Tan Jingtian is still like that. "I just baked a fish to eat."

"Grilled fish? Did you burn the ancient books in the library? Or is it the Treasury account? "
"His grilled fish materials are honest, but the canteen gas is just a special grilled fish." Qiao Fusheng was half lying on the bed socket. "He roasted two Sichuan-Shaanxi hucho salmon, which is said to be a national first-class protected animal. It was suspected that it was extinct three years ago, and now it’s hard to find two but he roasted them and ate them."
"Do you dare to eat this?" Meter Xiaotian thumb up and asked, "but since this fish is so precious, it makes no sense to be easily obtained by you, right? Wrong novel network many words "
"Of course," Wang Han laughed. "Did you really lose weight by learning kung fu from you?"
Chapter 40 salivating
"Who said that? I really want to lose weight, "Tan Jingtian said quickly." How can I eat more if I don’t lose weight? "
"Do you dare to say that you have the purpose of losing weight by practicing kungfu?" Wanghandao
"This ….." Tan Jingtian was finally speechless.
Wang Han laughed. "Hey, hey, tell the boss yourself."
In Tan Jingtian’s faltering narrative, Ji Xiaotian was angry and funny.
Tan Jingtian thought of learning kung fu even earlier than Han Dali. At the age of four, Tan Jingtian was fascinated by the story of Wu Song’s tiger fight, and at that time he sprouted the idea of practicing martial arts.
It sounds not surprising that Tan Jingtian has this idea. Wu Song, a tiger hero, is an idol in the hearts of several young people. Because of him, there are not a few children who play with sticks and guns. However, what Tan Jingtian notes is not the tiger hero Wu Song in the story, but the tiger that was beaten.
At the end of the story, when everyone carried the dead tiger away, the boy Tan Jingtian couldn’t help drooling. Although he was only four years old, his pursuit of food had far surpassed that of most adults, and Tan Jingtian cared more about food raw materials than the pursuit of so-called color, smell and fragrance. He preferred to taste all kinds of food that he had never eaten, so he didn’t see many tigers at ordinary times, which naturally made Tan Jingtian salivate.
From then on, Tan Jingtian insisted on exercising. Although he didn’t learn real kung fu like Han Dali, his physical fitness was not bad at all after so many years of exercise. Although he was obese because of overeating, he was fat but not stupid, and maintained good physical flexibility. His strength was not small, and he was worse than Han Dali. The so-called "rice has gravity" law was fully reflected in Tan Jingtian.
This time, it was a biology professor from the University of Science and Technology who gave a lecture on environmental protection, and specially borrowed these two endangered lectures. On that day, Tan Jingtian braved the heavy rain and rushed to listen to the lecture. He was drooling behind a group of girls. He was a pervert who didn’t know anything about convergence, but he didn’t know that Tan Jingtian didn’t even look at the girls in cool clothes. He just stared at the glass jar on the podium and drooled.
Although these two fish are precious, no one thought that anyone would use their brains, so the prevention naturally gave Tan Jingtian a chance.
Of course, even if the precautions are not strict, not everyone can steal it. Fortunately, Tan Jingtian’s original physical fitness is not bad, and then he exercised according to the Xiaotian method for more than a month. That night, he slipped out of the dormitory and climbed the top floor of the 12-story experimental building, then turned to the eleventh floor with his bare hands, pried the window outside the building and climbed in to avoid several alarms. Finally, he broke the lock by brute force and stole the two fish, then took them to the canteen kitchen and roasted them on the spot.
It was Tan Jingtian who was too carried away and was caught by the patrol security guard. The security guard didn’t care much but didn’t know that he had caught a real big fish.
The professor is naturally more angry than the school’s handling opinion, but many people think that Tan Jingtian will not have a good result. If the judicial machine intervenes, it will be even bigger.
After listening to what happened, Ji Xiaotian gave Tan Jingtian a strange look and asked him, "Aren’t you afraid of being divided?" Why are you still so leisurely? "
Tan Jingtian consciously licked his lips as if he were still relishing the delicacies of the two salmon, and said casually, "Even besides that, it’s worth it. My greatest wish is to taste delicious food all over the world instead of taking the test all over the sky."
Hearing this, Qiao Fusheng threw cold water on it. "If you have no money, where can you eat?"? Now an individual has a college diploma. If you don’t have any unit to ask you? "
"Cut!" Tan Jingtian disdain tunnel "diploma is a bird? Regardless of others, did Qiao Fusheng get the certificate? How much money have you earned so far? Don’t look at me like that. I know I don’t have your money, but you said that Sichuan-Shaanxi hucho salmon is expensive, right? Many words in the wrong novel network are always eaten the same? "
Suddenly Qiao Fusheng was speechless. If you live as chic as Tan Jingtian, a college diploma is really dispensable.
After thinking about it, Xiao Tiandao said, "Tan Jingtian, although you are not afraid of being removed, it is still good if you can stay. Then you can put everything on my head. Just say that I ordered the fish and I stole it. I gave it to you to roast it. You don’t know what it is."
Tan Jingtian fumed, "Eldest brother, who do you take me for? Don’t say that this has nothing to do with you. Even if you really told me to do it, am I the kind of person who betrayed the boss? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Wang drought also chimed in, "Boss, forget it. Even if you have one more Tan Jingtian, you can’t get away from it. It’s just to take you in and get rid of them together."
Ji Xiaotian smiled. "Do as you say. Many people saw it when I beat people in public at school. Although it was not as serious as Tan Jingtian, did a teacher come to talk to me in the end?" There are also Qiao Fusheng and Han Dali. You both fought in the dormitory and were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. The school leaders will not know about this. Did someone come to you to ask questions? "
"Yes," cried Wang Han with a clap of his thigh. "We have been wondering about this, too. Don’t say that our high-tech country ranks firmly in the top ten. Even if a garbage school student is seriously injured and hospitalized, it’s a big deal. It’s not reasonable at all. Is it you, the boss? Many words in the wrong novel network honestly explain what your family is doing? "
Speaking of this dormitory, several guys are all excited, and they are clamoring for Xiaotian to confess voluntarily, but he is even in a fog, so how can he say anything?
With a wry smile, Xiaotian shook his head. "Believe it or not, I really don’t know who is protecting me, but no matter who it is, since someone helped me, I will benefit from it. Tan Jingtian, then you will push me out and try to put things on my head. If we both play 50 boards together, I guess none of us will be fine in the end."
Tan Jingtian hesitated and nodded his head.
"Who is helping me in the dark? What is his plan? " Meter Xiaotian in the mind also wondering.
Chapter 49 Jia Bao
"Cut the crap, boss, let’s try my skill first," said Han Dali, but he suddenly stopped.
Ji Xiaotianqi said, "What’s the matter?"
Han Dali put away posture and asked, "eldest brother, where have you been this time?" How did I hear that you passed away? You’re not sick, are you? There are many words in the wrong novel network, so I can’t start work with you. "
Ji Xiaotian shrugged and said, "Sort of. Anyway, he has been lying in the hospital." This is barely true. If he slept for more than a month, Ji Xiaotian estimates that no one will believe it. It is much more troublesome to explain.
"Forget it, boss. Let’s talk about it for a few days first." Han Dali was disappointed but also excited and said, "Boss, thank you for customizing those things for me. The effect is really not good."
Speaking of it, it is strange that they formulate training methods in Xiaotian, but they can’t see any tricks. However, it is somewhat mysterious and professional because it is tailored according to physical condition. It is even more inconspicuous to buy those sets of equipment in Xiaotian.
When the equipment arrived, Han Dali and others came to pack it with great expectation, but they were disappointed because it was just some blackened lead pieces, which seemed to be picked up from garbage recycling.
However, with a try, several people tied the lead pieces with corresponding numbers to the corresponding parts of the body according to the plan, and then exercised for a while according to the new training method. After that, it was said that Han Dali, Tan Jingtian or Wang Han couldn’t do strenuous exercise in the dormitory except that he had just come out of the hospital. Everyone had a feeling of being completely transformed.
Han Dali, both surprised and happy, knows that the training has worked wonders, and it must be the combination of those equipment and training methods. As a result, they have not figured out what it is today, and such a simple piece of metal can play such a good role.
Actually, don’t say that they didn’t spend much time studying physics freshmen soon after they entered the university. Even physics professors may not really understand the complexity and subtlety of human engineering mechanics, sports biomechanics and other disciplines if their research directions are not right. Think about those sports manufacturers who spend a lot of money on research every year. The result of the research may be to increase the weight of the racket handle by a few grams, to change a small angle of a sneaker, or to make the messenger feel comfortable.
This is still an ordinary production. For those professional athletes, especially those who are expected to break the world record and win the championship in major events such as the Olympic Games, I don’t know how many logistics personnel and researchers have spent a lot of labor and money behind them. Even so, no one dares to say that their training and equipment are perfect.
It seems that Ji Xiaotian’s design of those lead pieces is no different from others’ practice of tying sandbags, but only tying sandbags to wrists and ankles will not only affect sports, but also cause imbalance in body balance and coordination, although it will obviously cause great waves and not make the training work best.
In fact, even if you tie a sandbag, you should pay great attention to whether it is better for different people to tie multiple sandbags at different stages, plus or minus one kilogram, and where should you tie them? These seemingly simple questions are really hard to imagine.
And more importantly, everyone’s physical condition is different, so it is impossible to have a set of universal data to support it. If you want to do your best, you must tailor it like Ji Xiaotian. But how many ordinary martial arts practitioners can have such treatment? How many people have the financial and material resources to hire a senior expert group to buy a set of expensive instruments and equipment to study whether leggings should be tied or not?
Although Ji Xiaotian is the simplest material, the whole material and processing don’t add up to much money, but his design is actually a valuable lead block size, shape, weight, and personal parts. Even an insignificant data has been obtained after hundreds of billions of calculations, and it is not only an auxiliary equipment. Every movement of Ji Xiaotian’s design is made in his brain after several operations. If it doesn’t work, Ji Xiaotian might as well buy a piece of tofu and die.
Of course, a few guys have achieved outstanding training results. Another reason is that they are getting more diligent in training than Han Dali, a martial artist. Let alone Tan Jingtian’s appetite for training. He is not as desperate as Han Dali, but Wang Han, who doesn’t know why, is also hard-working and promoting each other. The training volume of these three people is better than that of special forces, and the method is correct and the natural effect is excellent.
"Boss, you are a genius. I have only practiced for a month. I feel that at least the first half of the year is not enough for a year’s progress." Han Dali boasted sincerely.
Ji Xiaotian smiled and said, "After more than a month, your physical condition must have changed, and these things should be updated. I will redesign one later."
Several people chatted and talked about some interesting things that happened in school recently. When Han Dali and others fell asleep one after another, Ji Xiaotian was not half sleepy. The fact is that he hasn’t slept for a minute since he woke up from that strange dream. Last night at home, he also stayed in bed with his eyes open all night to solve the problem.
Now Ji Xiaotian also doesn’t feel the slightest tiredness. It’s not surprising that Ji Xiaotian has undergone some wonderful changes after he woke up. One of the most important things is that his body control is divided into active and automatic. If you want to control yourself, he can be more finished. More accurately control all parts of the body. At this time, all details of the body are instructed by his brain, but Ji Xiaotian can also be controlled by his brain. Even if his brain loses its function and someone else changes it, it will be completely dead. However, Ji Xiaotian still has an automatic control system that can maintain the life operation and still control the body to make various movements such as breathing, heartbeat, for example, killing people.
Chapter 50 True and False Banknotes
The significance of this automatic control system is not only to prevent Xiaotian’s cerebral palsy in the future, but also to take over a considerable part of the brain at present, so that Xiaotian’s brain can have a full rest or adjust more resources to think about other things without precise control.
In this way, naturally, he doesn’t need to sleep because his brain is pumping for a short rest almost all the time.
In addition, the biggest change of Ji Xiaotian is that he has more precise control over his body. Before, he could rely on his precise control over his body and his brain’s rapid computing ability to accurately hit the flying insects with coins, but now he can do better.