recovered his martial arts as early as when Yang saw the clouds, I couldn’t see the fact of what the specific reply was. If a person’s martial arts has reached the soul level, even if others are much higher than his martial arts, they can’t see the depth of his practice. It was Yang at that time. How could they think that?
At this time, I was surprised to hear what the clouds said!
Chapter 143 ~ ~ Chapter 144
"Yuner, do you mean that you have refined the soul of the sword?" Yang is still repeating, in fact, others have believed it, which is just too surprised.
"Report to my grandmaster" Xing Yun can tell the lie to the end now. When he finds Master Dan Shen, he must communicate with him first, or he will be miserable.
I don’t know what’s going on in Qingyun’s heart, but what does it mean if this walking cloud really becomes a soul level in front of me is quite obvious. I think that my bare face has already had a smile and I’m thinking about how to pull this little disciple into my Qingwudian.
Hua has always been very kind to Xingyun. At this time, I am also happy to hear Xingyun say so, so that my brother will not hesitate to marry Xiaorong again. The sixteen-year-old grandson-in-law is unique in Jianghu!
Hua is happy there, but his heart is saying, "Come and demonstrate."
The heart is in charge of the criminal law of Qingcheng Mountain. Although the heart also knows that the clouds will not lie in such a conspicuous event, they still have to witness it. Others naturally know what the heart means and don’t stop smiling at the clouds.
The clouds should salute to "Yes!" Although the mouth promised, it was hesitant to look at several other people and asked, "What are you hesitating about? Show me if you want to! Were you lying just now? "
Clouds hurriedly replied, "No! It’s because Xingyun is afraid of destroying this hall during the demonstration, but it’s a big sin. "
They heard a stare blankly and laughed at the same time. Yang Fu must go to "the soul level demonstration should be able to prove the royal sword, but let’s go out and watch it together."
Xingyun came to the front of the temple with Qingcheng Five, and heard that "I still hope that the ancestors can learn from the color of the sword of the Dan Medicine Institute of Master Dan Shen."
After all, the cloud has been mixed with two kinds of true qi when facing the enemy outside, so many people have seen it. Besides, it is impossible to hide it. As far as the cloud is concerned, a single force is not enough unless it is prefetched as it is. The cloud simply pushes it to the body and mind of Dan Shen again, and it can’t help but be dark. "Master Dan Shen, the apprentice must be filial to you after waiting. Now please help me resist."
A few people in the audience didn’t listen to the words of Xingyun for a moment, and they all thought, "Will the color of this sword change?"
Just then, Yun Yun’s iron sword was drawn, Yan Yuxu was cut, and at the same time, for the sake of luck, the light of the iron sword floated in front of Yun Yun Yun again, and the sword gang was impressively intertwined!
All this just Bai Xingyun said that the color problem of Jian Gang couldn’t help secretly marveling, but they were also the first person to praise Dan Shen for his martial arts skill.
Looking at the clouds and pulling the posture, it is necessary to practice the light. I can’t help but smile to "Good! Sure enough, when you reach the soul level, let me try to see how deep you are! "
It’s rare to be so happy, and it’s rare to make a move. In this Qingcheng School, the martial arts of Guang and Yang are far superior to those of the other four schools. Even the other four rarely see themselves when they make moves. I didn’t expect that today, the two senior brothers will personally accompany the clouds.
Aside from China, he shook his head and laughed, "Brother’s martial arts are too high, so it’s better for younger brother to do it for him."
Love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me.
When I heard the news, my brow wrinkled and I was reluctant to say, "What do you mean, junior?"
Yang aside to persuade "senior martial arts is too high, it is better to go from China, and it can also benefit the clouds."
At this time, Hua should go to "Brother says it’s Brother Guang, so please let him go." Hua is the youngest among the people, and it’s hard to say anything when he comes out of the light. Besides, Yang said that he should wave his hand to show his approval.
Hua Jianguang had no objection when he thanked "Thank you, Senior Brother" and then took out his Excalibur in the first two steps and said to Xingyun, "This sword is called Yinghua Yuner, so be careful later."
Xingyun didn’t expect to attract two grandmasters to try their own tricks. Looking at the sword in Hua’s hand, Yinghua secretly squeezed a sweat. "How many tricks can I survive?"
Seeing the clouds a little nervous, Yang smiled and said, "Don’t worry about the strength of the management department in the cloud, or let us know your current level."
The Excalibur in Hua’s hand also floated, and the green light shone jokingly, "Are you afraid that I can’t afford to attack even though I come?"
Xingyun naturally knew that the grandmasters wanted him to relax and replied, "That brother is presumptuous!"
Say, the light of the iron sword will rise again, and the breeze will shower. Hands folded and saluted respectfully.
Hua and several other people can’t help secretly nodding their heads to realize that this younger brother is really good at keeping the ceremony and keeping the festival. With such martial arts, Hua is still not impetuous. When he is a sword, he picks up a gift.
At this time, Yunyun wants to meditate in his heart, because although it is already a soul level now, it is natural that the performance in martial arts is as good as possible, so that the weight in his grandmasters’ hearts will be heavier. Yunyun thinks about what it is like to attack.
China is not in a hurry. This time, it’s time to try the depth of the clouds, just waiting there quietly for the clouds to attack.