Now, the doctor is stuck behind Ji Xiaotian like a primary school student, and his respectful attitude is completely different from before.

There is no way to wonder that Dr. Witt was angry once or twice. He planned Xiaotian to be a fool, but with more times, he vaguely guessed that Xiaotian should be really engaged in an experiment and succeeded.
The experiment was easily completed without an assistant, which was unprecedented and unheard of. Dr. Witt, who has real territory, is still very admired.
"How many times have I told you that I don’t need an assistant? You can watch it outside if you like. Don’t come in!"
If someone else is so sought after by a big-name doctor, he would be complacent, but for Ji Xiaotian, it is still indifferent to the previous look. He directly shut Dr. Witt out of the door
Massive materials are constantly mixed into a piece of catalyst in a small day, so things can’t be tested casually. It takes a lot of experiments and synthesis to get results.
The unit operations such as precipitation, filtration, washing, drying, molding, impregnation, roasting, reduction and vulcanization in the preparation of solid catalyst are enough for a busy day, and all kinds of devices are piled up in front of the small world.
Like a magic trick, one by one, one piece of material shuttles back and forth in Ji Xiaotian’s hand.
Outside the door, Dr. Witt looked at it stupidly. "This guy is not an expert in human science. How did he suddenly become a chemical expert?"
Half a day passed quickly. If Xiaotian hadn’t remembered the afternoon and Oliver’s game, he would have continued the experiment, because he estimated that he had finished the expected ten-tenths of the work now.
Almost when Ji Xiaotian stayed in the laboratory.
Lin Jie, a laboratory in another research institute, was busy for nearly two days without sleep, with a hysterical madness.
Compared with Ji Xiaotian, Lin Jie hired many assistants. Without these dozen assistants, he finished the exhibition in his laboratory.
Hiring an assistant in Britain is ten times more expensive than in China, and Lin Jie will take the risk of borrowing huge sums of money to develop such a new high-temperature resistant coating.
The experiment has not been successful, and these assistants have had a hard time. They are all well. The laboratory is about to be disbanded and ready. Unexpectedly, Lin Jie suddenly rushed back and said that there was a solution, and one or two people didn’t sell all their strength to help.
Even after working for two days in a row, no one complained, because as the experiment drew to a close, everyone was looking forward to it more and more eagerly.
"how about it? Dr. Lin Jie? "
Lin Jie, the director of a research institute laboratory, is naturally a doctor of a famous foreign university. Even in this tense moment, the assistant remembers to be polite.
There is another important reason. If this new material experiment is successful, Lin Jie’s academic reputation will be greatly improved. It’s not just that the economic problem has been solved. I’m not afraid of 10 thousand, but I’m afraid that if the possibility of success is not small, so no one dares to complain until now
Breathing Lin Jie didn’t answer. Breathing is getting heavier and heavier. Breathing is as heavy as an old cow.
On the one hand, Lin Jie keeps a close eye on the data on the brain screen, and on the other hand, he needs to compare the statistical results of the brain, and then he can declare the experiment successful.
"The correct result is correct and wrong!" Finally, the brain showed that the experimental results were exactly the same as the expected goal. Lin Jie jumped up with excitement and shouted without being calm as usual.
There was cheers in the laboratory.
It took a long time for Lin Jiecai to regain his composure, and the instructions clearly reached the assistants. Don’t talk about it. This is to formally make a sample and give it to the investment talents. If it is successful, it will naturally stop worrying that there is no way to recover the investment of 2 million pounds
I have to say that the laboratory level of Lin Jie is quite high, and it didn’t take long for the cheers to be successfully produced, and once again, the cheers sounded in the experiment.
"Success is really successful. Thank you, Jack! I don’t know how to thank you. "
I soon returned to my residence to prepare for the competition in Oliver. I saw a big smile and a radiant look the next day. Before Lin Jie arrived, he rushed to hold his hand tightly and shook it hard.
It’s definitely a bad luck. It’s just a word here, but for Lin Jie, it’s a youngest son’s livelihood. No wonder he’s so excited
"This is for you, Jack. Thank you so much!"
A five-figure check was so strongly blocked by Lin Jie, and it was no good to take it if you want it or not.
Of course, there will be a large income soon, and Ji Xiaotian will never really want the money. After he prepares, he will spend it on small poems one after another, so that he does not owe Lin Jie human feelings and can leave some noodles for Lin Jie.
"By the way, I forgot to call the investor to report the good news. Wait for me, Jack. I’ll talk to Mr. Joe, the investor."
Fierce a clap head Lin Jie made an international call without scruple in front of Ji Xiaotian.
"Hello, who is Dr. Lin Jie?"
Even far away, I heard that Xiaotian easily came to an amazing conclusion with his profound skills and super memory analysis ability-the investor in Lin Jie’s mouth was actually Qiao Fusheng who had no news for several years.
"What a small world!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Bombing boxing
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Bombing boxing
"What, Mr. Joe, it’s great that you’re coming to London. I’m very much looking forward to your arrival!"
Hanging up, Lin Jiexian has not recovered from the excitement, because Qiao Fusheng promised to visit London, which is definitely an opportunity.
If Qiao Fusheng hadn’t taken a keen interest in this project, he would never have traveled so far to London. If he could successfully impress Qiao Fusheng, it would mean that there would be no problem with the investment of one million pounds or the later funds.