"Don’t like it? It’s right in front of me. Do I have any other choice? "

"Ah," he squinted and snorted. "Do you know that you are dying?"
She bowed her head and quickly pulled her pants to the quilt cover, and then quickly reached for the sportswear. She didn’t dare to lift her eyelids. She felt that she was still very embarrassed and unintelligent! But it’s just cowardice. Nobody else saw it anyway
Dressed up and went home for a simple meal, she was dragged to the martial arts hall by him. After a turn there, she changed her previous idea of learning martial arts. She heard that people have been practicing martial arts for several years, not like she imagined, when women practice martial arts, their muscles will become Hulk. On the contrary, their bodies are kept in good shape, and their skin is tight and elastic. There are women wearing navel-revealing vests, and the vest lines are clearly visible.
Look at them, get up, fly, kick sandbags, be handsome, move and settle down, and feel like they are ignited.
Cough Cough Coach is a man. He is about 30 years old. Barna has a layer of blue stubble and dark flaxen skin. He always looks mirthful, but when he makes a demonstration, his expression is serious and serious. He looks at him and misses a sandbag. Suddenly his mouth is Zhang greatly.
For this coach, one word is handsome! Two words are handsome! Cool!
"How?" NiHaoDong looked at her and this expression evoked lips and laughed. "You can do this after practicing for a year and a half."
"good! Learn! " You’ll learn from this handsome coach!
Ni Haodong paid the money and left Anluo to go to the company by himself.
An Luo saw that Ni Haodong and the coach had just talked a few words alone. After she left, the coach came over and told her that she didn’t know what Ni Haodong said to the coach. Ni Haodong meant to let her learn more routines, so that her figure is not easy to get out of shape, but her temperament and body will be more beautiful. "Just learn martial arts and hit people. What’s the point of optical routines?"
Section 32
The coach laughed. "Although learning routines is much easier than learning basic skills, self-defense is no problem if you practice routines much more."
"Well, all right."
After Anluo understood Ni Haodong’s meaning a little, he didn’t want her to take romantic films. Is this to train her to be a star? Because there are fewer scenes of sex between men and women in costume dramas and action dramas?
Eh, it’s really black-hearted
Two hours later, her legs went weak and she came out of the martial arts hall to take a taxi. She immediately sent a message to Ni Haodong, "Don’t you say it’s a routine?" What makes me tired to death? !”
She held the phone in her hand after the delivery. She knew that Ni Haodong would call her back soon. Sure enough, the phone shocked her in less than a minute. He replied, "Isn’t the chicken rib physique like that?"
"I’ll send you to the moon when I practice Gankun’s great move!"
"Before you move yourself to Tian Yue Pavilion, I’m going to see you later."
Text 4 I think Ni Haodong is not pleasing to the eye.
Tian Yue Pavilion?
She waited for a taxi in front of the martial arts school for five minutes, but no car passed by. She took out her mobile phone and prepared to call the taxi software. Yu Guang saw a white sports car parked at her feet. She looked up in confusion. Cheng Han was cocked his head in the white convertible luxury car and looked at the martial arts school behind her.
"Ni Haodong threw you over?" Cheng Han curved lips smile to ask
Lose? What a special word! An Luo raised his hand and twisted his eyebrows. He asked him, "How are you?"
"I’ll take you where the car says you’re going."
Cheng Han leaned over and pushed the co-pilot door beautifully. The door was open to her and she hesitated for a car.
"Where to?" He looked sideways at her and woke up with a "safety belt"
An Luo looked slightly stiff. "If you have something to do, just leave. I’ll take a taxi myself. I just stayed in the martial arts hall for two hours, and then I took another fast racing, and my little heart would be finished."
"Before-"Cheng Han smiled while covering her mouth. "You think too much. There is a traffic policeman at the intersection in front of Xiaoluo. I am so handsome that I don’t want to be recognized by the police as I don’t understand the traffic rules."
"Ah" Ann fall hook lips with a smile good Ann with Cheng Han car will drive slowly.
His car is really not fast, on the contrary, it is quite slow. He holds Ann’s belt tightly and his hands are loose after a few seconds.
She glanced at him from the side of her head. He was still in his original style. Even the car was white. Her eyes hung down and she sat up straight for fear that she would stain his luxury car with sweat.
"Why? Who is stronger than the seat belt? Sit tight! " Cheng Han stretched out his hand and buckled her shoulder and pushed her back to her seat. He glanced at her and her mouth was oblique. "You’re blocking my mirror."
She twisted her eyebrows and said in a low voice, "I just broke out in a sweat and was afraid of getting your car dirty!" " She has a low voice, and he won’t hear her when she is blown by the wind, but what’s the matter with the ceiling slowly rising overhead?
"If you sweat, don’t blow your hair. Be careful of your headache."
Ann paused. She remembered that when she first met Cheng Han, he was selfish, indifferent and arrogant. Now he is so understanding. Her mouth is crawling and grateful. Just as she was about to say it, Cheng Han lifted her mouth and said, "Even if you pull it in my car, I won’t abandon it."
"Take care of your car!" Ann glared at him.
Cheng Han evoked a lip light smile and was silent for a few seconds. He settled down and put his eyes on him. Two beautiful eyebrows were intertwined and asked him, "How do you like white so much? The car is also white, and the shoes are all white. If you sit in the car, you must be integrated with this car. If your hair is black, it is estimated that the traffic police will be surprised when they see it. This car is driven by people! "
"I like white. What do you think of white monotony? Not good-looking? But I just like it. It’s like I just look at Ni Haodong’s various unpleasantness, but you just like him blindly. "He squinted at the front and silently added in his heart," It’s like you are stupid and you don’t have a chest! "
"You are blind! I know that my man is good. "
"cut ~"