"Sister-in-law asks you a question. What about my girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend, didn’t you see a sophomore girl? What else can I do? Maybe I can introduce you to another one?" Lin Keer smiled and asked.
"Sister-in-law doesn’t mean that. I mean, can you do me a little favor?"
"I guess you dare not mean that. Come on, what can I do for you?"
"Sister-in-law is actually very simple. You just associate with that girl and learn something about that girl," Chen said.
"Chen you can’t go to understand? Where do I know that girl? I’ve only been at school for a few days. Ki is just a bunch of random people. "
"Ah sister-in-law can help me!"
"Chen, it’s not that Sister-in-law doesn’t help you. You need to come by yourself, but you can ask me when you don’t know what a girl means," Lin Keer said.
"All right, then!" Chen Ye, some have to say that there are not many tricks to pick up girls, but if you practice it, it’s not fun. You don’t know what to do!
"Li Yi Li Yi, look at our team’s first match," Lin Keer said happily.
"What the hell? Is it your turn? What’s the matter? Can you? Chloe, you never said the word wheel before! " Li Yi said
"Er, Li Yilun means that we won’t compete for a while, and we will compete when those teams are upgraded," Lin Keer said.
"The amount is still a little white, but it can be a little white now."
"I’m dizzy with this IQ. I won’t say anything."
So Lin Keer, Li Yi and Chen watched the game.
"Chen, what’s wrong with you? How do you look at the game and look straight? " Li Yi looked at Chen and asked
"ah? Boss, what did you just say? "
"Not only the eyes are straight, but even the nerves are straight."
"Eldest brother, what’s wrong with you? What nerve? "
"What were you thinking just now?"
"Boss, I didn’t think about anything. I was just watching the game!"
"Well, what did you see from the game?" Li Yi asked
"Eldest brother, I see ……………."
"Did Chen just remember that girl again?"
"Well, boss, I admit that I just thought of that girl," said Chen Nai.
"That’s right. Otherwise, how can your eyes be straight? If there is anything, just talk to the boss. Maybe the boss can help you solve it," said Li Yi.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-six Meet the bad guys in the game
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? "Hey, forget it, boss. I’ll do it myself!" Chen wanted to think, shook his head and said
"Then do it yourself. I hope you can succeed," said Li Yi.
"Boss, keep watching the game and hope to see something from it," Chen said.
"Li Yi, you see, you see that this person’s gameplay is really amazing. This is only the twelfth grade, and there is a first-class seal. There is also a shoe base and a skill circle that directly kills the opponent." Lin Keer said
"Boss, their physical output is not bad. You see that phoenix is also a fierce person. Although killing people is not as fast as that method, it is also easy. We should discuss a countermeasure."
"Hey, if they win, there will be a lot of trouble if we talk to them!" Li Yi felt with emotion
"Li Yi, we need a very good combination," Lin Keer said to his little head.
"It’s a good combination, but it’s a bit difficult to combine. It requires a lot of things, such as meat shield spells, physical output skills, suppression skills control and so on."
"Eldest brother, shouldn’t you take out your own unique skills?" Chen smiled and said
"Unique skills? Li Yi, do you have any unique skills? " Lin Keer looked at Li Yi and asked
"Well … don’t look at people like that. Will people be ashamed?"
"I’ll go to the boss. What do you mean by a man pretending to be a fake mother? How bad it feels to be such a sister-in-law!"
"Go away and wait. You can’t go away yet. I remember you seem to have a unique skill, too!"
"Where is the boss? You remember wrong. How can I have a unique skill!"
Lin Keer doesn’t know what to say at the moment. They both speak very abstruse. If you can’t understand the root of the words, let’s just sit tight!
"Chen, I’ll think about it later. I’m sure I know what your unique skill is," Li Yi vowed.
"Eldest brother, you see, let’s not guess and talk about countermeasures! Sister-in-law, don’t you think? "
"What? Chen, what are you talking about? " Lin Keer didn’t understand what Li Yi and Chen said before, so he just watched others play the game.
"Chen, I thought that the man is Huang Gai and this meat shield." Li Yi suddenly said.
"Where is it? That person is Zhou Tai." Chen accidentally said it directly.
"Look at it, I will say that Chen has a unique skill. Sure enough, Zhou Tai is a meat shield!" Li Yi weird looking at Chen said.
"Depend on the boss, you are cheating me. You set me up." Chen was very reluctant to say.
"It’s settled for a while and you will play Zhou Tai and be a qualified meat shield," said Li Yi.
When I was ready to wait for the final, I let the girl named Fang Jiayi take a look at her own affairs. I didn’t expect the boss to dig it out for herself directly.
"Li Yi, what are you talking about?" Lin Keer really wants to know. He can’t stand the feeling of being confused.
"Nothing, that is to say, Chen and I have unique skills, that is, those heroes who play very well," said Li Yi.
"Oh, that’s what it is. Do you also have a hero who plays very well, Li Yi?" Lin Keer smilingly asked.
"Well, let’s not talk about this. Let’s talk about Chen first!" Li Yi made a careless eye and said
"The boss, in fact, my business is just a small matter. Let’s talk about the boss playing a particularly good hero first!" Chen smile happily said.
"Well …" Li Yi had an impulse to strangle Chen directly at the moment. His ya was a little bit like he didn’t know when to say anything.
"Li Yi, don’t forget how you told me before," said Lin Keer with a slight smile.
"What did Sister-in-law tell you?" Chen may really want to learn the means of hitting on girls recently. No matter what men talk to women, he wants to know and then hit on girls.