After entering the corridor, the edge heat instantly recedes.

"Stop to rest for an hour, and continue to set out after an hour. When you hurry, you can restore your mana, and the road ahead is not easy." Liang Donghua coldly confessed, and took out two extremely lingshi in his hand to practice.
That brother Godsworn smelled that there was danger ahead, so he didn’t dare to neglect and quickly recovered his mana.
Just now, I passed the border fire, but 30 distracted monks directly fell.
In this case, Liang Yi didn’t want to expose his understanding of the five elements, immediately took out a scarlet color Dan Yin, and took out two extremely lingshi in his hand, and recovered his mana before the achievement method.
Soon after the crowd stopped, Tianyang and The Hunger Johnson led more than ten beaten army of Xingyue Sect into the corridor. These guys were first jointly calculated by all, and more than ten people fell in the fire because they were weak and lost more than ten people.
After Tianyang entered the corridor, he glanced at Liang Donghua with anger and vigilance, and he was cultivated in the corridor dozens of feet away from everyone.
In this situation, no one is interested in provoking a war anymore. It is difficult to get through the present when it is urgent.
After half an hour’s hard work, including Liang Yi’s recovery of mana to the peak stage in a group of monks, it didn’t take long for Liang Donghua to suddenly get up. "Ok, let’s go on."
"Elder, can you wait another half an hour?" A distracted old man with a strong biliary tract
This brother, Godsworn, has just been close to the end of oil and light. Now, in the past hour, they have only recovered their success. If they face such a danger as the previous fire, it will be difficult to be born.
"Hum, I want to be beautiful. Do you know how many more people have to rush ahead?" Liang Donghua sneered, "You can’t even get to the finish line in ten days unless you hurry up."
"Old monster, don’t take a chicken feather as an arrow," Zhu Xi also doubted. "This Lingbao is really as big as you said. You don’t mean to consume the strength of all parties, do you?"
The remnant soul old demon and others looked at Liang Donghua with suspicion. This brother Godsworn is a big weight in their game. No matter how severe the Godsworn is, he will be in a hurry if he is attacked by more than a dozen distracted late peak Godsworn. You know, no one can teleport in this Lingbao, and it is easier for a group of low-order Godsworn to besiege high-order Godsworn.
"Believe it or not, anyway, the old saying goes ahead. If you can’t get to the place then, don’t blame me." Liang Donghua sneered.
"In that case, all right!" The old ghost of the remnant soul pondered a little, and soon he saw that his god knowledge covered the monks who refined the soul by his side, and immediately he saw a flash of light, and those monks disappeared by disappearing.
It turns out that this old guy is afraid that these cannon fodder will be damaged again, and he will include them in the creatures he carries with him.
As soon as the ghost demon started, Tianyang, Qin Tianfeng, Xuanyan, Poison Zun and Sirius Taoist Zun all stepped in to take all the brothers into their own lives, and thirteen monks were left in the corridor in a flash.
Creatures are rare treasures in the human world, but they are nothing to these old guys with profound details.
"Let’s go!" Liang Donghua looked at him, but his face remained the same, and he climbed ahead to escape.
This corridor is five or six hundred miles long, and it doesn’t encounter any danger. When it comes out of the corridor, the surrounding temperature drops suddenly, but at the entrance, it is the opposite of the sea of fire just now.
The fifth volume Vertical and horizontal people Chapter DiErJiu
This corridor is five or six hundred miles long. Unexpectedly, it didn’t encounter any danger. More wonderful novels, please go to kiss. When you get out of the corridor, the surrounding temperature drops suddenly, but at the entrance, it is the opposite of the fire just now.
At the entrance, there is a piece of crystal clear water crystal with a deep blue color, and there are still several cold current fog drifting in series.
Walking out of the corridor, a bone-forcing chill came on. Even though Liang Yixiu was deep and covered with the armor of the front wing, he still couldn’t help shivering. It felt like a mortal body entering the ice and snow naked before he cultivated immortality.
Liang Yishen’s silver-gray front wing armor has been greatly improved in several blood tests. At this time, the silver-gray armor department has been covered with several invisible blood veins, and it feels cold like a human meridian. Liang Yishen is just a little bit in the front wing armor, and a layer of silver treasure light mixed with filar silk blood is easily blocked out.
The Hunger and Chu both called out the magic treasure with exquisite blood, and turned it into a semi-permeable bloody dome to easily dial the cold current, while the rest of the monks in the refining period also used their own means to protect themselves.
Among them, the most striking thing is that the old demon Xuanyan and Liang Donghua are different from other people, either by borrowing personal treasures or mission armor, and the old demon Xuanyan directly becomes a three-legged fire crow, bathed in purple demon fire, and shining demon fire directly resists the cold current.
That Liang Donghua is released a pure five-color spiritual force, and the circulation does not flash or avoid absorbing those cold currents into the body and refining them directly.
Liang Donghua’s move made the rest of the monks look askance.
"Is this the practice of chaos?" Zhu Xi’s old son’s face is very complicated, admiring and envious, but more than jealousy and fear. "You must never let this old guy leave here alive." Zhu Xi’s old son andao
"Let’s go" Liang Donghua seems to have never cared about the strange eyes of all, and took the lead in getting up and going forward in a certain direction.
Without a bunch of distracted monks, Liang Yi and others, the speed is much faster than before in that fire.
However, before the crowd flew far away, the blue ice crystals shook, and then a blue phoenix with a strong chill rose from the ice crystals and madly attacked a group of monks in the refining period.
This ice phoenix is chilling, and what is more difficult is that its flight flexibility is more flexible and faster than that of the fire dragon.
"How annoying!" A silver gun in the hand of the old demon with a remnant soul flies over and over again, strangling an ice phoenix directly. Please go to kiss.
The Dragon Hates the Treasure Ring directly, transforming it into a dragon with a length of more than ten feet, shining with purple thunder and faint blood, winding around Liang Yi. Once an ice phoenix dares to approach, the dragon will immediately get angry, and its tail and claws will easily tear up one head and attack the ice phoenix.