"Miss Yu Zhuo Shao asked me to tell you that we will go home directly instead of going to the company" and paid no attention to Yu Yat sen villa’s excitement.

"Don’t go to the company? That’s no good. Now that the company is in a mess, the stock price has fallen and those shareholders are making trouble … He doesn’t know what’s going on here, does he? " Yu yat sen villa frowned. "What else do you throw Sisi out?"
"Because Zhuo said less about these things, Feng Sisi and Xue Qiaoxin will not be allowed to know that their mouths can’t be controlled." Lengbing continued her cold humor. "Why don’t you go to the company? Zhuo said less about knowing when you go home."
"… I feel a little pitted." She has been missing for a long time. Going to the company at this time may help stabilize the situation, but Zhuo Xuanyu let her go home and stay? Isn’t this really hurting her?
Lengbing’s face was slightly stiff. "Zhuo Shao also knew that you would hesitate. He asked me to tell you that please rest assured that you will not suffer."
"…" Yat sen villa shan shan a smiling face slightly red, she looks like so afraid of the losers? Like you know her very well.
"Well, let’s go home. I want to see what the hell Zhuo Xuanyu is doing." Yu Yat sen villa nodded. "Anyway, he has been missing for a long time and is not afraid of missing again."
Before her voice fell, she knocked at the door louder and louder, and ran to the door when the cold ice was finished. As a result, Feng Sisi fell in as soon as she came to the door. If she hadn’t been supported by the cold ice, she would have fallen to the ground and a dog would chew shit.
Feng Sisi slammed his body and dumped ice ice with a face of anger. "Ice ice, what’s the matter with you? What’s kicking me out? What are you doing? "
Cold face and said nothing.
"Okay, okay, she has something to say to me alone. Sisi won’t go to the company today. Bingbing and I will go home first." Yu Yat sen villa quickly took Sisi.
Feng Sisi stare big eyes a face of incredible "what? Don’t go to the company, but yat sen villa now chase all messed up Xue Qiaoxin is waiting for you to go back and settle the situation? "
Yu yat sen villa waved his hand. "Xiao Xue is resourceful and Gong Jintian is also a versatile expert. It is no problem to have them in the company."
"But Gong Jintian is not in the company today. He said that he suddenly wants his mother to go back to his hometown!" Feng Sisi exaggerated his tone and then his eyes glared. "I said that you should not discuss it, right?"
Section 55
"Gong Jintian is not in the company?" It’s definitely not a coincidence that Gong Jintian suddenly wants to go back to his hometown to see his mother after such a big thing happened in the company today. Is this also Zhuo Xuanyu’s mischief? What does he want?
"Yes, Xue Qiaoxin was so busy that she asked me to find a way to find a way to yat sen villa. Stop that now and let’s go to the company first. Anyway, it’s your family business." Feng Sisi took Yu Yat sen villa by the hand and was stopped by cold ice.
Seeing that Feng Sisi looks like a cat blowing fur, Yu Yat Sen immediately leans against Feng Sisi with his head cocked. "Sisi, it’s not that I don’t want to go to the company, but I’m still a little dizzy now to avoid fainting before I enter the company. I think I’d better go home."
"ah? So serious? " Feng Sisi face a cross "if you don’t feel well, then go to the company and forget it. Bingbing and I will send you home first."
"Don’t let Bing Bing send me back. I’ll go back to the company after a sleep." Yu Yat Sen gave a hand and leaned against the cold ice body. Cold ice silently reached out to hold Yu Yat Sen and cooperated with her to pretend to be sick.
At this time, Min Anxun came back after going through the discharge formalities.
"Yat sen villa, it’s better for you to rest more. After all, your health is the first. I’ll send you back." He wants to be close to Yu Yat sen villa, but Lengbing pulls Yu Yat sen villa to take a step back. "No, I just want to send Miss Yu back." Her tone is polite but her look is not good. It’s not surprising that Lengbing is Zhuo Xuanyu’s invitation to security. Her first priority is to prevent other men around Yu Yat sen villa. Of course, she won’t give Min Anxun a good face.
Min Anxun didn’t flinch. "I am a friend of Yat Sen Qing, and I sent her to the hospital. It is reasonable to send her home now."
"I don’t need to take good care of Miss Yu." Lengbing took Yu Yat Sen firmly and walked out. Yu Yat Sen made a bye-bye gesture and obeyed Lengbing.
When they got off the bus, Lengbing was about to turn around, but Yu Yat sen villa stopped them, "Wait, go to the central hospital first."
"Go to the hospital? Didn’t you just come out of the hospital? Is it uncomfortable again? " Lengbing looked at Yu yat sen villa with consternation.
"No, I want to understand one thing. I want to understand why I suddenly fainted." Yu Yat Sen still suspected that she didn’t want to doubt Min Anxun, but her heart was missing and unreliable
Lengbing gave her a look with a strange tone. "I think you can directly ask Zhuo Shao about this matter. I think he knows better …" She endured not telling what Gong Jintian had been investigating Min Anxun. Actually, Gong Jintian didn’t go to class today, and she didn’t go back to her hometown to see her mother at all.
"He knows?" Yu yat sen villa looked constipated. "Bing Bing, do you have a lot of things to hide from me?"
"En" Leng Bing is cold and quiet, but people are still very honest. If you don’t answer, you will never lie.
"… that what the hell are you doing? I am also a local person, so don’t lie to me! " Yu yat sen villa hate hate way
"Zhuo said less, you are impatient, or don’t tell you what I can’t say. Miss Yu, you want to know something, or ask Zhuo in person." Lengbing should not speak without saying a word.
"Bing Bing seems like I’ll pay you again." Yu Yat sen villa said, narrowing her eyes and staring at the chilly side face of Lengbing, threatening and indulging.
Cold continues, the car sounds calm. "It is precisely because you pay me to protect my people that I must protect you from doing anything that puts you in danger." She said with confidence.
"Partnership deception means that you said not to let me get involved in danger?" Yu yat sen villa almost didn’t pop his eyes out.
"Well" cold ice attitude is certain. At this time, she turned a corner car and went to another direction. Yu Yat Sen was stunned. "This is not going to the sea blue sky. You are going the wrong way!"
"That’s right, Zhuo said that the sea blue sky is uneasy for a while and somewhere else to live." Lengbing replied.
"Feelings, you have arranged everything. I just want to be a puppet, right?" Yu yat sen villa looked at the cold ice in the opposite direction and took her to an unknown place, which was simply in distress situation.
Soon the car entered a villa community and stopped in front of a villa, and then Yu Yat Sen followed Lengbing and went in.
Then she saw Gong Jintian, the former "going home to see her mother", sitting on the leather sofa in the villa hall with her legs crossed, smoking a cigar and saying that she was as comfortable as she was.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Protection by partnership deception
Yu yat sen villa bitten to grind looked at a face of ice and mercilessly stare at Gong Jintian "Gong Fuzong, should you explain one? Didn’t you go home to see your mother? There is a falling out in the company. Are you smoking cigars here? "
Gong Jintian grinned brilliantly. "Yu Zong, you should calm down first, Zhuo Shao, so you have your own plan."
"What are you going to do? If you don’t go to work, I won’t go to work. Do you want the company to go in such a mess? The company’s share price fell the most unlucky, but I "Yu yat sen villa wants to vomit blood" and Zhuo Xuanyu are also planning things. Can you consider me knowing? I am also a party. "
"If manager Yu told you beforehand, you wouldn’t act like what happened today. Don’t you feel strange?" Gong Jintian threw the cigar into the ashtray and looked at Yu yat sen villa seriously. "I think you should think about it."
Yu yat sen villa sipped her lips and was silent for two seconds, then slowly said, "Yes, I am a little skeptical. Lawyer Min said that I was in a coma because of me. I don’t believe it. I want to do the examination myself."
"It’s not doubt, but make sure that Min Anxun took you to the recreation hospital to see the doctor. He knows the truth. I’ve been investigating Min Anxun for several months. Yesterday, he just talked to the doctor." Gong Jintian resumed his expression of fooling around. "It’s said that this lawyer Min had ulterior motives when he approached you, but his fox tail was always well hidden. I think he probably had it with that person."
"But it seems to him that his goal now is more than just Zhuo Xuanyu." Yu Yat sen villa remembered that the man had called her before and spoken parts himself became the man’s goal.
"No, his goal hasn’t changed from beginning to end." Yu Yat sen villa suddenly heard Zhuo Xuanyu’s voice in her thinking. She suddenly looked up and found that Zhuo Xuanyu was coming from the stairs and she almost dropped the "flower radish! Aren’t you in America? "
Gong Jintian sloped a smile. "Mr. Yu, you actually called Zhuo Shaohua Radish Zhuo Shaolai to plan to make the other party take it lightly in the United States, but he hurried back to China because he was worried about you. In fact, we always knew Min Anxun’s movements. He went to you this morning and Zhuo Shao went back to China immediately, but Min Anxun didn’t mean to hurt you. He made you unconscious and couldn’t go to the company, otherwise I would have killed him."
Gong Jintian said that Zhuo Xuanyu came calmly from the stairs and then sat quietly beside Yu Yat Sen. Although it seemed low-key, Yu Yat Sen always felt that his expression was a little arrogant and seemed to be waiting for her to move, but she was partial!
She smiled wryly. "Well, Xuan Yu, you just said that the man’s goal has not changed from beginning to end. What is his goal?"
Zhuo Xuanyu glanced at Yu yat sen villa and seemed a little dissatisfied, but he, a big man, certainly wouldn’t want women to appreciate him for protecting women. He calmed down and said, "I think his goal has always been Chase, and his means is to make Chase’s share price plummet through various negative news, so that he can buy it at a low price. The previous time, because I resigned and transferred the shares to you, the stock price rebounded, which stopped him from planning to do the same thing this time."
"It’s true that the cloud hopes to die and discredits Zhuo, and at the same time, it prevents Mr. Yu from going to the company to preside over the overall situation, so that the whole chase will be completely in chaos, and then the share price of Chase will plummet." Gong Jintian went on to analyze
"The stock price drops to those small shareholders, and the panic selling after the meeting drops more and more. When it reaches a certain price, he will buy it in a big way and gradually encroach on the position of Chase shares." Zhuo Xuanyu’s eyes are deep. "He thinks well."
"He not only thinks well, but also thinks deeply. If we don’t find his eyes in a passive position, it’s only a matter of time before Datong changes hands." Gong Jintian smiled coldly. "He probably thinks Datong should belong to him."
"In fact, if you think about it, you can understand that he is also Zhuo Qinger’s Zhuo family property, but he was hired by his biological father to kill him. His heart must be very unwilling that this childhood experience led to the distortion of his heart, so he wanted to get everything to make up for himself." Yu Yat Sen analyzed the man’s heart and got an admiring look from Gong Jintian. "In fact, it is not bad for you to be a doctor in your heart."
Yu yat sen villa gave him a proud look and then became depressed. "Since his purpose is to make Datong Group’s stock price fall, we should stop him. What do you mean, you are still adding fuel to the fire now?" Now the biggest loss in this situation is me. "
"It won’t let you lose. Only by doing this can we let that person out, otherwise we will always be passive." Zhuo Xuanyu patted her hand and motioned her not to worry.
"Yes, we are luring the snake out of the hole now. When the stock falls, that person will definitely buy a lot. At this time, we will be able to find clues." Gong Jintian smiled like a fox and Yu Yat Sen shivered. He is so different from Luo Jing. I don’t know how they can be called the police station for two days.
"Yes, yes, you counterplot, flush the snake out of the hole, and then ultimately unlucky not me? So many shares in my hand have shrunk, not to mention the emergence of a powerful enemy. Maybe after that, he was angry with me everywhere. No wonder Hua Radish didn’t say anything about transferring Chase shares to her and let her be the suckers.
Zhuo Xuanyu looked at Yu yat sen villa with a smile in his mouth and looked funny. "Can’t he buy us when the stock price falls?" To get through this turmoil, the stock price will rise again, but if we don’t solve that person, we will always be passive. "