Really? Really? Did you really cross over? Haha, she almost smiled and ran into a familiar person with tears. This mood should be shaped.

Huangfuyi consternation looked at her and wondered.
I’m completely confused
That look is completely different in Suer’s eyes.
As if he were surprised at her origin.
After all, it is a dream to meet a fellow traveler in ancient times.
This is how some misunderstandings arise.
Everyone is thinking according to his own ideas. If you don’t say it, who knows what you really think?
When she laughed enough, she asked happily, "Are you music?" That cheek looked like Huangfuyi had never seen it for a long time. Was it because she met her fellow villagers that she was so happy? Is crossing a place name? Isn’t it a place name? It’s a special name.
Yes, Suer hasn’t smiled like that for a long time. Because of a misunderstanding, she smiled. Because she actually met her fellow villagers here, her depressed mood vanished in a flash.
Even if it’s so hard to find for a while or somewhere in my heart, Su Er is eager to meet a traveler. She won’t feel so lonely when there are few people. Anyway, there will always be a little regret in my heart and I will always feel a little different here.
She gently pointed to the wine and said, can you understand writing? Is it a guqin?
Huangfuyi this half understand guqin refers to the piano he nodded his head.
Does it count that he did play the piano?
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Well, it’s true to return this kind of thing in modern times. Haha, but you are unlucky. How can you cross a dumb bar? Oh, my god, she smiled a little gloating and continued to tease.
However, this man is not bad-looking, so he should be considered a gentleman. It’s not too bad for you to get healthy and let you talk. Then God is unfair to me, hehe.
She laughed again, and she was still crying.
Huangfuyi is confused.
What’s the matter with her today
But he felt a question, and she was very happy to know that two people came to the same place to make her so happy. If I had known this, he should have pretended to be one, but she seemed to be laughing at him.
However, it is no solution to make her laugh if she is in a good mood. What does she mean by saying that this person is not bad-looking? Do you mean himself? But how can it sound strange? She seems to understand every sentence but he doesn’t understand it.
Ha, he knows what she’s thinking. After knowing that she’s from a thousand years, the world estimates that he will be embarrassed to vomit blood.
What is an oolong now?
After laughing, she gradually became quiet.
How long have you been here? I’ve been here for almost ten years. Looking back, it’s a long time, but I don’t know how it passed. She smiled bitterly. It’s not bad for me to come here, but now it seems that God is punishing me and punishing my generation. By the way, I guess I’m here to pay my debts. It’s fucking depressing.
When she was talking, she said everything in one breath and dumped all the swearing words ten years ago.
Like a chest with a long-term disadvantage, I can’t help but dump it.
I found a good person to talk to, and I’m also a dumb fellow. That’s interesting.
Then she saw him write a few words on the stone table. You are not doing well.
Sue’s heartstrings moved and the sour taste flooded. Section 148 Nightmares can’t repay kindness. 8
Sue touched the heartstrings slightly, followed by a sour taste.